HRH Liz II Royal Banks Mines, Hibs, Hearts, Rod Petrie, Brian Cox HOMES BUS GOLD Inc ORRMAC MacQueen heists

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Image may contain: 10 people, people smiling
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HRH is not a warm hearted SHARING monarch.  On the Little SISS website it declares Evelyn De Rothschild is a billionaire (circa 20Bn but still not on FORBES) and is the Queens financial advisor as a Br Citizen resident in the ALPS much of the time.  The Football director at HIBS is Roderick Petrie and he  is in the LONGSHANKS family tree & a deadringer for my last court Sheriff.  Scudamore of Switzerland, Granton on Spey is in LONGSHANKS bloodline with Petrie, Colin Cowdrey , David Frost & the commoner Middletons & LONGSHANKS.  The little siss QUEEN of UK WORLD ownership issues will be outed in tomorrows video with the WORLD leader Mining OIL BANKSTERS.  Those frauds are right into EDINBURGH and Heriott-Watts' new chancellor  is on the virtual GOLD mining boards & the prize wining pharmacist from Heriot Watt pharmacy school is a Ms VASE another one of the world owning families out of ROME & NAPLES.  Mark Carney BOSS at the Bof E trained at  RBC ROYAL bank of Canada (hosts to Celine Dion and two PM Trudeau's BLOODLINE in Canada). RBC is the Queen's too and that is the BANK OF NOV SCOTIA's subsiduary.  THE NEW ROYAL BANKS OF SCOTLAND all in her majesty's portfolio.  BUT lets tell the Edinburgh  aristo assett stripping FOOTY story MORE ON HRH tomorrow.  Kinross Gold was allegedly set up by the New Heriot-Watt Chancellor.  INTERMISSION for DOOR KNOCKING INTERRUPTION THAT COULD GET ME RE-ARRESTED with my kind hosts for telling the truth.  Barrick gold is Clinton & Guistras'   mining scams profiled by Peter Eyre and Gordon Bowden. SOURCE 
I will show the SHAREHOLDINGS money from nothing but coupons & virtual products frauds.   The WELLESLEY wood PANDORAS box character is the DUKE OF WELLINGTON's descendents in the Four Corners FRAUD videos.  All world leaders at the trough. To cover it up Murdochs' Press and WB Fox news launch TOUCHING UP YOUNG BOYS by football coaches and the Columbian teams plane crash.  So Ms Budge,  a Heriot-Watt Science grad is now ROMANOV ROTHSCHILDS  replacement at Hearts Football Club.  Can you see why CHANCELLOR Phillip Hammond visited the H-Watt campus the day after I wrote this. ONE WEEK after "the people R doomed BUDGET" released by Hammond!  Budge's boards include PETRIE and she runs her companies from HAMPDEN PARK.  Petries Boards are massive,  they involve HUNDREDS of ORRMAC ponzi shelves (which is why Peter Cormack of Hibs is in the news and the MACQUEEN "Ma Queen" for the better off together treasonous scots ARISTOS forever JOKE is all through Scots history.  The Petrie companies include the SOCIAL LANDLORDS Housing Associations and the GIFTING to corrupted COUNCILLORS LANDOWNERS, who made private ALL THE RENTAL HOMES, all across SCOTLAND.  Selling them the GIFT that they got for free & now the HOUSING Associations are all in debt pools.  Andrew Kerr is the CEO at Edinburgh city council with PREVIOUS ALL OVER the UK and into HARVARD where he trained.  His LINKS to Karen Kelly, Mrs Bill Gammell at the Edin Millitary Tatoo Charity and Company allowed me to find University & Hollywood thief BRIAN JAMES COX (90 directorates for this one registration & interlocked with Scotlands richest Gloag SOUTER Bus Empire).  The other Karen Kelly is my advisor on "how not to get sectioned" the day they sectioned me in the presence of my oldest son PROMPTED for by my murderous EX WIFE for  INTEL & FASCISM who has now evicted me from "my HOME" by FORCED ARREST then homelessness to silence me politically.  All condoned by politicians media and locals as the NHS forced medication ploy failed. So Universities get much of their funds from SPONSORS and the students they now ROB (£70K) in England  for the 4 yrs HONS degree that David Cameron & I got for nothing.  COX predictably is a massive mobster INTERLOCKING with Sir Ewan Brown and the STAGECOACH mafias who CRASHED the GLOBAL BANKING system for RUTHLESS WEALTH DIVIDE for which HRH dishes out knighthoods and ORDER OF MALTA titles GLOBALLY.  Gloag's son committed suicide and LEVY & Macrae have LEGALLY BANNED walking on their estate a fascist PRECEDENT in Scotland. That is our richest woman and all the elderly that got everything for free before privatisation but the STUDENTS have to pay bus fares too.  COX exemplifies the NWO globalist actors running the Universities, then bailing out to the havens.  Cox the actor lives in KIRKNEWTON Nothumberland near ALNWICK & WOOLER next to FLODDEN.  I am making these videos nr Kirknewton and the Earl of Mortons ESTATES (Morton was AIDE Batman to Haig in WW1 then Churchill in WW2 but their Kirknewton is in MIDLOTIAN like HEARTS).  All the actors bands celebs are picked to cover the GLOBAL LEADERSHIP MAFIA and turn the genocides they commit into hero worship. Brookfield is Hannah Mary Rothschilds' married name.  She is again spinster ROTHSCHILD for shame because Brookfield McKenna bring down the worlds rainforrests and declare our breathing to be the cause of global warming.  So to the football boss that is Petrie is a dead ringer for my last Sheriff who demanded I leave my home for all my SOLVED CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE.   Andrew Kerr CEO at Edinburgh City Council has worked in Wiltshire, Cardiff, Swindon and is a consultant with REAL ESTATE Empires in Tyne & Wear too.  Since they removed my income streams I have had my registration taken OFF the ROYALPharmaceutical Society PAY every yr for the right to work issues. CENSORED ABOVE here.  Petrie has 30 live companies (on the first/only registration I found linked to BUDGE) with a current net worth of £51.5 m.  Petrie lives nr the OPEN golf course at MUIRFIELD GULLANE  where women are still BANNED for masonic reasons.  Petrie is registered nr the new forth bridge at Queensferry.  So I profile the legit looking businesses and the ORRMAC (No:395)Limited PONZIS which explain the CORMACK and Paedo football coaching news diversions  with more on JOE Cox's murder to cover the COX directorates which I have been seeking all through summer & autumn.  Petrie & Budge run not only dozens of corporates around their clubs but they run businesses covering the governance of the scottisg pro football league Limited.  Petries boards link to Liverpool Gloucester Bradford ,Peebles, Crawley Beckenham and Pi Pilgrim Plymouth.  There are more ponzi shelves then a DUMBARTON company with its treasonous history & volcanic rock.Even the false saints have PONZI numbers. So the Romanov Rothschild has now left hearts (this on is true & Budge has moved in).  All the GORGI frauds and romanov Roths Business numbers and full TSAR Vladimir Romanov Nicholevich Rothschild were reported to the local police and the MP by me but totally ignored. All the reports went to 200-500  Email addresses as witnesses for my safety  SoMrs Ann Cochrane Cook Wallace Budge replaced the Russian Lithuania fraudster. There are some Eastern European names on her boards with Lieutenant Commanders. Brodies the LAW firm are in it up to their necks.  Ian Joseph Blair  interlocks with Budge on the Scottish Prof Football league, and she is an entrepreneurial scientist/inventor at Heriot Watt as is Mr Francsco Jozef ESPOSITO with the word PISO in it ( the Bible fraud author if you are a hearts supporter who has not seen my videos on JESUS' inventors in the ENTREPRENEURIAL false religion sector. Blessedly Budge does not scam investors and fans with share releases like MURRAY at Rangers.  Budge, born 1948 Director No 900032385 at the time of writing only has a net worth of £8.6 million.  Karen Kelly is on the Millitary Tatoo Company & Charity Boards along with CEC recovery Limited and on the former boards at long last I  we have Brian Cox. Sir Bill Gammell of CAIRN FRAUD all through LOTHIAN ROAD's wife GERALDINE is on the scottish soldier TATOO boards with Ian Gordon,  Hew Balfour & Peter Lederer.  The Fallon family were involved in the Queen Mary treason and execution.  Now the story gets sinister as PETRIES companies begin to SELL OFF the Council rental homes he got for a SNIP from the corrupted councillors and ARISTOS who become the profiteering social landlords. Brian Cox is registered in kirknewton House, Kirknewton Wooler Northumberland and it if I get disappeared it is a significant clue to where my safe house is but in SCOTLAND. So Brian John Cox was born July 1947 & out come the SECRETS of SCOTLANDS richest woman and her FILTHY RICH brother Brian Souter of the STAGECOACH Bus empire and MERCY SHIPS.  Cox has 90 holdings but is now semi-retired!!!!  So COX the actor has BUS companies ALL OVER the UK and STAGECOACH make a killing into China and Australasia where Mel Gibson came from to play Braveheart with COX as his GLOBALIST mentor playing uncle Duke of Argylle.  I profile the stagecoach PONZI/subsiduary that has a NICHOLA Salmon on the board.  The KINSKIS of the Austrian nobility are on the  ARISTO Bus boards too.  90 companies for COX and he is a PYTHIAN SS like FDR the mass murderer in WW2 and on the Mayflower as DELANOY (delany's donkey is JESUS in the PISO Bible jokes.  So the Thoms are on the  Council of the Law Society and are my wifes' divorce solicitor from CANADA.   Under Petrie we have KINLOCH PROPERTIES Limited in Albyn Place and he commits the rangers sin of issuing shares but this time in the REAL ESTATE RACKETS.  Kinloch Anderson was the Headmaster at ETON who interlocks with the Abbotsford TRUST Nichola Sturgeons Lord Advocate  Wolffe & Evelyn De -Rothschild.   I explain the debt pools that the housing associations run & how if the tennants get in arrears they get several months in PISO PRISON.   So the ORR Freemasons & Macqueen stories are told.  Evelyn De Rothschild is HRH QE2s financial advisor but the PETRIE  ORRMAC MacQueen PONZIS just keep drifting byE to the INVESTORS clients funds.  We end with BLIND Prince George of Cumbria siring Queen Vics first child later MURDERED BY WINDSOR  PERHAPS THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRET.