Production of oxides powders

Business proposal


A special technology has been worked out and pilot equipment have been created for production of high-dispersed oxides powders of a number metals (aluminum, copper, iron, etc.) with basic structure elements dimensions (according to micro-electronic and X-ray analysis) from 27 A (2.7nm). For the production being issued, the technical condition (TU-2611-001-1051622012925-2005 (letter "O")) has been prepared, the process of patenting is in progress.

The technological process permits continuous production organization with fractionating according to the degree of dispersion.

The metal oxides powders can be successfully used in high-technologies applications, e.g.:

  • Heterogeneous catalyst for chemical and petrochemical industries;
  • Gases purification systems, including smoke discharge;
  • Magnetic liquids for various high-technologies applications (consolidation, magnetic muffs, friction units, rotation units etc.)
  • Systems of liquidation and collecting of oil and petroleum-derivatives spills on the water surface;
  • Production of components for chemical and petrochemical industries;
  • Abrasive and polishing materials;
  • Water purification systems, effluents, process liquids, fuels and machine oils purification systems;
  • Reinforcement, production of components and spare-parts;
  • Medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries;
  • Microelectronics, microelectronic systems;
  • Radio-absorbing coatings and materials, including flexible ones.

The technological process belongs to nano-technologies, providing the supply of nano-particles with high specific surface (up to 10000 square meters ) on production scale basis These features provide a number of advantages comparing to the known industrial oxides powders (with low dispersion) and contribute to effective production output use to generate special produce with nano-materials:

  • Magnetic nano-structures for promising systems of recording and saving super large- scale volumes of high-condensed data;
  • Nano-reactors- synthesis of nano-materials, including using porous oxide matrixes , e.g. aluminum oxide;
  • Catalytic systems of high activity and selectivity;
  • Lubricating materials for high-load friction units;
  • Biomedical applications;

Organizing of complex processing of metal raw materials is possible, including trolling schemes, as well as double and triple systems containing metals and/or oxides. When need arises, organizing of issuing high-dispersion powders of a number of metals, metal oxides and poly-metals is possible. The technological process is environmentally appropriate and wasteless. To efficiently organize corresponding production programs on promising applications and marketing high-technology output production, autor can consider concrete investment proposals, including the following:

  • Organizing joint production ventures;
  • Organizing the sales of both components and output production;
  • Inviting investments to fulfill various applications of nano-and micro-materials produced.

According to marketing research, the profitability of the production and selling activities amounts to over 50-70%.