Writing to your MP: The Rule of Law & Hansard

As many of you know....we are being robbed blind by our political representatives but we are lucky enough to live in a peaceful and mature democracy where the Rule of Law still prevails.  You may also know that I have been trying to engage the UK government in the fight against corruption, International violence and Freedom of speech (particularly control of media interests by the super-rich and political regimes that are hell-bent on lining their pockets (at taxpayers expense).

Today I reminded my MP that his diktat that I could only correspond with him in pen and ink was unconstitutional and blessedly he has responded.  This means that all my Emails on these themes will be registered on Hansard and that the government and the media would be risking what is left of their "reputations" if they continue to feed at the corruption troughWriting to reach Queen Elizabeth IIViolent Corruption: UK, USA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA & S.AFRICA

The letter I sent to Michael Moore MP is reproduced below and his response is at the bottom of this page but it represents a major step in the return of the UK to decency and potentially GREATNESS in leading the world out of these vicious scams that threaten the beautiful world we inhabit so ruthlessly.  I would like to SINCERELY THANK Michael for this gesture.  It takes a degree of courage to contest what your peers and your predecessors have just passed on to you but the truth is coming out and Michael is smart enough to see that right will overcome might.

 From: George Lees [mailto:profgeorgelees@gmail.com

Sent: 18 January 2013 09:46
To: MOORE, Michael
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Subject: Hansard (and the rule of law)


OPEN LETTER TO MICHAEL MOORE MP and Secretary of State for Scotland from his concerned constituent.


Dear Michael (Angela),


I have just learned that Emails are legitimate sources of legal evidence and I notice that almost every other MP I correspond with immediately registers receipt of correspondence by Email & BY RETURN.  I have tried to explain to you that the UK Government and the rest of the G8 (and now the BRICs superpowers) are corrupted and complicit with economic and violent crimes all around the world.  So I reject your demand of me to correspond with you in pen and ink.  Only one person in the UK, right at the top of that influential "old money" power base (but a relative innocent), reserves this right and when I get to her you will all be in a deep deep constitutional and criminal plight.   SO PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE RECEIPT and let me know when we can meet again face to face in the constituency (local services) and country you are abusing unashamedly. Lord Steel, like many in the 2nd chamber, has opted out of open communication by Email but he is secure in that publicly funded castle that this system has created.





Professor George Lees PhD FRPharmS

This came back the same day with a copyright disclaimer and I hope nobody gets prosecuted because they refused to engage in open correspondence.

RE: Hansard (and the rule of law)

MOORE, Michael
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Rt Hon Michael Moore MP

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