Text, Methods & Technology

Required Text

Introduction to Special Education:

Making a Difference

by  Deborah Deutsch Smith,  Allyn and Bacon, Feb.2006

ISBN-13: 9780205498055

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We will also use....

Supporting Inclusive Classrooms: A Resource

a FREE resource online


An EXCELLENT book for all Special Education Teachers,
especially helpful for the CST is

Brief Reference of Student Disabilities:

With Strategies for the  Classroom (paperback)

by Lee Brattland Nielsen

STRONGLY suggest that all students get a

 copy of this book, it will help with many

 of the assignments!




Students will create and post multimedia presentations during the course of the semester.

Participation in online discussions using Blackboard.

Create a printed portfolio of all assignments and projects ( in a presentation binder)





The use of technology as a mode of teaching and learning is encouraged, particularly as a model for potential teachers to use technology in their own instruction.


1)      Blackboard for posting of assignments, announcements, discussion groups

2)      Use of Power Point, where appropriate, both for teaching of content and on-line presentations by students

3)      Use of video, where appropriate, for representation of course material

4)      Use of internet-based topics and discussions.