Sins of Illegit Royals2 Roths Popes PMs Polis Welby MI5 Buller 140 M dead

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As the title suggests, I present more evidence of the elite nations (the g20-30) which effectively own the world through the corrupted govts, religions, armies financial institutions & Banks.  Most of the focus is on the illegit or FASCIST Royals in Sweden, Norway, Japan but mainly HOLLAND SPAIN and Great Britain.  But we start in the MI5 INTEL and corrupted University fees sector that Baroness Professor Ms Elizabeth Manngham-Buller leads.  In 1995 tertiary education was free for all British Citizens NOW the 4 yrs hons degree that Lord Patten (buried or disappeared for his sins recently) and I got for nothing COSTS £50,000 per student for 4 yrs of education with very limited job prospects,   We feature the warmongering crimes of INTEL SPYING and the taking down of the PENTAGON and the twin towers by these governments, monarchies to INFLATE the terror threat and allow the G8, the Rothschilds and the MONARCHY puppetts to steal the ownership of the issuance of money in EVERY COUNTRY on the globe. They kill their civil servants Dr Kelly and foreign secs ROBIN COOK and sweep into for profit conflict under orders from the money lenders that the non-existent jesus lectured on in the FRAUDULENT christian bible that has displaced the GODS in the skies by launched messianic both christianity Islam and Judaism....ALL FOR MIND CONTROL & THE WEALTH DIVIDE SCANDALS I keep exposing.  The irish troubles are all engineered terror training in Spain and funds raised in Australasia.  The IRA eventually killed mountbatten under the orders of Prince Phil HEAD of the NAVY and MI6 for three decades.  Princess Anne and Charlie Boy are heads of the Millitias, Royal Marines, Navy & . Prince andrew Duke of York is too (and sarah Ferguson has an office in the twin towers which all these people brought down to show their power and demonise ISLAM.  The warner Bros were shipped out of Poland into Hollywood and their home town nr TREBLINKA was the first of the Jewish massacres by HITLERS regime so nobody could reveal that their old neighbours are by 1039 propagandists in the USA Zionist media.    The narcotics laundering is run by Prince Phil Plunkett Porchester and Onassis and Churchill were their predecessors,  It is massive the NZ police are murders and drug runners too and one gets released from the jail on the Isle of White,  The Royals are massive profiteers in mining tobacco and property/vast tracts of land EVEN that which all our houses are on.  The monarchy are 75% Rothschild for 163 yrs and Greg Hallett was taken down for revealing all of that.  Hallett revealed how Albert was killed by the family but SIRED non of the children but he is behind the name change to WINDSOR in 1917 RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CULL of 80 Million citizens troops & bystanders.  The Warmongers and profiteers cover all the WW1 &WW2 war crimes by obfuscation like the Harris Whitney Nuremburg diversions.  Abel Danger have been exposed by me as the KNOW Nottings the Nottingham Notting Hill Pastor in the religious fraud chatroom jokes. McConnell and Hawkins are interlocked with the war treason bonds trading and the profiteering in Monaco, the Bing Crosby BOND scams.  Blair took us into Iraq and Afgahnistan  for more NARCOTIC wealth and George Robertson gets the headship of NATO cos he helped kill the kids at DUNBLANE....where they have a fault line and Andy Murray as further diversions. The fault line runs alongthe ANTONINE WALL Icon for the Nerva Antonine offshoot of the Christianity fraud into sectarian Glesgae then the for profit hatred and violence in IRELAND then into the NYPD and the YMCA....the CA California Calvary Hill JOKES about non existent Jesus and the X for absent XMAS jokes...& the SANITY CLAUSE Three Ships come sailing by punchlines. The Press is totally treasonous and this weekend HRH QE2 has appeared on the front pages using NAZI salutes as cover for my exposures.  Then the Mackay of Clashfern, Jean Brodie Ms Mackay Kelso High School, floods in Scotland and the Land grabs by Anne Gloag.  Dunblanes Patron was Prince Phil ORPHANS prefered and Tanembaum XMAS song was used by Hitler and the worlds socialist.  The Dutch Royals are in Aircraft Scams at KLM, Royal Dutch Shell and the Cocaine goes to the south Pacific in Philips Light Tunbes THAT IS the MISSING PLANES FALSE News.  The Cops in NZ are also narcotics launderers JohnHughes Terry Clark and Ann Soich the Lawyer mean that NZ is corruptecd totally & enslaved.  My boys went to Otago Boys like the all blacks captain.  Norman Kirk the NZ PM was killed cos he protested on the French Nuclear testing and that becomes Captain Kirk in Startreck.  MI5 Brize Norton chipping Norton and the Rollright stones where my wife took me to share the joke that I would be desserted as an innocent husband for affiliation to feadal habits to work for the monarchs and AGAINST THE PEOPLE.  Then we reveal the familicide of Princess DI and Camillas bastard child Simon Day and his six aboriginal children.  All the Royals including Charles get abused ritually in the bedrooms and I can help them make their "own kids": safe.

Queen Vics only legit kid was Marcos Manoel sired by lind Prince George of Cumbria and Teviotdale.  So more illicit SECRETS on queen Vics bastard kids by the Rothschilds are in the hands of the Scottish freemasons and the whole world becomes a lethal federated PROTECTION RACKET including Will's marriage to Prostitute Kate Middleton (her dad is a red light tourist with Prince Phil).  It is a tragedy for civilization.  I am already over the word limit but I know the business details of the KILLING KITTENS prostitution den in london.  Now that I know all I know I have become PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE cos of my INNOCENCE and COURAGE to let it all out.  So when Queen Vic dies in 1901 she gets a STATE funeral and the recent versions are DOCTORED & narratedby Baron John Humphreys the LIAR at Radio Four (like all the presenters at radio four: Jim Naughtie, Sarah Montague and Nick Robinson, Robert Peston et al ).  Then I reveal the inner circle members of BBC Scotland literary liars all that is sally Magnusson (PISH take on utility of urine and SONGS of PRAISE for Christianity Fraud & her mum like Mrs T gets dementia) The CIC was ALLY Moffat, false historian like all the time team,  and millionaire from BBC Scotland,  now rector at St Andrews Uni like Butcher Haig who loved his piso Horses (that is the HIPPOS in greek that swim around on the reporting Scotland News every night just to prove they are in the PISO family religious fraudsters like the rest of the world ownership team). Butcher Haig loved his horses but butchered his human freight which is why his bloodline has run out.  Moffat is a Kelsonian who now has a studio in selkirj where the Steels and the Drummonds are part of the corrupted geo-political masonic LEGAL team....that makes Rifkind/Chilcot and Baron Reid complicit in all the massive scandals like PETER Watson Prof at Levy and Macrae the inquisitors on Lockerbite the Chinook and sevveral North sea helicopter crashes for remuneration and diversion from the HORRIBLE ECONOMIC & DEMOCRACY FRAUDS.

So the Windsor name change was alleged to cover Prince Alberts GERMANIC titles but he is a bigamous plant and he gets no sex at all….which makes his mURDER by these batards so tragic but typical of the way they run the world.  But back in the modern ERA Princess anne is a vicious thief and desserts the young royals when my shit hits their fan.  So the royal princess get married to Tyndall to cover the Tyndall Air Base 9/11 terror.  They publish new pics of DEAD RARE species to cover the killing of family members to secure their power base or date Cressidas who cover the Met Police assassin on 7/7 when Cressida Dick killed the people in the terror event….where the “suicide Bombers” were late so had to be shot under the HSBC fraud on Canary wharf.  Prince Arthur and the leading Masons use Kensington Palace and it is massive they kill people in distant continents with DRONEs run by Detweiler MacDonalds.  They want global population down from 9 Bn to 600 million. Princess Anne prefers GAS and Prince Phil wishes to be re-incarnated as a VIRUS to get more of the poor people under the SOD.  Go to those other pages on my web site and play the videos…all the policing and law enforcement war crimes jokes are vicious and the parties all work forthemselves with no divide between socialists or fascists.  The Chinook joke is the Punch and Judy joke about JUDITH killing HOLOFERNES the Fern icon on the all black jersey….the laws of succession were changed at Cobham (which I had a painting of which we couldn’t afford to bring back from NZ where we were fleeced on our cars and house) and now mean that QE2s bastard children will be skipped in favour of Charlie’schildren in inverted commas. Finally we stack up all these massive crimes with the sectarian violence and the massive Christianity fraud.  All allows them to steal and defraud with no effective law enforcement….and the treason even in the bedroom marriage desertion is just as vicious but typical of how the world is run by intel and spies in all sectors on the bankrupted public purse cos in peacetime and wartime you need no productivity cos you can profit from bi=onds coupons and issuing the cash and shares to yourself and your elite friends.  The Aitkens Beaverbrooks and THATCHERS are immune from prosection or inquest publication and the Bof E boss mervy King is a massive private profiteer INTERLOCKS with the Rothschilds and the Bof E directors include Dave Prentice and all the virtual products CEOs from Cairn and the LOTHIAN ROAD fraud Empire run by the Roths and all the corrupted Law Society Scotland massive laundering scams.  Finally we explain the rabbit ears V sign for Winston Churchill and the Operation Winnie the Pooh Wartime treason by the Flemings LAUGHED by the stammering WINDSOR KING who stammers still on W for WwW Windsor the joke the HRH is covering on the front page of the sun as the storms rage around “her country” where she is “GODS representative” I have Welby in the title but he is a huge religious oil and money lending scamstar that I have profiled ELF where!