Me vs the RUTHLESS GLOBAL CABAL some regional fraudsters

I want to tell you my story openly WITH LOADS OF PICTURES.  None of the Countries around the world have any sovereignty now and all the CENTRAL/FEDERAL Banks are in Private Hands...... that means that the "democracies" we have globally cannot fund any of their vital initiatives but this is complex I am going to show you IMAGES of who is who in the team I am trying to reveal as MY PERSECUTORS to retain uncontested WORLD OWNERSHIP.
FIRST WE HAVE THE LOCAL SHERIFFDOM & the SCOTTISH ENGLISH POLITICAL TRAITORS Now complicit in War Crimes Profiteering and Fudged inquests

That is Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks, Peter Harris of BUTLINS Bourne Leisure (my employer for a time) Dr Hancocks OBE (issues shares to himself & his civil partner). He is my wife's brother (MRS VALERIE JANE LEES I have not shown her picture cos she struggles to keep her weight down but if they keep the pressure on the innocents & steals my home her mug shot will be posted too). Hancocks has £1.4Million of nearly empty homes and employed my wife in MYHouse for the first year when they now claim we were legally separated). Lord Boateng the HEAD of the UK TREASURY AND WEAPONS PROFITEER THEY HAVE BEEN MOVED FROM ECCLESTONE SQUARE SINCE I REPORTED THE TRIDENT 3 &4 NUCLEAR WEAPONS SCAMS REPORTED TO ALL OF BRITAINS POLITICIANS is also a HEMEL HEMPSTEAD  school kid and Minister for the Rep of South Africa  (and a Christian Preacher) where Mrs T sold the NUKES (next pic) Whitney Harris is the NUREMBURG prosecutor & this is covered by ROLF HARRIS & All of them are slaves to the Rothschilds who fund ALL WARS and have massive mansions everywhere across Europe. The Roths are pictured further down cos they are the money lenders that "JESUS" warned us about and for 200 years since Waterloo they own the issuance of money GLOBALLY. Sadly most of the big decisions that BLIGHT our countries are made out of Secret Societies in CHIPPING NORTON (where Hancocks & Ronnie Barker lived). Inspired by a man called Ronnie. Do you get it now, Witney launches Witney Houston, her killing and like the PMs constituency is the cover for the FUDGED NUREMBURG TRIALS.

That is SHERIFF Peter Patersons Interlocks with Peter Watson & the Better of Together leader McCletchie.  All Britains politicians received my mail since 2010....William Hague (Foreign Sec) Salmond (SNP traitor privy to the TRIDENT secrets that could have freed Scotland Selling Scotland's freedom and your innocent husband for the illegitimate English Crown) like McCaskill Sturgeon et al.  The image below is David McCletchie (sheriff paterson INTERLOCK) FUNERAL

PETER WATSON (Professor at STRATHCLYDE) interlocks with McCletchey & Sheriff Paterson (who has proclaimed that DIVORCE in Scotland cannot be appealed against even if it is for overtly POLITICAL MOTIVES) 
which he is reluctant to talk about in the EMPTY courts when I am allowed to speak on only the topics he approves of.  Watson has blood on his hands as the litigant on fatal accidents where the innocent pilots and plants from Libya get the keep the world in fear and the attention OFF the financial scams that now is leading to the closure of the law courts and a 7 year pay freeze as these sad profiteers line their pockets. 29 died on the Mull of Kintyre and all were in a position to end THE IRISH TROUBLES.
Lockerbie, Chinook, Mull of Kintyre, inquest after inquest.  THE FALSE news releases Snowden into Russia and my old collaborator 
Professor Kenneth Callman (formerly chancellor at Durham pictured with Snowden Above Left) ) made Snowden the Honorary Rector at Glasgow. The Clutha contract did not go to Levy & Macrae because of my disclosures.
Brent Carlsson, the most decent man at the UN, was on the Lockerbie plane  as was the De Beers (Run by Jacqui O's third partner Templesman) diamond stache was disappeared. Watson is alleged to have retired under my pressure but you can believe nothing that is talked about in Jed Sheriff Court who see none of these COMPLICITY issues as a conflict of interest.  Then you have the land grabs by Scotlands richest woman who interlocks with the Rothschilds at the hub of the wheel.
Peter Watson (boss at Levy & Macrae: a joke about the LEVITES being the leading jewish families in the OLD TESTAMENT) Saw through the eviction of passers by in GLOAGs massive Perthshire estates and her dad gave her the dosh to get started from his redundancy funds at the Nationalised bus companies.WHICH BECOMES THE STAGECOACH EMPIRE for her and Brian Souter her brother.
Then there are the local worthies who are LEGENDS and appear to Interlock with the notorious SIR FRED GOODWIN.  That is Kelso, Ednam, Ireland HSBC, Borders College, Arab-British Chamber of commerce & THE RBS who operate out of the asylum at Gogarburn.  My sister sided with my wife and launched a signed affidavit within 2 days of the final hearing but Sheriff Paterson truncated it for reputational reasons and my sister did not get to speak. Her husbands name is exposed below and he was a Jethart Callant.
THAT IS JOHN COOK my sisters husband and his sister was called CAROLINE COOK (her maiden name...she is lovely).  One has no way of knowing where this John Cook Lives and that type of cover up is ever so rare on the British business record.

There was once an editor of the Kelso Chronicle
called John Dawson, John Robertson Wright has billions at the bank in his local/global business interests & Michael Pinder ran the ROXY CINEMA......

this one is registered in the deep South

PAUL WHEELHOUSE can be extremely difficult to contact (see top left above re my letter to HRH )but eventually he CONFIRMED receipt of the trident scandal BUT like Justice Minister Mathieson they did nothing about the TRIDENT 
LONDON Scandal Selling Scotland's freedom and your innocent husband for the illegitimate English Crown PAUL WHEELHOUSE is a Labour man and may not be interested in Scottish freedom but he now has a facebook page. Callum Ker Mp in Westminster confirms receipt of the Queens letter and so far he has been entirely constructive and I get a phone call from him next week.
More on the News cover ups and a wee glimpse at the NZ cabal and my wifes new bosses / friends in financial services....tertiary education. SEE THE BOTTOM of her Image
AND THE ROTHSCHILDS are right at at the HUB  with Kissinger who trained Barosso (BOSS AT THE EU) at Georgetown. THAT (below) is Russia that Putin was gifted after his INTEL service in New Zealand. I will add in the links to Prince Charlies scams and the MURDOCH family mafias which take us back into chipping NORTON & Psychiatry in no particular order.