Balkans to East Timor the highly decorated Governor General Millitary-Industrial Complex

Since Quentin Bryce stepped down for shame (See vicious Mr Bean Olympic joke on the page above). Australia has appointed a new Governor General who is a professional soldier with previous in East Timor.  Another candidate also a close friend of PM TONY Abbot (CONSERVATIVE like Lord McAlpine who has nudist beaches in Aus and art galleries of naked young girls) was not in the end chosen by the CROWN team to run Australasia on their behalf by suppressing the locals and the colonists (a continuation of the 200 policy of evicting people from Europe and letting them pretend they ar FREE in "their new country".  I need to point out to you that the human rights affiliation is now an essential part of why they get UN posts, global speaking tours, lucrative contracts beyond retirement from the judiciary (see Peter Williams QC, fundraiser for the IRA assassination bureaus that killed Neave and Mountbatten for decades) and listen to the two interviews below on modern era political hypocrisy, and the causes they champion as they brutalise the common man everywhere and empty his pockets.  One cannot help but notice that the Birko (speaker at the house of commons with a wife who is often in the news) is much more famous than the Biserko woman who gets acclaim after brits have holiday homes all over the Balkans and General Sir Mike Jackson is boasting about his earning power in private security firms in Hansard. Anyway first the FAILED GG candidate who appeared on radio four TODAY yesterday a whinger on KOREAN war crimes is called Kirby....he appears in the news as we reveal the legal laundering frauds that blight the global economy and are particularly prominent in the Empires upon which the sun is just about to set.