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Online Writing Lab (OWL) Purdue University

Works Cited Page Worksheet with Examples

Work Cited Page Worksheet for Books & Websites

Sign Language Unit

America Now Chapter

America Now: Introduction and Deconstructing Images

Sign Language Writing Assignment

Sign Language: Deconstruct an Image Writing Assignment

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Sign Language Peer Review Worksheet

Sign Language Grading Rubric

Obamas as Terrorists New Yorker Cover

Flesh: PETA

OJ Simpson Time/Newsweek Covers

Do Words Matter? Unit

America Now Chapter 

American Now: Do Words Matter?

Essay Assignment

Do Words Matter? Essay Assignment

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The World of Doublespeak by Willaim Lutz

Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller "Profanity" Episode Works Cited Page Information

George Carlin on Euphemisms

First Amendment 

Science & Religion Unit

America Now Chapter 

America Now: Are Science and Religion Compatible?

Essay Assignment 

Are Science and Religion Compatible? Essay Assignment

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Theory vs. Scientific Theory

Evolution, Part I

Evolution, Part II


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How Evolution Works—Part1 (pdf)

How Evolution Works—Part2 (pdf)

Evolution Part 1 & 2 Works Cited Page Information

Evolution 101

The Nature of Science (doc)

Devolution: Why Intelligent Design Isn't (The New Yorker)

PBS Evolution 

National Center for Science Ed 

Talk Origins

Intelligent Design

What Is Intelligent Design? (doc)

Discovery Institute

Of Pandas and People (excerpts)

Natural History Magazine—Special Report on Intelligent Design

Evolution/Intelligent Design Information and Links (Fullerton College)


Answers in Genesis

Trial in Dover, Pennsylvania

NOVA Judgment Day

NOVA Judgment Day—Program Transcript

NOVA Judgment Day—Works Cited Page Information

Dover School Board Disclaimer Statement on Evolution and Teachers' Response 

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Thomas Moore Law Center

Torture: Can It Ever Be Justified? Unit

America Now Chapter 

America Now: Can Torture Ever Be Justified?

Essay Assignment 

Torture Essay Assignment

 Writing Prompts

The Torture Question

Links and Downloads

Frontline: The Torture Question   

Taxi to the Dark Side (Jigsaw Productions)  

Taxi to the Dark Side: Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

Works Cited Page Information: Taxi to the Dark Side and The Torture Question

Talk of the Nation: Ted Koppel Analysis: Torture: Where Do We Go Next? (May 11, 2009) 

What is Torture?: Slate

Torture at Abu Ghraib: The New Yorker

Waterboarding Used 266 Times on 2 Suspects: The New York Times

Abu Ghraib Photos: Salon

Abu Ghraib Photos: Wired

The Dark Side: NY Times Review