Sins of Illegit Royals1, Rothschilds, Popes, PMs, Polis, Archbishop, Uni VC, 140M war graves

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This is the sad sad story that has HRH Queen Elizabeth the 2nd on the front pages of all the treasonous newspapers REVEALING that someone has released a photo of her doing a NAZI salute.  Same weekend the OPEN golf tournament has had to be extended by one whole day because of the WINDSTORMS & FLOODS that have hit Scotland since I compiled this info. 

Please also look at the page above on Warner Bros Windsors and Warmongering Globally

SO I EXPLAIN the Monarchy, Millitias, Polis, Religious fraudsters that own the world in FEAR perpetually of the MONEY LENDERS who profit from all wars, fund all sides and KILLS ANYONE who gets in their ruthless way.  Openly declared in the UK and US National please get in touch on facebook if you care about the future.  SO WHY is the Queen on the front page as a NAZI?  Just Listen and I will  write down the key familicides, genocides or HOLOCAUSTS that steal the world.  The WARNER Bros were from Poland who left in a massive diaspora to the USA. ..they lived within 100Kms of TREBLINKA.....their home town was sadly the host to the first massacre in the WW2 Holocaust.  The  JEWISH community of Krasnosielc (Warner alias option 1. Voron 2.Wonskolaser or 3.Wonsal)  ceased to exist in early September 1939.  Taken down so that the warner bros could run US propaganda and ZIONIST Hollywood right into the KINGS Speech (the culprits stammer on the W word to let us know they are the WINDSORS and their news fakers). All the Warner Bros output since THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY (silent movie on just one of the pan continental FRAUDS they run and cover up).  But FIRST THE WINDSORS & the STORMS.  HRH still acknowledges in her XMAS speech (X representing the Jesus Christ Fake) that the English and German families led by German monarchs Emperors Both sides can be peaceful for one day in European history cos they are behind the Church of England & Rome scams and the leadership teams in WW1 & WW2  (the W word again). This year HRH issued ceramic poppies as the richest person on the globe with vast tracts of its land in her name or gifted to Charlie cos he is not a legit monarch like the other bastard children she has bourn to European Royals or PMs.  Her Half Brother is Bill Clinton. Life of Pi, national Velvet, Warhorse ALL GET OSCARS....Princess Di is a victim of Familicide: orders given by Phil the Greek boss at the NAVY for 30 years & MI6 cos HRH is lazy.  The Queen Vic persecution is explained again. 9 of queen Victorias' children were sired by the Rothschilds one by John Brown and the other who was murdered by Edward VII was the child of BLIND PRINCE GEORGE of CUMBRIA & TEVIOTDALE (near Jed Sheriff Court SLAVES to the CROWN OFFICE ).  Velvet Brown played by Liz Taylor is the PI horse joke about the PISOS the bible authors.  The air balloon joke (see Lilly allens sick video) is about Jesus going home and the Gt Train Robbery is a WARNER scam and an Eccleston, ronnie Biggs scam in Bucks to cover Govt & Cold War corruption & sleeze. So they change name in 1917 (see blackadder trenches scene) to WINSOR cos ALBERT who they murdered is German (Saxe Coburg/Wettin).  The quakes & Volcanoes confirm these evil religious monarchy scams.

  Princess victoria married George of Cumbria/Hanover to make her a Royal and they sired a murdered child murdered by the family that are now the poof Prince Albert murdered in his bedroom.  Greg Hallett has been taken down for exposing this GLOBALISED fraud.  The laws of succession were changed at Cobham Common and I had to leave my painting of Cobham in NZ where Greg Hallett was a citizen.  Then I get onto Jackie O and my wife's dessertion of the worlds most innocent SPYS, marks and Sparks and opportunists on behalf of the worlds' tyrants and thiefs.  so Prince Albert wore a chain on his PENIS so he could not have sex with her even if he wanted to as the chosen homosexul....HE IS THE REASON they used to get rid of the GERMAN label.   They then launch Barbara Windsor & Queen the band and the UP Pompey comedies to cover all their religious and familicide but ALSO 140 million DEAD INNOCENTS in both great wars.  Prince Eddy is placed in Glams castle cos he is the Jack the ripper murderer that becomes blood on lady acbeth's hands.  The Bilbo actor is in several of the freemasonic scams and law enforcement cover ups...The DUKE of Connaught Victorias Youngest son is the leading Freemason at that time PRINCE ARTHUR and they run the MASONS out of their massive PALACES in London.  The ties to ZION are relentless and the central bank scams are now 200 years old THEY NOW OWN THEY ISSUANCE OF MONEY in ALL COUNTRIES & ALL CONTINENTS. The Tsars were portrayed as victims but they INTERLOCK with the Rothschilds and the Romanovs and defraud football clubs & currency at home and in distant lands.  Then the war profiteers like the double agents BLUNTS MORTONS FLEMINGS Godfrey's and all of HITLER CHURCHILL STALINS (ENGLISH/RUSSIAN TRAINING).  The Stammering king is incapable of siring viable children (their child died of Epilepsy on the Gurney/ delivery room trolley) so his chosen partner buggers off to Scandinavia and her body double THE MAID from DOWNSTAIRS takes her place.  That is the much loved QUEEN MUM who drinks stiff gins at the races the GG Governor General Joke & the Icons for the PISO religious frauds.  Winston churchill (illegit son of Jenny Jerome and king Edward VII the murderer who visited the Villa Roseberry in NAPLES): also host to the massive Christian fraud where the Villa papyri was the PISO home & the Bank of Italy and FIGLI was the interlock with the ROTHSCHILDS BANKING THEFT from Global democracy. Churchill is HRH Elizabeth’s dad by artificial insemination and Bill clinton’s dad too.  The stammering king (the IBROS IBROX speaker at the EMPIRE Exhibition in Glasgow 1938 year before he led the whole world to war). Ken Callman Prof at Durham and Glasgow has condoned the falsification of Snowden the whistle blower now CHANCELLOR at Glasgow University (as a cover for Princess Margarets sexual appetite with Black people in threesomes in the Royal Beds in Tax Havens).  Churchill is the bastard of Jenny Jerome who had hundreds of sexual partners as a loose actress and Churchill was sired by King Edward VII (the Hanoverian claimants’MURDERER to keep the throne). Jerome married Randolph Churchill.  The Royal ALBERT MASONIC LODGE is in KENSINGTON (the MP is RIFKIND the WAR CRIMINAL) Palace a Massive massive building.  Ed VII inseminated Jerome then her new husband Randolph Churchill became Head of Freemasons The MAGIC MAGISTORUM.  They keep orphaned kids to persecute in the LODGE that is Kensington Palace and I call to Prince Charles to take the world back to decency.  The Duchess of Gloucester is Princess Ann and her son in law Mike Tyndall is the cover for Tyndall airbase in the 9/11 Massacre.  The stammering king marries the MAID /whipping boy and his brothe screws off with Mrs S to FREE FRANCE and a lazy life in safety and sexuality as 140 million families grieve for their dead conscripted relatives.  Bowes Lyon (the original) was engaged to Edward VIII but saw the risks and defected like Ed VII did too.  The Warner bros town makes silk like the Rothschild villages.  Mrs Simpson too is a spy like my wife and Jackie O.  THE SUN HAS GONE IN.  Mrs S tours the world Shagging anything that moves cos she is a hermaphrodite and has both bits but the Ciano’s Mussolinis ruin her womb and make her incapable of bearing children.  The MAID marries the stammering King and Winston Churchill then becomes the chosen one THE SPERM DONOR for HRH’s conception, Princess Margarets’ conception and BILL CLINTON’s by Pamela Digby the loose woman LIKE Monica Lewinsky decades later.  Beaverbrooks’ Boy flies in his profiteering war office of the air ministry in the RAF a JOKE about RAFAEL the Jewish Angel & the Scottish socialist bands jokes TRAVIS.  Clinton now runs thye massive Clinto Foundation GREEN Ecological scam as a cover for El Ninho which is the Baby Jesus ICON that was used to launch CHRISTIANITY in the USA but also in the PACIFIC where the ring of fire volcanoes and QUAKES confirm there is a GOD or GODS.  So can you see the cynicism of blaming the murdered ALBERT for their GERMANIC ID & the name change to the WINDSORS.  I declare openly my wife’s motives (trained at Ashridge, Woburn Marks & Sparks Baker Street & Manpower Hemel Hempstead where the Harris family are friends of the Rothschilds and cover for the NUREMBURG inquest scams) for desserting my home WITH MY MALE CHILDREN and the role of her homosexual OBE brother Dr Stephen Andrew Hancocks in money laundering (minor scale operative) and ASSETT STRIPPING British Dental students since 1995 when University training was free. Hancocks lives in Chipping Norton then Whitney where the PM resides and drinks with the Murdochs, the freuds Jeremy Clarkson Ronnie Barker et al. That is Ronnie Barker who takes the piss about Britains profiteering history in COLDITZ, the TYROL, Scotland’s Mountains and in the killing of Moira Anderson in 1957….re-opened by Sir Stephen House the month he got his pay rise of £150,000, his kinighthood and his new role in creating the UNITED FORCE to merge all of Scotlands’ local police forces as he calls relentlessly for ARMED POLICING Trained at Fettes like Tony Blair the Genocidal PM. Then they launch Arnot- MANDERSON (Moira Anderson do you get it now) as a freelance law firm and appoint its members to LOOSE SCOTLAND THE REFERENDUM and to provide for profit SHERIFFS at the JED LAW COURTS to persecute and impoverish the innocents.  I have a gagging order imposed on me because I CONFRONTED ALL OF THIS WITH ALL OF THE EVIDENCE on my web site which my wife used as grounds for divorce/my bad behaviours.

            Churchill uses the rabbit ears V sign all of the time cos he is in the OPERATION WINNIE THE POOH WW2 treason George V married Mary of Teck ( the grey haired woman in the final scenes of the Kings Speech). They cover the PISO religious fraud too KP nuts, Kenyon Products, Pistorius Trial Katy Perry all covers for Kalpurnius Piso.  Edward VII is also son of Lionel Nathan Rothschild KING OF KINGS.  The GOLDFISH Royal Penis used to inseminate the raped Victoria.  Most of the HERTS citizens at our wedding and in our birthing chamber are financial criminals…I have the vicars director numbers too.  GeorgeV was a lie cos Prince Eddy is the RIPPER MURDERER and still alive in GLAMIS Castle. Mrs S and the abdicated sex maniac waited in the CANDE SCHLOSS CASTLE in Hitlers AUSTRIA till her second divorce came through and the road to hitlers nest in Austria/Bavaria is autobahn 999. Churchill was half Roths and half Queen Victoria and Mary of Teck was the purest thing in the palaces which is why she appears in the final scene of the Kings Speech.  Prince Phil is a real vicious bastard, recommended as suitor to HRH by Mountbatten who he later MURDERED using the IRA they use to cover their butts all of the time. EVEN ABEL DANGER are at the trough…the McCONNELS are interlocked to the Rothschilds and the HAWKINS HAWKEYES are the quislings from Vietnam to the 500 Nations cull who KNOW NOTHING, Meet in no NOTTINHAM and the massive NOTTING HILL LEVESON JOKES.  Greg Hallett has been disappeared HE WAS HE MOST INFORMED PERSON ON THE GLOBE TILL ME!  Fuck is the launch of the ROYAL BROTHER Fornication under Consent of the King.  Kate Middleton coerced the WINDSORS cos they are prostitutes in KILLING KITTENS SEX CLUB.  Prince Phil toured the brothels with PAPA Middleton and she is the sister of PIPPA who shoot with the Duke of Northumberland….he is PERCY/PERSIUS in I the Roman court who killed the GORGON but get to host HARRY POTTER out od Alnwich with immunity from the opium drug running laws of this LAWLESS WORLD.  So the Sonar Boys are used to run Drugs into Australasia and the Sth Pacific  THAT BECOMES THE MASSIVE MISSING PLANES FALSE NEWS.  The deal was that the heroin was dropped into the ocean and was found by Prince Phil’s duty bound navy USING SUNDERLAND FLOAT PLANES.  The triumvirate in the drug running ring get to shag the queen so all are gagged for their sins. Lord Porchester is Pr Andrews’ dad and that becomes the twin towers issue with FERGIE on the 101st floor and my fishing trips with Professor Andrew Rice who has had a heart attack since I exposed he was harbouring these international narcotics scandals and ANDREW works for Ms Manningham Buller from MI5 and Marks and Sparks and INTO IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDON where all the bosses are profiteers in pharma, intel and the IMPERIALIST traditions of suppressing the whole world by KNAVISH TRICKS.  Lord Plunkett is Pr Edwards dad.  HRH the queen owns huge tracts of land. Rio tinto, British American Tobacco and Billiton BHP….interlocked intertwined to my wife through Otago polytechnic Dunedin, Professor Kerr and Matt Carter the Director at Ernst & Young till 2005….like borders profiteers CULLEN & KILLSHAW who are now covering the premature deaths of the notaries at Stormonth darling…..and my pension fund being reduced by £60,000 since they were exposed as the criminals behind the banking crashes, the LOTHIAN ROAD INTERLOCKS through the Rothschild trust to the Massive Frauds in PARNELL AUCKLAND also ran by the ROTHSCHILDS.  So my wife is a really obedient typist in these teams and accuses me of bad behgaviours when I try and free my children from their debt pool. BUT MY BEHAVIOURS are now really embarrassing to her DIVORCE team cos they are now COMPLICIT in massive economic crimes against the people and war crimes since 1815, through both wars and into Afgahnistan after IRAQ.  I keep telling the truth and they keep changing the sheriff and throughout the whole scandal they have no grounds.

Princess sophie gets raped by the senior royals as a PRIMA NOCTIE issue and we had massive storms when sho opened the Ag festival in Kelso. The cocaine is laundered in PHILIPS LIGHT Tubes a company launched by the DUTCH that is the fascist family that stepped aside to their mate HITLER in 1939-40.  I worked at Imperial College London too and met the Duke of Roxburgh where the queen has her babies that is the LINDO WING where they Australian media led to the death of a nurse.  Airey Neave was murdered (he was Mrs Thatcher’s lover)and the orgies involving Max Clifford and F1 racing keep covering the financial and TRIDENT NUCLEAR scandals ….like Christine Keeler nr Watford who lives in WRAYSBURY where the Thames bust its banks last year as the Cornish Estates were also swamped…THE GODS ARE REALLY INSPIRING.  Robin cook and david Kelly were killed by these regimes. Law enforcement is non existent but the paedophiles get blamed beyond the grave and it is all pathetic BUT POTENT ENOUGH TO KILL 140 MILLION in Both great conflicts and 600,000 more in the Napoleanic triumph that launched the Rothschilds into all global central banks and the GIGANTIC FINACIAL INSTITUTIONS THAT OCCUPY THE BABYLONIAN financial centres everywhere.  

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