MP7 Machine gun routine issue in CULHAM England

The NWO totalitarian government joke is relentless and cruel.   
On the page above you can read about these weapons being made in Germany (policed by UK troops and police at the Border since churchill culled the refugees in Dresden...soon after its art treasure payload had been removed).  Our NUCLEAR policing effort is in CULham.  The NWO want global population down to less than 500 million from 7Bn which (apart from the profits) is the reason they imposed war on your parents/grandparents and ancestors in WW1 & WW2 (80million dead). BUT  NOW THEY HAVE NUKES (thanks to physicists and rocket scientists out of Oxford, Cambridge, Heidelberg & Gottinghen)....and the FINAL SOLUTION can now be much more efficiently received.
SEE new profiteering/fundraising efforts right under the CNCs nose at the Clogua (named after Caligula a Roman Emperor who killed many of his closest relatives & friends just so he could stay at the head of the PISO NWO/Religious fraud and declare himself a GOD) mine nuclear waste ponzi SCHEME IN North Wales/Anglesea.   
Civil Nuclear Constabulary
Cnc logo1.jpg
Logo of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.
Agency overview
Annual budget£57m (entire Civil Nuclear Police Authority)[1]
Legal personalityGovernmental: Government agency
Jurisdictional structure
National agency
(Operations jurisdiction)
United Kingdom
Map of CNC Divisions
Legal jurisdictionUK civil nuclear sites
General nature
Specialist jurisdiction
Operational structure
Sworn members750[2]
Agency executiveBrigadier Sir Michael Griffith, Chief Constable
Please note that Wales does not have a single bemish on its nuclear transcript but if your children are in that region with malformations at birth or any of your family have incurable cancers please ask your MP to read this page and come clean.  You could also get him to confront Peter Hain....the legendary Greenpeace/Green World icon out of RSA/Rhodesia who is involved in shell company PONZI scams with a company called Amara Mining PLC.  He is in league with an upper class Woodehousean twit called Algy Cluff and have virtual mines cheating their investors (the only customers...they have no marketable product except the glossy IPO stock market brochure).  Companies like this thrive in Tunisia, Sierra Leone and Torronto (where almost all its Stock Exchange transactions are based on Shell company Ponzi schemes)....if you dont believe me go to Peter Eyre's Pandora's box series (Parts 1-10) on the internet and you will see that PMs and Presidents (like Cameron, Singh, Zuma, Mugabe and Harper) are all relentlessly at the trough and highly supportive of the CULem concept but use the force to protect us like the SS & Gestapo did in Germany.  Yes that is the same Germany that made PANZERS (and laughed at Clueso the elite detective sired by the monarchy....fudging an investigation into theft of precious diamonds and tucked away into Swiss vaults as a major triumph for European Nazis) cosy as Presidents in the new World and killing anything in their path.....paved with gold from innocent countries (and shipped out of Dresden) since Shirley Temple waltzed up Dorothea Strasse Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained.  
Anyway I digress but here is on of the exposes from two of Great Britain's most courageous and best informed patriots (both frequently subject to death threats from the parliament buildings and the criminals in global stock markets)....
Remember there are ten of these articles.....too many are aware now for the death threats to be sent to innocent but poor taxpayers.  The criminals in this sector (the Government Buildings and the Rothschild Financial Empire are quaking in their dead men's boots).

If you are interested in economic grand larceny then hit these  KEY WORDS in a google search:-

Pary's Copper Mine, Anglesey Mining PLC (Ponzi scheme Director Lord Crickhowell); Waste Fuel Rods; Decommissioned Magnox North; 2 Tonne Kibble Hoist; Ponzi Scheme; Torronto Stock Exchange Fraud (dont take the Rob Ford or Co-op bank executive drug addiction diversionary bait); Clogua Wales, McQuarrie Capital (President Bill clinton (immunity from Presidential Crimes order), George W & Gearge HW Bush, Guistra (Uranium Magnate & University Manipulator par excellence); Gerald Caroll Foundation Trust Billion dollar fraud; Faked share certificates; Current lawsuit involving Scotland Yard and the FBI; David Cameron "Right Honorable" and his dad the late Ian Donald Cameron, Blairmore holdings & Laundering via Panama then you are hot on the trail; Norman Lamont.  The yard and the FBI wont catch them...they are paid to fudge it and ruin our once "capable country;   If you see the word philanthropist you know they are having a huge belly laugh at our expense. If you see Greenpeace (protests in the news or a Rhino Carcass without its horn or Peter Hain then read thisWWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8 then get a case number from both your local MP and the Local force (kids from your region that you know would not shoot their parents in the head to keep this illicit fascist movement in power to steal from global citizens and fund the CULham project).