World Wars: the elite joke.

This wont take long.  I want you to understand how and why the world is sent to war. BUT MOST OF ALL I want you to know that world leaders think it is hilarous that people will give their lives, or their children's lives, for the profiteering bastards that run our brutalised/greedy world.
Quentin Bryce Resigns Charles Bean Press Gallipoli Tim Shipman IRAQ Daily Mail Governor General ANZAC war dead London Olympic Joke.JPG
Anzacs' Governor General, the charming  Quentin Bryce. Then, almost exactly 100 years later, Mr Bean is back in the limelight as a sickening comedy at the opening of the London Olympics leading the GLOBAL CHARIOTS OF FIRE.JPG
 Constitutionally, she has more power than the Australian PM but she speaks well of the ANZAC troops for their sense of humour and sacrifice as human freight.  Listen carefully for Mr Bean (and find out who he was and what he did in Gallipoli)

Quentin Bryce and the ANZAC sacrifice ( the Mr Bean GG jokes)

Then, almost exactly 100 years later, Mr Bean is back in the limelight as a sickening comedy at the opening of the London Olympics leading the GLOBAL audience into dancing to the vicious tune of CHARIOTS OF FIRE.
Watch Beans mannerisms (and how he takes his WHITE hanky out wipes his snout then tosses it away....this is symbolism for a new world order joke that I will explain at the bottom)  So video 2 in the presence of the Royals, the Prime Minister and National "dignitaries like Banki Moon, who are a wee bit dim, despite their OLYMPIAN salary, to understand the joke as quickly as the LOCOG organisers (Lord Coe, Princess Anne, David Beckham and Nick Clegg deputy prime minister and husband of a state sponsored assassin in peacetime: Ms Miriam Clegg trained to kill in BRUGES    The construction of this makes millions for its organisers (and G4S who made hundreds of millions but did not bother to do the job under the guidance of Princess Di's "law enforcer/inquest chair" Lord Condon....his verdict accidental death...the Romantic French prefer unlawful killing in L'Alma tunnel "THE APPLE", original female sin joke). LOCOG who share a building with the HSBC, under which the London suicide bombers were shot by the Metropolitan police (See Cressida Dick, Professor Manningham Buller head of MI5 & Imperial College London and the Home Secretary Theresa May, with PMs Presidents and their partners on this list because their train was cancelled, so MI5 just killed the commuters for them and publicised it on BBCs Panorama the year beforeFATAL "ACCIDENTS" no culprits.  Anyway, here is the JOKE live in front of its adoring and loyal global audience.

Mr Bean takes the piss GLOBALLY (Snot funny HANDKERCHIEF symbolism)

 Mr Bean has another life as a comedian.....BLACKADDER named after a local leader in the Borders who was involved in the Flodden genocide which still, 500 years on is seen as a tragedy related to a "battle for freedom" .  In his Blackadder roles Mr BEAN parodies "Great Britain's"  BLOODY IMPERIALIST HISTORY with other characters identifiable as Field Marshalls or Monarchs....the audience laugh loudly at individual episodes but one hopes they may soon see that they, and their family's dead war veterans or innocent bystanders, are the VICTIMS.  The BBC Blackadder team had the callousness to laugh at the ultimate sacrifice for 80 million people in the worlds biggest cull for GOLD.  Please look at this timelineTimeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes...go to 2016 (and look at how clever lustful professors, who became pacifist presidents, extended WW1 by 2 bloody years AND set up WW2 by implanting Jews in the Supreme Court in the USA)....they then created the hatred for  WW2 & the holocaust PROGROMS today purely for profit.  Chariots of Fire makes you reach for your hanky as the hero dies for his country after refusing to run on a SUNday as a devout "christian" see the 2000 year Piso joke below the tragic events laughed at below.

But watch this first it is chilling

Trench Warfare ever so funny but the field marhall is with his batman preparing to run the poppy fund and teach the queens children at an elite University

The little chap, actor Tony Robinson/Jester Role player "Baldric", who has a cunning plan is a "historian at the BBC" and a champion for the working man as a boss/fundraiser at the Labour Party (icon for the New Labour war criminals in Iraq and Afghanistan).  The Field Marshall character (who is played by a Manic depressive actor, called Steven Fry,  who plays Jeeves....created by "Pacifist Joker" conscientious objector PG Wodehouse) is, of course,  ABSENT from the front line....but when the war ends, in real life he gets to save the horses first, leave forced labour all over Europe's mass gravesEndless Prisoners Killed or Enslaved by the "Peace Loving Nations" and then becomes the Chancellor at St Andrew's ("PATRON SAINT" of many gullible, easily led countries, also a joke in the fictitious Piso-written New Testament....which was laughed at by Frankie Howard in UP POMPEII....the new testament was written in Herculaneum in the Villa Papyrii and when it was released 79 years after Jesus was alleged to have been born VESUVIUS BLEW ITS TOP....ONLY FIELD MARSHALLS, DICTATORS and MONARCHS get to know this joke in 2000 years of crusading and religious geo-political persecution  Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination. AND the JOKES Decoding the New Testament and Quoran Jokes AND Reading and writing: Just one very profitable book! AMEN.  The Chancellor at st Andrews gets to run the BBC in Scotland, the poppy fund/scam and to educate the queen's kids and commoners that enjoy a good night out. THIS PAGE REVEALS the Super Elite 
GARDEN OF ADEN, now YEMEN/British Petroleum  JOKE. Reading and writing: Just one very profitable book! AMEN .

I have no time to reveal all the cunning professors (many were rocket scientists or nuclear physicists) who were taken to other continents to deliver the NUKES that the G8 countries Israel, Norway New Zealand and south Africa have made since the last war to end all wars failed to do any such thing BUT these elite institutions were immune from bombing for the whole of WW2 Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT

BUT here is a Professor of Cunning at Oxford University, LORD PATTEN, and a progress bulletin on his "steal from the UK/INTERNATIONAL students project". Student Fees: the frightening truth AND the MAFIAs in Government/The Rothschild bank that persecute Britains' kidsStudent Loans Company "non profit organisation" both physically and financially.
 He is boss at the BBC too (see their propaganda to keep countries bankrupt and at war perpetually so his friends in the monarchy money lending sectors can thrive).  He has held directorships at Lonrho  he was the GG (Governor General) joker in Hongkong where the HSBC mafia was launched, near a Continent that was dismembered by the East India company (and the 200 year opium wars so the Crown Templar and the rothschilds could rule it for the next 200 years).  He invites elite Alumni to come and address Parliament and arranges reciprocal visits to South East Asia to trade weapons, with what used to be a British brutalised colony of Burma.  These policies let kings and queens run amock (the most powerful thrive as the others, quaintly called TSARS who stand up for their people/country are "unlawfully killed"  but their money lenders are even more dangerousThe iIlegitimate British Monarchy: perpetual war and barbarity . THEY ARE HAVING A LAUGH AT EVERYBODY's EXPENSE but they wont stop until you tell them you know you are being abused financially and you are NOT prepared to sacrifice your own children's prosperity European Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime"  or their lives in a futile war which is a CULL to bankrupt all sides....Holocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained AND Global Economic Carnage, War profiteering (and the lethality/greed of secret societies like FREEMASONRY)

I you like learning from brief video clips about man's inhumanity to his/her International neighbours then please visit this page PROGROMS today.  The 12 tribes that left Egypt as slaves are long dead but the Ashkenazi "Jews" from East of the black sea/North of Syria are the ROTHSCHILD owners of all monetary Institutions on our globe.   

Lastly, I will try and explain Mr Bean's white handkerchief joke (white is an icon of impending death and surrender) goes way back to Shakespearian literature (British writing about foreign affairs/ethnic relationships between Othello and Desdemona and was understood by legendary literary figures like Thomas the Rhymer..If you want more search for these and FEMALE INFEDILITY The_leitmotifs.doc handkerchief symbolism othello desdemona Thomas the Rhymer) was used by a comedian dressed like BELGIAN INSPECTOR POIROT at JFKs still "unsolved" money lender sponsored murder case and Mr Bean thinks the whole corrupted AUSTERE world is HILARIOUS.  Even Jacqui O, Jacqueline Kennedy (who partnered Jewish Oil and Diamonds magnates) from other Nations seems to be smiling behind the JFK coffin as the SILENCE FOR FEAR OF EXECUTION blights the "FREE" WORLD.  JFK wanted to take his federal/central bank back from PRIVATE MAFIAS and now the whole world is enslaved by people who sire even the monarchy's children for 150 years up to 2012. IT IS A SICK SICK JOKE.  WATCH for the white hanky out of BRUGES/BRUSSELS right in front of the Pilgrim father's fine ART paintings.  SEE JFK Executive order 11/11 (signed off by LBJ on air force ONE here) Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes .  The timeline portrays150 bloody years but know that the Royals, PMs, President's and MOSSAD controlled INTEL globally have learned what the money lenders taught them about mafia family terror & genocide IN THE RED ZONE DARK FORCES WITHIN THE ROYAL and PRESIDENTIAL FAMILIES
The world masters have already silenced this video for SHAME but watch for the premonition of Poirot, at the unsolved JFK crime scene and the white hanky joke....the victims will wake up soon.

CENSORED for shame THE SOUND OF SILENCE watch for the crocodile tears and the hanky symbolism in the Capitol Rotunda (then the De Gaulle Joke: he spent the war in the no bombing zone near Oxford.

This one is silent too: the man ZAPruder, who was in exactly the right place (see Jim Murphy passing by the Clutha pub in Glasgow) got $50,000 for these images of the head being silently blown up

High resolution Jewish deal: 50 years of unsolved silence and all Nations in Debt to the sponsors

Zapruder was a Jew from Eastern Europe but had made good on the Dallas Council for World Affairs....he immediately took his evidence to the "secret services" and the money he made from the deal is worth $1.25 million in todays greatly devalued currency.  The crime remains unsolved which makes POIROT the detective from Europe shed crocodile tears and the 15 volume WARREN COMMISSION (Warren is a home for rabbits, rabbits is a term for Hitler and his Commanders in Chief in the NAZI/European war criminal diaspora OPERATION WINNIE THE POOH run by the "man from uncle" Morton, trained to kill Ainsworth, Ian Fleming (author of BOND books for respectability) and all the other MI6 jokers who now occupy ELITE tax havens and tropical islands far from taxpayers with new knowledge for their own safety.  The character codenamed AA Milne was the British King (the one who made the speech that won the oscar just before War Horse got the popular support. DO YOU GET IT....they are stealing from you and your kids and they killed your dad and your granpa in uniform and all innocent bystanders for FUN and a laugh.  The other British King abdicated with a NAZI from America and before the divorce came through they lived in CANDY SCHLOSS in Austria near Hitlers nest (and autobahn 999....the emergency number joke all over the COMMONs WEALTH belly laugh).
Spectre of POIROT at JFK's Unsolved Crime Scene with handkerchief in hand front of a painting of the Pilgrim fathers (and wall paper with Yiddish swastika/$ signs like the chancellor in King Henry's England wore on his chain of office).  The JFK tunnel in ANTWERP is on autobahn 112, which leads from to Waterloo where the Rothschilds triumphed with the ownership of the "British" Central Bank in Thread needle street.....City of London in 1815 when they faked the war news and crashed the stock market profitably for them (but bankrupting the participating countries). Autosnellweg 112 (see masonic jokes and Executive order 1111 that JFK died for)  leads to HALLES (Hell for the ordinary trench warfare conscript) and BREE, where the allies left a hole in the Maginot line "by mistake".  Bree is hone to the Prancing Pony, the black horse banking icon for Lloyds (who used to have snuff films of Royal princesses making love to two negroes at the same time...this is not politically correct but I wont name the Lady who loved on the tax havens like BOND does)The iIlegitimate British Monarchy: perpetual war and barbarity.  Ian Fleming worked in MI6 in WW2 and this is the sickest joke of all....they aligned all the profiteering characters with kids cuddly toys (operation Winnie the Pooh and laundered them into power all over the New World in 1945).  Full story in pictures HERE Timeline: Black Forces in the G8-G20 profiteering Plot/Crimes start in 1916 and follow the G8/G20 culprits all the way to 2014 where things are really volatile and dangerous because of their shame.  The "European justice" minister, Viviane Reding (with previous in Lichtenstein & Belgium : see EU financial scamsEuropean Union: how to steal from GLOBAL citizens in "Peacetime"), has won a debate to make 112 the emergency police number for Belgium (Poirot's nation: the actor is a SUCHET and this younger MEDIA branch of the family report breaking news on Russia today and inspiring music on Classic FM) .  All over the rest of the World and the East India companies' "British" MONARCHY empire (of which the USA is still just a taxpaying plantation)....the police are summoned by ringing 999 (the road to Hitlers nest in Bavaria near where Detwiler and the Von Trapps roamed in romantic fiction...MARIA is the name of the New testaments Madonna (Mary the mortal mother of god joke).  Detweiler (entrepreneurial musician in the film)-Macdonalds (trading in all countries participating in the Iraqi genocidal Red ZONES) are now a leading manufacturer of DRONES for G8 war criminals to assassinate "innocent suspects" across vast CONTINENTS that are entirely owned by the Rothschilds and their incestuous cousins in the monarchy. Commoner Kate is a notable exception....she has named her baby George (after Blind King George of Cumberland/SaxeGotha who sired QUEEN VICTORIA's only legitimate child when she was 14 but already married to her one true love: all 9 of her other children were Rothschild BATARDS)......these jokes have led to heinous crimes in the succession laws.  The last thriving monarchies are in chaos and are prepared, it seems, to sacrifice their wives and children to keep the power and the cash that KINGS & QUEENS & the Money Lenders are prepared to UNAWFULLY KILL(a term for murder in the Royal circles where they are sheltered by vast freemasonic armies/polis with sinister numbers reminiscent of Presidential & NAZI crime scenes) to continue with the Constitutional tyranny for ruthless wealth divide .....they are fond of animals in massive land grabs at the head of the WWF but here is a sacrificial gesture from Prince Phil (Boss at the WWF UK  where the whole world is a subsiduary of England).  Prince Phil has run MI6 as a mafia family tool for over 3 decades and all the countries across the globe are now BANKRUPTED by the money lenders that sired/bore almost all the royal children across Europe for 150 brutal years The iIlegitimate British Monarchy: perpetual war and barbarity.  The royal kids are prepared to be sacrificed for the (GRANDE) parental sins this was in last weeks news as the floods began to encircle windsor castle and the Royal Cornish estates.
Last weeks SKY News presented by Aemon Homes and  the front woman for WWF propaganda/TV fundraising the delectable Charlotte as Prince Phil boss at MI6, the WWF and the 1001 club's plot to undermine the British Monarchy is exposed as an opium trader all over the commonwealth and CIC in WWF Landgrabs globally. This was the result.
Barbara Windsor (not her real name likes to laugh about the British Empire and unlawful killings on vast tracts of land.

The human freight that was culled ruthlessly in WW1 were NOT ALLOWED to write letters home for National Security reasons so they had to die after sharing an ultra  brief bulletin of their sacrifice for the GREAT Nation.....even the tick boxes were checked for any hint of humanity or love before they entered the war grave tourist sector.  There are 7Bn victims and just a few hundred thousand tyrants/CEOs/DGs/Banking Execs and Professors of Cunning.....they used to be safe in their obscenely paid OFFICE but that was before the 7Bn got an education and the INTERNET.
Durham Light infantry postcards below.....the mass graves death certificate JOKE