Steve McQueen ESCAPES with an oscar

Many veteran readers will be well aware that Steve McQueen was the swashbuckling actor who defied the might of Germany and escaped from a high security PRISONER OF WAR CAMP in the hugely popular film "The Great Escape".  The camp, in the "true story war films" sector was run by chivalrous German buffoons who were easily distracted by ever so posh public school officer classes from both sides of the Atlantic and a humorous Aussie (see Quentin Bryce's ANZAC JOKE above) who ended up a free man in Spain like Hitler in 1945Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes AND ODESSA and Operation Paperclip: Historical Crimes..  McQueen had a catchers mit but none of the clever inmates were blacks....see WW1 (on the timeline cited above) and the diaspora of the negro slaves into cities and the "homeland security uniform" despite President Wilson's (PART OF THE DADS ARMY JOKE) pledge to keep American kids at home(which he failed to honour because he was coerced into appointing Brandeis to the supreme court for having an affair with a female Prof at Princeton) and the bung of 2 million dollars paid to President Truman to create Israel without any fuss.  

The Oscar winner this year in the Best Film Director category 12 Years a black which is not relevant to the tale being told on this page....other than it being a moving issue for his ancestors (under the harshest possible conditions).  Slaves were no longer needed after the internal combustion engine/tractor was invented but they were asked/commanded to fight for their country of "adoption" if they did not fall foul of KKK racists like Senator Bilbo (also a legend in HolyWood/and Auckland New Zealand) in peacetime. McQueen cynically bounds of the stage like a rabbit....the codename for hitler and his CICs/Nazi leaders.  See also this page to see the mass culls of blacks when they began to organize after the civil war and switched to the union sideIndigenous peoples: endless persecution  

Steve McQueen, the actor, had an interest in charitable fundraising and orphaned children in the European rubble.  GOD knows why his life was sawn off like his shotgun and why so many swashbuckling actors who role play the worlds' twisted historic, theological or comedic heroes/heroines are now played by cartoon characters. 

McQueen near death interview with sawn off shotgun in Paris

The other Steve McQueen (Director, out of the hat, BELOW) getting his acclaim and Hopping off stage like a rabbit
Drag the slider close to the end if you cant stand the melodrama

Bright Eyes and bushy tailed: Steve mcqueen and oscar PIStOrius HOP ALONG (as if the WARREN COMMISSION were pursuing the justice joke)

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