Dr. Anthony Polemeni, Vice President                             Dr. Lamar Miller, Dean                                  Ronald Lehrer, Assoc. Dean & Chair
                                           SPED602  ON/OQ/OS

M.S. in Education and Special Education

General Pedagogical Core Course


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SpEd 602 an Introduction to Teaching   Students with Disabilities

This course focuses on the historical background of current approaches to teaching children with disabilities; special education and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. We will also cover current theories and methodologies in work with students with disabilities; inclusion and the concept of the least restrictive environment. Other topics to be explored are  early intervention; special education programs, curricula, classroom management, and use of technology; educational challenges and instructional approaches with children with mental retardation, physical and sensory impairments, language delays, emotional disturbance, and learning disabilities; special attention to work with children with autism; application of principles of differentiated instruction; and an introduction to approaches and debates on reading and language arts instruction for native English speakers and English language learners.



Completion of all required readings.

Completion of assignments and projects.




Weekly DB Assignments
& response to others -  15%
Video P
roject -10%
GradeBook Assignments- 60%
Printed Portfolio -15% (including pages &  links to all your weekly assignments,AND Additional material you have found that you feel is relevant to the course)