Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate ability to:


 -1-give an account of the history of teaching students with disabilities and describe basic provisions of P.L. 94-142 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), and the American with Disabilities Act

 -2-distinguish various perspectives on inclusion and ideas of differentiated instruction

-3-describe components of an IEP and prepare an IEP

-4-give an account of approaches to early intervention, including technological aids

-5-describe processes for screening and assessment of young children

-6-distinguish characteristics of different categories of disability, how they are assessed, and various educational approaches for remediation

-7-give an account of resources and support services, including advocacy groups, for families of children in need of special services

-8-describe approaches to appropriate assessment of culturally diverse students

-9-describe modifications, including appropriate technological tools, adaptive aids, software/devices, etc., for use with children with disabilities so that they have access to the general curriculum and can meet appropriate NYS learning standards

-10-give an account of special education standards as developed by the Council for Exceptional Children

-11-distinguish varying conceptions of inclusion and give an account of inclusion’s effectiveness in various settings

-12-describe debates on the issue of ableism and formulate their own position on the matter

-13-critically assess research on best practices in special education