WW1 Dead Peugeot, Austro Hungary, Mulhouse RFC, NO ROTHSCHILDS St Veronica Joncherey BASEL Fawlty Leith war crimes JOKES

WW1 Kars Austro-Hungarian EMPIRE Ethnic Religious Political Hatred ARCHDUKE Keiser Peugeot Joncherey Mulhouse RFC Basel Fawlty.JPG
THE UNCENSORED TEXT FOR THIS VIDEO is at the bottom.....80 million lives were taken PLEASE WATCH IT AND REALISE the sacrifice your ancestors made for what we now have in politics, the palace and the Money lending sector that "JESUS" warned us about.  That is the Archbishop of Canterbury  and HRH the QUEEN in the image GODS representatives in profiteering in ENGLAND since Henry lopped the heads of his wives.

WW1 the Blood Bath, where it started, the Religious Jokes, The Loot Laundering and the TEMPLATE FOR ALL FALSE NEWS and the brutalisation of the entire peace loving world for cash & power AKA what we now have in the parliaments and palaces

CENSORED you Tube version here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfFEFdHJOKI
FULL DESCRIPTOR BELOW read it as you listen to the video.
WW1 is a tragedy that reflects the human condition.  This story is very personal  to me because WW1 was initiated near Mulhouse RFC, where I played, as I worked in BASEL (the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS Crime SCENE).  They have a fest to the Cabbage and WW1 is totally pre-medidated.  The town of Joncherey where WW1 started and a Soldier called Peugeot was killed has churches commemorating the non existent St Andrew and St Veronica who wiped the non existent Jesus' face with her dish cloth (which became an art treasure & Holy relic).  WW1 was much more efficient as a tool to own the hearts minds souls and war dead.  Veronique's lovers at RFC Mulhouse were Boboule (Cannonballs bullets) or Christian and I ate the raw steaks to prove my manhood and get in the team (nickname ENGLISH!!!!).  THE REST OF THE STORY all the way up anddown the Maginot line is a pre-planned catastrophe.  BASEL right next door is the NAZI ALIIED AXIS Laundering vent where all central bankers who work on foreign continents now TRAINED TO STEAL.  So my website & Kaiser Chiefs proclaim that Hitler Stalin and MoaTse Tung/ChangKei Shek are trained to kill as profiteers....see also James Blunt's THREE WISE MEN.  All for profit but the ROTHSCHILDS ARE NOWHERE in this story....the first of the 80million war dead was Peugeot and one of the inquests for profit at the end of the death toll was at KARS do you get it. So WW1 started nr BASEL when Mulhouse was still in Germany.....the ALSACE region is covered by CHURCHYARDS with CAGES full of war dead bones.  At Joncherey the religious fraud is massive (St Andrews church and Scottish Saltire).  So Austro-Hungary was dismembered by political correctness LIKE THE WHOLE OF THE EU TODAY.  Franz Ferdinand was the Dove- like victim and his killing was a murder by the world owners like JFK.   So the Austro-Hungary story starts in LEITHUANIA (cis or transylvania).  The history of Global German hatred in USA and Oxbridge is told again, Woodrow Wilson, Brandeis Blackadder end war in 1917 JOKES.   Leith is now the ADMIN for Alex Salmonds' Civil Service near fascist QUEENSBURY and the Balfour Stevenson FASCIST HUB that Arthur Hastie the freemason from Kelso knows is the CREME DE LA CREME Jim Telfer MELROSE RUGBY JOKE linked to miss Jean Brodie.  THE history of Austria & Hungary and its massive Empire of Division and Hatred is TRAGIC  .  ThE Skirmish at Jonchereyis a JOKE about MONTEREY in the devil's advocate.  RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO BASEL the NAZI LOOT and Dalek Architectural design.  Dr Jack benson my BOSS at Ciba Geigy in BASEL is now an art treasure profiteer former KIWI. Luxemburg is just to the North Nr the massive Cathedral .  The Links of Justin Welby to ELF-Acquitaine and the Archbishops of Canterbury ELF of AFRICA OIL COMPANIES in FRENCH HANDS.  is a massive indictment on the PROFITEERING MESSIANIC religion.  The Rugby in Mullhouse was unforgetable for its violence right next door to the local castles and Schlosses for the world owners.  NORDE DAME in the US University are now the world experts on WW1 and if you look up Cabbage fests on you tube they are all in USA but none are dclared on the MAGINOT LINE which created so many vegetative war victims.   On theme of SAD BASTARDS I mention again Lord Sanderson of Bowden the mason and political PROFITEER in Scottish Fascisti.  The raising up of the complex multi-religions, Multi-lingual, multi King, Multi PM and unelected parliaments in massive buildings to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and kill EVENTUALLY 8 million people. The sceneraio is replayed in AUSTRIA pre WW2 in the sound of music Van TRIPP Von Trapp Family singers persecution by the NAZIS from Germany !!!!!!! It is sick Mulhouse in 1914 was German now FRENCH.  The first to die in Joncherey was Peugeout...the Church is St Andrews in Joncherey with the Saltire for CLUNY ABBEY just to the South THE BIGGEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD at Cluny and the JOKE about St Andrew and the Cross KEYS Scottish Flag. The religious jokes mean that the FUNDERS FOR ALL WARS/PROFITEERS get a shrubbery to laugh at the knock the nails into WOOD Joke.  So there is no Kings speech.....the genocides are lined up like pancontinental dOMINOS right into PANAMA AND JAPAN.  UK PM was Grey but the ROTHSCHILDS and their puppet choices in politics and the monarchy bedchambers run it by GENOCIDE, Execution and the religious faiths that INSPPIRE YOU TO BE VIOLENT UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE SHALLOW GRAVE.  The music and comedians that cover up the propaganda that becomes genocide globally is tragic Crosby, Ali G, The Marx Bros are tragedies.  ONLY Carrington Hitchcock and me mention the Rothschilds, the TSARS and the massive financial industrial interests led by the Krupps, the Bismarks, Churchill et al, Bonar Law (Canadian GG links to Tweedsmuirs) & Clinton the FOUNDATION profiteer massive cardiovasculr victim of GOD's insight into his scams.  The GREEK elites like the Papandreous are in the treason team in WW1 too.    THE history of the Austro-HungARIAN Empire is the tragic template for the GREAT WARS and the media are intensifying it this very week on Tunisian Beaches.  All the retired bankers in Britain want in any conflict is to know that Britain now owns the whole of the NILE valley and MURDOCH gets to write GOTCHA as they brutalise Argentinas' ISLANDS.  The SERBS are the vents for agression cos they are the Stooges who killed the archduke....THE ULTIMATUM and the launch of WW1 is a joke THE SOUND OF MUSIC scenario that Nazis take over your country and "ENFORCE LAW" & HITLER YOUTH then Genocide GLOBALLY.  The NWO Sarajevo spark the hatred using Rothschild instructions and Religious ETHNIC tension.  Divide & Conquer by Academic and Theological division I forgot to mention pan-border academics like Istvan, STEPHEN when in OXFORD, Tsza Trained in Heidelburg then became EMPIRE PM in BudaPES (T) O.  The TEMPLATE is HATRED and the FEZ is used all of the time as is the ROTHSCHILD breeding chamber all intermarried to MASSIVE ESTATE OWNERS all over the world.....they fear the new fraud researcher who has no fear BUT ALL OF THEIR CORRUPTED DIRECTOR NUMBERS...even the Archbishop of Canterbury's in ELF ACQUITAINE OIL INC KAACHING.  The Sarajevo killing is dramatic and six plotters in the black hand lead to the death of 80 million globally....AS I WAS WRITTEN in the TIMES & WASHINGTON POST for homeland security.  When the archduke and his lovely wife THE DOVES were shot the driver took them up a BLIND ALLEY....SARAjevo is the SARAH pillow talk joke in the CHRISTIAN BIBLE JOKE.  The Austr-Hungarian Empire has no elections two kings that pick the cabinets and the parliamet buildings are massive ALL PROFITEERS AND POLITICALLY CORRECT SOCIAL CLIMBERS LIKE UKIP, the BNF, The GREEN PART ETC all over Europe it is the same in the wars that create all wars by form filling and SAFETY PROTOCOLS (see shooting of the female engineer in Schindlers list and the choosing of the bedroom victim in the same GENOCIDAL scene).  The TSAR story is a scam cos they are INTERLOCKED still with the ROTHSCHILDS and the ROMANOVS. The SUMMITS in Great Wars brings together the profiteers the media men and British American Tobacco . Finally we show the hatred stats and what the refugees get HOMELESS in their search for the PROMISED LAND .....in a cart & tent/refugee home AND JUST BEFORE  MY BATTERIES FAIL YOU SEE  the refugees sent for fear from their homes & it is GLOBALISED and again and again it is to end all wars and the EU now get the peace prize for BERLUSCONI et al.  THIS WAS GROSSLY CENSORED ON YOU TUBE which is why the full text is available on my web site