How to Make a Print Portfolio
Printed Portfolio must contain  all assignments - The presentation binder will contain printed assignments, Attractive Cover, Dedication Page, Referenced pages and tabs. Additional work and pages may be added by the student. THIS PRINTED PORTFOLIO (in a spiral binder) (See due date in assignments).  should be delivered to Dr. Levy at his home: 6 Leroy Court, Commack, NY 11725. Should it be sent via UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc., make sure that it is sent with a tracking number. This # should be placed in the appropriate BB DB Forum. Portfolios will NOT be returned and become the property of Touro College and may be used by Touro College as samples of course outcomes and can be inspected by the NYSED. Should you desire that your materials NOT be viewed in this manner please contact Dr. Levy and receive confirmation in writing.
Instructions for adding 
an attachment of an online web page.
Save the attachment to a folder with all your portfolio stuff
You can rename if you wish. Note that the file type must remail gif.
Open page manager
Upload the file (see the right side column)
Now go to the page you want it on
Get to a clear spot
Insert image
You will see the file on the right
Tap Tap and it is done.
 Now resize it or move it where you want
{Do NOT use 3 ring binder as illustrated - and use tabs..............................
***have your project SPIRAL BOUND at a place such as Staples or Kinkos }
       CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO ZOOM in on the Sample Portfolio