Sturgeon, James Wolffe QC allies ETON headmaster, Evelyn De Rothschild commoner Kate, GANDALPH Cullen Jacobi Thistle SNP sells £££ FREEDOM

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Image may contain: 16 people, people smiling
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Peer Pressure and the pathetic implications for corrupted world leadership ASSETT stripping all countries and their FREEDOM FIGHTERS

This is my 665th video a lucky escape for Nichola the FREEDOM FRAUDSTER who appointed James Wolffe QC LORD ADVOCATE as head of "SCOTLANDS LAW ENFORCEMENT" MAFIA OP.   The Bravehearts order of the THISTLE tune, for most of the Law Lords, is playing in the background. Nichola Sturgeon, as head of the SNP, has opted for the Fascist ARISTO advisors/advocates to supress the PEOPLE rather than seek FREEDOM. St Mirren was raped and executed for refusing to be raped.  I have been forced out of my "jointly owned" home by the Chipping Norton wife that twice tried to have me sectioned for reporting these frauds.  Her solicitors fees and pension shares come entirely from me (and my mail goes to her LOCKED jointly owned home) and my new postal address was agreed outside the LOCKED door hearing and that is the home of a drug addict (that I dont know) but Procurator Fiscal Fraser insisted I leave the region or would be JAILED until I agreed to leave.  As you will see my hosts live in fear EVERYTIME THE DOORBELL RINGS because they are honest and active against the corruption but tour round the courtrooms helping INNOCENTS and giving them a roof.  They have said the DRUG addict has received no mail addressed to me and all my Pension docs, savings are now in their rooms which we rotate between behind closed curtains but I am alive and well SPITTING OUT THE TRUTH through facebook and my website on TRUMP CARNEY & our LAW enforcement mafias.  So Nichola's LORD ADVOCATE  Wolffe QC (in the constitutional monarchy) is on the board of the ABBOTSFORD TRUST with the head of ETON school (Kinloch Anderson), the man who sacked me for not killing fish during the preservation EMBARGO Lord  Charles SANDERSON of Bowden who was Mrs Thatchers EU fish quota negotiator and friend of Princess Anne at the Walter Scott SS in Edinburgh. Mrs VJ lees neighbour Alisdair Hutton is Princess Annes mate too who led the COUNCIL that sectioned me as I attended their courses on how to prepare for elected office.  DIERDRE HUTTON, Queen of Quangos was his ex wife and the HUTTONS are the Lehman Bros associated  Cheque-Kiting fraudsters of Mary Poppins fame.  SEBAG Montefiore is on the boards that interlock with Bowden, the Melrose school, ALDAYS and the Crashed Anglo-Irish  CLYDESDALE Banks.  Montefiore surname is the Mountain of religious fraud in NAPLES that is Vesuvius and SEBAG is Semen for inbred families that now rule the world.  Sturgeon and Salmond like Sheriff Halley are involved with the creation of ARNOT Manderson and are PRIVY to all the frauds and economic NHS crimes I reported to them, PM Cameron's Witney Office, HRH (three times by registered post) et al since 2010. The ETON Headmaster interlocks with all sorts of legendary actors and financiers including, Evelyn De Rothschild with massive PISO Horsey Racing Banking frauds in lengthy listings later on part of the Millenium Library holdings to Eton Headmaster Kinloch Anderson who also obfuscates the child killing of Moira Anderson re-released 3 times since 2013 since Stephen House (Pilgrim Father & ELVIS relative) got knighted and his 150K pound pay-rise as head of united force trained at FETTES where Kinloch Anderson also taught TONY BLAIR  Bill Gammel and the war criminals that got my wife her divorce to silence & impoverish me.  The Letters to the queen twice got recorded delivery receipts but the third GOT ME SECTIONED by Dr PC Ian Fingland in 2015 when my host SAVED me by recording the FORCED MEDICATION interviews with Dr Basel Switzer in the KELSO SURGERY who sectioned me for their 100k a year polypharmacy crimes against the patients and the PRIVATE care home scams that Ms Thom the COUNCIL law supremo, TURNED Divorce lawyer runs with the CITIZENS Advice share releases (funding directors but the advisors are volunteers & refer me to HOMELESSNESS/DOMESTIC VIOLENCE).  Kinloch Anderson is massive and the Rothschild Kissinger links to Murdoch BSKyB has led to dozens of resignations including SALMOND, McCaskill (justice Sec before Matheson), Cameron and Michael Moore MP for my constituency and massive fraudster with P& O and million/billionaire John Robertson Wright of HSBC and the Abbotsford trust, Aristos listed and denounced as WOLFFE's bourdroom mates.   Nichola and Salmond (Salamon) are likely to be of Rothschild descent by insemination like 9 bastards  of Queen Vics 11 kids, Angela MERKEL and Prince Harry's new lovers cover all those news releases.  The Brooks' at the Hotels are in the Abbotsford fishing syndicate and on the BNP fascist listings.  The tackle shop owners are Caroline and Tim Pilcher and the salmon fishing has been crap for several yrs back to back since Tim had his stroke. These characters now  in the Tweed RIVER documentary post-news since I was sent into exile by FRASER and Ms Thom/Mrs VJ Lees from MI6 Hemel & Harris of  Butlins who sacked me on Hendersyde beat as ROTHSCHILD neighbours.  Arnot Manderson and  employee Sheriff John Halley are here covers the disappearance of Greg Hallett who exposed the MONARCHY Illegitimacy and Clinton Churchill parentage since the Rothschilds made them all devoid of Royal Marks.  James Henry Fetzer who told all those stories has been silenced on repeating any of it since Clinton and Donald became the MODERN WORLD LEADER frauds.  The activists pursue trial by jury relentlessly and ask the LORDS on the privvy council to give up their tyrannous "banging up" of the innocents see what happens when the doorbell rings as I release the worlds deepest secrets. CENSORED JUST BELOW HERE Sectarian religious divide and conquest is a major theme of my research so I explain Jenny Geddes, the Devils advocate Geddes case and the 3-4 legged stool that becomes PROTESTANTISM in St Giles Parliament square and the thouands of PRIVATES on the war memorials there & the ST Andrews Flag Vatican Icon of the Cross Keys another hotel chain all across Europe proclaiming that Donald Trump's St Andrew's never lived but all of them have OAK rooms to celebrate the PAGAN cull all across Europe then USA with Donalds 500 extinct US indigenous pagan injun nations.  You should have seen the PISO Polis arresting Jesus' body double in the SESSION COURT then releasing him outside as if nothing happened as he jumped across the spectator benches and was arrested to put something MAD in the papers but had been released already when the spectators went  outside into PARLIAMENT SQUARE opposite the SUPREME COURT who will not hear the war crimes & PPPscams the British GOVTS have run and I have reported aLL OVER this site.  There were two other Jesus reps in the INDYCAMP team and all the flags on the caravans are the Rotary Club Fascist, isle of Man windmill Swastikas that are on Nicholas HOLLYROOD parliament ceiling FAR RIGHT & RIGHT opposite HRHs Palace at Hollyrood.  The LORDS in the courts are the displacement of the GODS in heaven, at the Lords Cricket ground and in the THEATRE for Gandalph/McKellen/Jacobi on the ETON schoolboy listings. The COVENANTERS wars were launched by a man from the Greyfriars BOBBY Churchyard and that is the DOG GOD film much of which is in courts like those I have been convicted in or told that I cannot plead not guilty or have spectators for my trials behind locked doors. I pay for the right to do that and ALL my wifes murderous case that covers up the NHS scandals confessed to by the same doctors that sectioned me as former COPS and friends of my family, Dr Morris MEDIC for my dad.  Sturgeon is a political Parrot with possibly less respect than Donald.  Rothschild run the VATICAN frauds since the mint in Naples was called the Villa Pi Pi Pignatelli and Callman Rothschild got the pope to kiss his ring NO NOT the PUBLIC schoolboy port of entry OR HIS FEET as in the BIBLE "JESUS  St Andrew" story that PISO wrote. Nothing surprises me anymore but a male REV Geddes was the reserve KELSO Parish vicar for the cancer victim who scammed me out of my job in the pharmacy. Salmond was informed by me of TRUMPS 300 energy windmill ponzi schemes off "Scotlands' coast" registered as the DUNWILLCO company. The Rothschilds are the Emperors of Austria but immune from TAX or FORBES exposures since 1888 when we were killing our troops at the head of the NILE from the mad Mahdi for ISLAM (AKA Charlton Heston gun lobbyist).  Arnot Manderson is total fraud  MUG SHOTS in video here include Bruce Balfour Halley et al.
Next, De-Rothschild page after page of interlocks with Eton Head Kinloch-Anderson. Donald has reversed his sexist PIE Fanny grabbing abuses and has 13 women in his President ELECT-Regime. Derek Jacobi ROMES' Good politician in "GLADIATOR" is on the ETON schoolboys director list with Ian McKellen & Caroline Middleton my colleague & frustrated married LOVER at Thames Poly. Moser & Nadim Zahawi in Lords & Commons, respectively, Laundering all the cash out of the treasury is told again. That is  the DAY after MOSERS stats are in HAMONDS BUDGET declare we are stuck in a trillion pound debt pool and we need more TAXES & RATES.  Kate met Wills in KILLING Kittens in London and I have the director numbers for SAYLE Kates rowing mate.  Goodbye Mr Chips is the send even the PUBLIC schoolboys away in stripey ZEBRA blazers which the Jews then get in the death camps unless they are WW Warner bros selected by FDR to escape & become his propagandists from TREBLINKA. My wife now denies she has laughed at the BIBLE fraud and the bloodlines that include the ARSENOES of Egypt but she pointed out all the ARSENAL players at the Chipinng NORTON churches when she was happy with my six figure neuroscince prof salary.  Jacobi, David Tennant Dr Who, Donald Sinden,  Sinead CUSACK of Ryan's daughter et al are on the Royal Theatrical Support Trust Directors.  Brierley and Douglas Fairbanks are legendary masons.  God only knows whether the plague kills the poor and under-privileged.  Sir David Suchet is DIRECTOR Poirot, was at JFKs funeral as if they might try and solve the PERMINDEX Churchill Beaverbrook killing.  Gandalph is the laundering SEC and TENNANT is Peebles Tweedsmuir GG in Canada in WW2 & Buchans 39steps.   Melvyn Bragg & SEBAG MONTEFIORE of the NAPLES Volcanic erruptions is on the WORDSWORTH TRUST POET frauds out of Blind King George's CUMBRIA.   sir William eric kinloch-anderson has resigned from most boards but still can be found under ABBOTSFORD TRUST for MASON Sir Walter Scott and all Crusades since Bruce's heart returned in a box. So we get to the MASONIC CABAL & my cousin from MELROSE married to Borders Council Treasurer OVENS and somebody knocks on the door and I have to whisper the ETON ARISTO secrets cos I am in the safe house.  The Millenium Library Company was the link to Evelyn de Rothschild & all the racecourses for PISO across the UK. WOLFFE interlocks with ETON, Sanderson of Bowden, several DOUGLAS-HOMEs of ADEN/Eden, the Billionaires John Robertson Wright next to EDNAM, my wife and the Thomsons monument for RULE Britannia. The Maxwell-Scotts were MPs for Peebles before Christine Graham and Calum Kerr my MP now took over and is too busy to give me a  minuted meeting like John Lamont MSP since 2010, A HUGE BREACH of the UK constitution. Wolffe is no longer registered with the FACULTY of Advocates that include Cullen of Dunblane , in the Session Court building but I have his membership in 2006 when he was just MAFIA not Nicholas GODFATHER figure for corruption. The HOLYROOD Parliament NAZI icon building was built by LEND LEASE BOVIS (War Bonds JOKE) BOVIS which is the renamed TRAMS, HOSPITALS, Schools all over Scotland built and serviced by German PPP fraud Bilfinger-BERGEN from GERMANIA where Windsor came from into the constutional Monarchy mafia op.  Lady Jane Grosvenor Britains richest Duke of Westminster sister now wife of DAWNEY the clock face joke for Buchan of PEEBLES in the 39 steps film is in the abbotsford Fishing Syndicate with Brooks Bowden et al.  The Tennants now make FOSTERS in the FLOOD PRONE brewery. The last directors for ABBOTSFORD are Scott PLUMMER, Schomberg scott, ANCRAMS relatives & Holloway of the TEST & ITCHEN valley (introduced to me by PROF ANDREW RICE of Imperial College London).  They have £10.5 Million as net worth but the COUNCIL & the GOVT are in a DEBT POOL by Fraudulent design same with the Walter Scott SS in Edinburgh.  My wifes treason is for CASH and because she trained under Stella Rimington of M&S and Manningham Buller next University College London boss, MI5/MI6 too, a slave to the ROTHSCHILDS way before we married in TRING.  The Evelyn De Rothschild listings are too long to archive JUST LISTEN linked to Kinloch Anderson through Millenium Library TRUST.  The Royal Collection trust takes us to an EARL ROBERT PEEL b 1947 of the PISO POLIS, Troughton another Dr Who (GODS' lightning conductor victim in the OMEN movie), Duke of Buccleugh Douglas-Scott, is next to SAVILE. John Ralph Sidney GUINESS,  Chocolate Ltd.  Kempton Park is KP Kalpurnius PISO Bible fraud.  EPSOM has the PESO currency for Mexico & the flooded Philipines in it too.  JP MORGAN Europe is the link to modern day financial SERVICES theft, national AIDS trust, IBM for Bill Gates (Pilgrim Father & Elvis relative) who IS ON THE RICH LIST AT FORBES unlike Evelyn.  NM Rothschild is the BANK that Field Marshall Charles GUTHRIE was director of when he, as a Field Marshall, brutalized the BALKANS then won the peace prize in treasonous Dundee where two of my kids are in the Rothschild Bank student debt pool.  The economist group are the rolls Royce/ student loans boss Dame Helen Alexander's boards as VC at Southampton UNI. st Swithins Lane is BofE territory for Rothschild since Waterloo. ROTHSCHILD run Pr of Wales Inst for Architecture too & Shakespeare's global trust. Telegraph takes us into the HASTINGS Murdoch newspaper cabal.  Bletchley CODE is the PISO Bible numeric code that they used in the Profiteering stammering Kings masonic WW2 for WW WINDSOR.  Chocolat is the Hershey links to the TITANIC survivors and Toblerone was launched in ANTIOCH ALEPPO ISLAM by the SWISS company called now "KRAFT" "HEINZ" and many other cover ups for its LA ROSIE Lake Geneva Matterhorn launch of the triangular chocolate bar that has now reduced the chocolate content in a currency scam.  ALL actually "NESTLE" of HERTS and originally out of ROTHSCHILD Frankfurt before they went to ISLAM in time for WW1 out of Austro Hungaria. My girlfriend in HERTS was Jane Hailes (blonde bombshell from HELL & Nestle employee).   It gets boring now cos we go to Nicholas' local law lord mafias next to the WAR Graves in St I will skip it!  The James Hastie links to DUNS in the borders are covered up unlike LORD GILLs advocacy, Raeburn, Bell, LADY ANNE SMITH, Kerr Fleming, Macfadyen, Baird, Colin Malcolm Campbell, Duguid of Birgham where Longshanks declared Scotland would never have an indigenous KING.   The company that gave me my solicitors fees back was MELROSE & PORTEOUS of DUNS cos they interlocked with Michael Moore my MP JP Morgan and George SOROS the bank crasher through their LEAD Partner McColl of MONACO (£250/hr the fee but they gave me it back because of the GLOBAL conflict of interest then Moore had to resign). James Hastie is a nice talkative guy but his Ms has to be immune from contact in case they release the descent secrets that gets the good man sectioned just in time to leave the financial decisions to the wife who sectioned him and desserted his bed within months of me paying off the MORTGAGE on the home I let her into as a lodger.  At last we find the PICTURE of the ETON headmaster YELLOW AND FASCIST BLACK cloak and gown.  Lord Cullen has the same postcode as Arnot Manderson and all Stephen House's and the TWO RONNIES jokes about folk singer Moira Anderson MOIRA & KEN Jokes. Barker was chipping Norton set & Corbett is Balfour-Corbett raised in Newton Don (land of NOD in EDEN) farm where I was born.  Wolffe now in LORD ADVOCATES clothing  was registered in the FACULTY of ADVOCATES listing in the session court but that can only be found on Companies in the UK transaction by Transaction in 2006 .  All of these SS directorships are SOLVENT but the courts are closing and all the LAW FIRS advertising laundering vents and SHELFOS on their website & THE Mackays are also the PORRIDGE/COLDITZ prison joke for the two Ronnies. Moira Andersons's case was relaunched again last week now thatStephen  House is resigned for shame & replaced by Superintendent Phil GORMLEY to cover Lizzie Murdochs interlocks on the SKY NEWS BOARDS with Rothschild, Osborne, Kissinger et al.  Our "friends" the Pritchards of Tring were on the READING UNI @UKPLC boards on the wheel as Princess Anne runs the scam from the HUB and Ben Pritchard was born in Rothschild RAF Halton same day as my son Harry (still in the debt pool). Ben Pritchard unlike Auntie Heather at UKPLC Reading UNi is STILL MY FACEBOOK friend and he got a cricket ball right between the eyes when he was an innocent infant in the cradle just across the tring boundary for 666. His dad was Dir Andy Criddle of aylesbury RFC where Theresa Mays maiden name BRAZIER was the treasurer.  TOTAL CORRUPTION & DESSERTION by all friends and most of the family.  i got thrown out of the interview at Reading Uni, even as a Neuroscientist based in NZ, cos I asked some awkward questions!  Imran Khan was in charge of Bradford when I was interviewed there,,,,Theresa May introduced him to the murdered politician Bhutto when GOLDSMITH was married to Immie Khan the University boss at George Galloway's BRADFORD constituency.  I HAVE ALL THE DIRECTOR NUMBERS even for Ken Pritchard who was bankrupted in a GLOBAL Sandwich syndicate to cover his massive laundering links in ROTHS HERTS.  KINLOCH-anderson taught at FETTES too and John de Balliol King of Scotts College at OXBRIDGE.  END OF STORY.  The Doctorate he got was on Sir Walter Scott the treasonous MASON from Abbotsford and a winner of the THISTLE titles for assett stripping Scotland and gifting it to the better off together movement which all my traitors are in.