XMAS shopping for an MP7 in the UK MOD police gestapo

Heckler and Koch Submachine Gun: routine issue UK MOD Police

Did you have the impression that MP's were innocent upstanding individuals who fight selflessly for your future.  THINK AGAIN.
I seldom listen to radio four TODAY for very long (crimes that they have reported then covered up are all over this website).  Yesterday it led me down an alarming path (see 999 the autobahn to Hitlers Schloss in Uber-Salzburg on Google Maps).

The British Bullshit Company (BBC) had a HITCHCOCK ON.....yes you remember him the fat bloke who scared the shit out of innocent viewers all around the world in cinematic horror stories.....HE ALWAYS MADE AN APPEARANCE in the movie just to show it had the mark of the beast and the New World Order....who own and manipulate hollywood since the warners changed their Nazi names (like Arnie Schwarzeneger).   Well he is dead (ALFRED the horror story) but the BBC had young ALF (remember the fascist Londoner from HAM who played dad to Tony Blair's wife's mum from LiverpoolODESSA and Operation Paperclip: Historical Crimes.).  Alf HITCHCOCK who is  is alive and well and has just been promoted to head up the UK MOD Police Force.  Alf Hitchcock was head of Bedford Police Force (Bedford Falls is the venue for my favourite film on wealth divide and the UK constabulary (albeit not in Bedford where Alf may well have been picked for his innocence) have been receiving my Emails on war crimes, civil servant's murders, banking whistleblowers assassinations by Israeli security firms for over 2 years of complicity.....here is the list of constabularies on my UK policing list. My local force ALWAYS confirm receipt and I have  had a plea from one recipient to remove his name in case HR at the force become aware of his empathy with my cause....i.e. JUSTICE & LAW ENFORCEMENT.
Anyway I digress......back to Alf Hitchcock.....he polices the UK's/NATOS most potent weapons venues and he has almost 3000 armed and trained (Weatherlie in Essex) British Cops packing guns everywhere they work (and have already threatened Alex Salmond that he does not have the right to strip out our nuclear capacity as a populist independent leader (who also receives most of my Emails of any importance).  So the MOD Police would be called in to events like the Killing of PC Yvonne Fletcher (see persecution of the Middle East by NATO forces because heavily armed terrorist were holding Great Britain to ransome and Terry waite's/Tony Blairs/ public speaking fees).  They have MP77s routinely hanging around G8 summits near golf courses in Scotland where Salmond has studiously avoided intimate contact with Trump. And they are spookily like the LonMin negotiation tools in Mandela's liberated RSA where the nuclear WMD news that went to all the mailing lists mentioned on this web site.  

Alf Hitchcock makes a killing from Knife crimes (like Alfred did before him) and he appears in several roles with a six figure salary and a magnificent pension.  The knife crime in Woolwich (which iniatiated ethnic hatred and mosque burning within the week).  The victim Rigby (sung about by the Beatles....like Hitlers Submarine escape route) refers to someone who happens to be a big presence on the UK business directory with overlapping (illegal directorship with the HSBC in Canada Wharf London) but there was no blood and the head was never found....near where the Millitary training centre is.  My Email to MI5 and the Met Police giving evidence that they and the UK media were as always the culprits bounced straight back but several MPs confirmed receipt as did my blessedly local police force.....now under threat from a single force Commisioner called Stephen House: former met police trainee possibly handpicked for this horror story by Alf the MP7 bearer.  The MOD police look after the heavier weaponry in the UK that an independent Scotland does not want.....and they protect the thief's and traitors at Westminster as a core duty. The MOD police and the MP7 also protect "our" very long standing Imperialistic interests in Cyprus and Gibraltar.....although they have not yet been bold enough to declare their commitments to that ancient Rock in Jerusalem (or any links with MOSSAD....see stock market fraud and INTEL money/WMD laundering since the conception of Intelligence agencies and their lethality for all sides in global war and holocausts/diaspras) MOD ("Great Britain") still on other peoples borders and Dardanelles packing the MP7
The weapons have been made in Germany by a munitions firm that has been trading like this since a couple of years after WW2...when it was rendered armless by the occupying Allied forces and meaningless international treaties. 
Ms Merkel (a recipient of all my really big genocidal or Sovereign debt ponzi schemes Emails) was sworn in for third term of economic grand larceny....without the help of her pope (RATZINGER).....banished to the NAZI rest homes used by Alois Hudal and his NAZI RATLINES http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alois_Hudal  (nice swimming pool and beautiful view of what might be BAD AUSSEE but without the submarines in Rothschild Yellow.....with neighbours in ALBA and supporters in CLUTHA....both hemispheres). Hudal's boss, Hitlers' Pope Pius XII is pictured with his housekeepers canary...which smelt a rat when he lay in state when his embalmers could not overcome the stench of his legacy and the Nazi diaspora.  See polite receipts from PM John Key's dutiful and decent staff in New Zealand (still officially non-nuclear...like Salmond wants to be and aware of the threats of right wing Universities coming together to cull the worlds innocent but poor citizensElite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT).  

Anyway, all the fascist profiteering links with Germany, USA, Russia and "Great Britain" are history so why revive Hitchcock to the news (the same night that the Essex Airport mooted by London's favourite, hosted Netenyahu on 7/7, but blessedly did not play his cards on Panorama the year before which means despite his TRUST in Barclays he is still favourite fascist to be next UK PM (when Cameron's crimes cripple down to the impoverished masses)...yes that is BORIS....the public school populist (see letters to David Cameron at the Whitney office on the Queen and Ken Clarke, and knight of Malta Jimmy Savile....and their illicit traffic with the Royals who trade in the peerage, paedophilia and Killing Kittens coercion scandals that the world could be free of, if any of these greedy twits could but see the damage/havoc it causes as in 1913 and 1938).   Ms Merkel has POWER/jurisdiction in the Black Fascist forest where the MP7 is made to keep elite criminals and corporatist pay round/CONTRACT  negiators in power all around the world. See the reference to NECKER where Richard Branson has a Tax haven and hosts elites like Fleming and all those other SS warmongers who slaughtered 80 million innocents for the monarchy out of Germany who recently sacked the NAZI pope but are subservient still to the Rothschilds "Kings of Kings".....who ruined their bloodlines by ruthless familicide and insemination by Jewish or Christian money lenders....at the top of the tree the wealthy are indivisible although they need to keep murdering and assassinating their nearest and dearest to keep it chaotic.  All the monetary institutions, religions, governments, Confederations and University/Media puppets who run this ruthlessly need to read about Hudal and Pope Pius XIII then read about sons of shoemakers living an elite lie in the inner circle (of the religious elite fraud perpetrated by religious authors of messianic texts for almost 2000 years....see Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination.and the pages below it.  Just to cap it all I know that the Rabiis know about Christianity, all the diasporas and genocides that christianity launched to gain this power base....http://www.slideshare.net/ladystellas/true-authorship  Our incpacity to obey the rules of any of the religions is hitting the global economy hard...
but the dirty tricks teams just keep diverting us withfalse flags that are only slightly less odious than the financial, economic and genocidal campaigns they run.
I am in the inner CIRCLE, and all my facebook friends GLOBALLY are too.  At last it has been penetrated by decent men and WOMEN.....who have been persecuted and subordinated by religion since EVE was invented by Jewish leadership teams in the GARDEN OF ADENThe poor Jewish Families struggle to survive by Rabii Brown & the Garden of Aden open to all......

all messianic religions and fascist monarchies/dictators have created what you now have and all the super rich elites control the lie that 7Bn people are now living.  So Genocides, Diasporas, Gollus and holocausts cause Fire Flood Earhquakes Typhoons and all parties just change their names to Yemen or Yellen or Boris Island (if the fascist scandal involves paramillitary training in Essex) just so they can rob and cull your innocent children.....without your awareness.....till you get the smell from Angela's OVENS (yes the cover up for Lord Lawson Thatchers Chancellor in her weapons trading pomp). All we have to conquer are the FILTHY rich leaders who make your families do the killing while they run the draft board, and the Grand Lodge which will betray you before the Fox News (see Murdoch CIA citizenship and Kissinger worlds biggest killer and highest ranking Mossad agent in the USA) Cock Crows three times.  There will be no second coming (it is an elite joke that the super rich laugh at in a sexual context...as they continue to brutalise the whole world with weapons made in Germany since 1949......when NATO moved its forces in to police free trading amongst the ODESSA/Eugene Joseph Mary Pacelli trafficked LEADERS who now own every country and monetary Institution across this beautiful earth that you might soon dedicate some attention to......BEFORE YOU FACE THE BARRELL of the MK7.

If your regime needs  a terrifying deterrent to protect your Parliament building then you can find the catalogue here.  If you need DRONES then the RAF are proud of what they do with them as is Philip Hammond the Foreign office video who is ever so bold in the war crimes sectorWar Crimes Confession UK: Drones sold to make a killing

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 The automatic weapons, for Britains Elite Police based in essex where the runway might be made to divert attention, are made in Germany( in  Ober like the chemical weapons that were sold to Hussain for the Kurdish genocide by Karl Kobe ( a German firm too)