Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) Perry 

       Mary Elizabeth Perry has retired as Adjunct Professor of History at Occidental College.  She is a Fulbright Senior Specialist and a Research Associate for the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  She has published six books and many articles and essays on women's history and marginality in early modern Spain.  Two of her books, Crime and Society in Early Modern Seville (available on the internet at http://libro.uca.edu/perry/seville.htm)  and Gender and Disorder in Early Modern Seville, won the Sierra Prize;  Gender and Disorder has been translated and published in Spain as Ni espada rota, ni mujer que trota.  She has edited two books with Anne J. Cruz:  Culture and Control in Counter Reformation Spain, and Cultural Encounters:  The Impact of the Inquisition in Spain and the New World (available on the internet at http://www.netlibrary.com).  Her book on Spanish Moriscos (baptized Muslims) explores in particular the roles of  women and children:  The Handless Maiden:  Moriscos and the Politics of Religion  (Princeton University Press, 2005).  It is also available in paperback edition, and is being published in Spanish translation by the University of Granada Press.  With Nupur Chaudhuri and Sherry L. Katz she edited the collection, Contesting Archives:  Finding Women in the Sources (University of Illinois Press, 2010). 

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