Windsor WW1 WW2 & The German BATARD Monarchy Problem

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This is the video that was crashed in processing RELIGIOUS WARMONGERING ECONOMIC GLOBAL CONTROL

I need to publish this quickly for my own safety THE YOU TUBE VIDEO above explains how the house of WINDSOR were panicked into a name change to subdue the anti-german sentiment that was about to KILL 140 million innocents in two GREAT GENOCIDAL CONFLICTS.
I will refine this later but it was severely word limited by YOU TUBE 

Warmongering masons, Genocidal WINDSORS & Polish Warner Bros from Treblinka 

We start on Calvary hill with John Wayne from Hollywood CA better known in the US Cavalry culling the BRAVES in the US National anthem.  The video was crashed by you tube because it reveals the biggest crimes ever committed....Religious and Patriotic Genocide for power and control of the whole world by fear and violence with the perpetual threat of war for profit and messianic prophets. 9 billion global citizens are enslaved by these simple methods now in the freemasonry, the tax paying and war dead sectors. So we start with the sad jokes in the KINGS SPEECH MOVIE (the King had an IQ of 70) and Hollywood laugh at the German Batard (illegit bloodline since Queen Vic got her 1st husband from Germany too & married blind king george V of hanover when he was 14, the prince, and she was 12, The Princess.  Her Bigamous husband from Saxe Coburg shoulders the blame as a close relative to Kaiser Wilhelm II the  "Grandson" of "Prince Albert".  All those European monarchs in the "British" German bloodline are sired by the Rothschilds (KING of KINGS Lionel Nathan Rothschild).  So the Kings speech is read by the illegit king after his illegit brother had already fled with the fascist sexual deviant from USA Gettysburg for a laugh into abdication in Paris ......."Bertie ALBERT the homosexual joke)" HE SHOWS HIS GUILLE at the end of the kings speech by declaring he STAMMERED on the W words that is the WINDSOR WARNER brothers jokes as Hollywood & the Press shield all the  war crimes and make the culprits the that is W for Windsor.  The change that was required to justify WW1 then WW2 led by the rape of Victoria (under hypnosis by the Rothschilds) and the murder of Albert in the Palace with the windows open.  Willhelm II  on the Bismarck side in WW1 had a withered left hand and is alleged to be Albert's grandson A TOTAL LIE.  We expose the religious clerics Cosmo Lang in the SS of Walter Scott club fame then Archbishop of Canterbury. THE WINDSOR change was made in 1917 which blackadders' team laugh about as the cunning plan to end the war that year as they laugh at all the dead in the trenches.  The tanenbaum XMAS tree one day truce exemplifies the humour behind their GLOBAL CHRISTIAN driven genocide and all the war dead die for the wealth divide fasist propaganda driven false news cause. So I need the IT on my humming computer and explain the shaky quaky christian PAULINE missions regions and Emir George of Antioch gets a mention in the 12th century when he as a MOORISH Emir led the French/British  Normans of Sicily families and the Christian HABSURGS are suppressed.  So we open the other computer to expose Ws called WAYNE the leading freemason who was in the Calvary Hill team.  Greg Hallett's World of Truth revelations (ePISOde 6) on the ongoing  MONARCHY frauds by the 163 year old illegit FLAT LIE ROYALS from Germany who were sired by Churchill (like Bill Clinton) cos the IMBECILE's kids were dead in the delivery ward with intractable epilepsy and the Queen Mum was just a maid from the household and loved the GG (horsey icons and a stiff Gin).  So the IT is fixed and THE WINDSORS NEED TO CHANGE their name in 1917 right in the middle of WW1.   With all the Rothschild breeding chambers the WINDSOR bloodline is a LIE so they need Blind Prince George  LIVING in London  and fighting the brits from the deck of the Carradoc off Galipoli in the Crimean and Gallipoli campaigns.  I take you to the list of famous freemasons like JOHN WAYNE (in the Calvary hill scene for a laugh and leads the masons like war bond profiteer bing crosby)   Lionel Nathan Rothschild KING OF KINGS is revealed as the ENGLISH sire of all of the 9 illegit kids of the bigamous Queen Victoria.....WHO BECOMES a MERRY WIFE OFWINDSOR (Shakespeare's NWO authors cover) and they laugh  of that right to the end of WW1 when EMPEROR Willhelm (the BATARD too) Queen Vics grandson by THE ROTHSCHILD ENGLISH KING OF KINGS WORLD OWNER).  So the BRITISH Germans are the puppets for the Rothschilds and still lay the wreaths for WW1 as merry illegit bastards who marry Greek profiteers introduced to HRH by Mountbatten by COERCION.  QEIIs children (after Anne) are sired by NARCOTICS runners led by hil the Greek 7 the navy MI6....the dads are Lords Plunkett and they had to change the laws of succession to the VAST TRACTS of land that is the Commonwealth ( I read the list) ....with puppett leaders like John Key and Helen Clark slaves to INTEL Banking Magnates and the corrupted leaders are obligated to vote in the new laws of succession in 2012. In the meantime all the armies are relabelled NATO and work for the UN to suppress all the peace loving victims everywhere. That is EVERYWHERE that is now in the Rothschild central Banking Sovereign Debt PONZI the world has NO VIABLE DEMOCRACY.  So the Windsor name change 1917 covers up the death of 140 million victims.  The wives and brothers are killed in the families and are AGENTS like Jackie O in the killing of the innocents cos the ROTHSCHILDS train Hitler Stalin, Kaiser Willhelm et al and the FLEMINGS in operation Winnie the Pooh become WARNER BROTHERS (REAL NAZI name WONSAL) from the SILK producing POLISH village within 100 km of the DEATH CAMP at Treblinka.  ALL THE JEWS in that village were executed in 1939 in the holocaust that is featured in Hollywoods OSCAR winning Schindlers List & WARHORSE Jokes).  We again tell the stories SECRETS of the Princes of Hanover who were the real lOVERS of QUeen Victoria the bigamist who allows ALBERT to shoulder the German blame for the name change. (that is ALBERT /BERTIE WETTIN with a W before they became WINDSOR with a W) . All of the sad bastards make speeches on X (cos there was never a Christ)  that is XMAS day THE JOKE about Tanenbaum the XMAS tree for the third Reich andd the Red Flag for Tony Blair SOCIALISM Song.   The Warners lived in Poland in  KRASNOSIELC nr Treblinka before they changed the name from Wosnal ( HIRSCH Harry MOSES the ARRIAN WONSAL).  The Warners are also the sons of Shoemaker Ben Wonsal/WonsoLazer    a W Word like Windsor.....and they flitted to USA in 1888 whe "we”  the German British Monarchs LED & SIRED BY Rothschilds were brutalizing KHARTOUM and massacreing both armies 6000 miles from London (and Berlin where Emperor Wilhelm resided with the Merry Wives PICKED by the Rothschilds).  The company's name originates from the four founding Warner brothers (born Wonskolaser or Wonsalbefore Anglicization to hide Jewish origins):[3][4] Harry (born Hirsz), Albert (born Aaron), Sam (bornSzmul SMEAGOL), and Jack (Itzhak, or to some sources, Jacob). They emigrated with their parents to North America from Krasnosielc which was located in the part of Congress Poland that had been subjugated to the Russian Empire following the eighteenth-century Partitions of Poland near present-day Ostrołęka. Jack, the youngest, was born in London, Ontario.  HARRY WARNER Mount Olive Lodge No 506 California….secret societies still run the world,  the G20 and even the prostitution dens that KATE MIDLETON emerged from KILLING KITTENS WHORE HOUSE IN London with Prince Phil and Daddy Middleton were patrons of using the black LONDON taxi from the Palace that the Dukes of Hanover bought for the ILLEGITIMATE WINDSOR BLOODLINE who are involved in familicide but are the victims of the ROTHSCHILD KINGS OF KINGS who launch all the World BANKRUPTCY WARS.  Greg Hallett revealed much of this but both he and the SCHNEIDER WOMAN in the Indianna Jones movie about the NAZIS being the menace NOT THE ROTHSCHILDS OR THEIR GLOBAL FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS.  The Freemasons include the Warrens the RABBIT friends of Hitler Operation Winnie the POOH war profiteering TREASON sectors that the FLEMINGS in Holywood & Rural HERTS BUCKS & OXFORDHIRE live in as a NO BOMBING ZONE. The Jack the Ripper murder was PRINCE EDDY who spent his life alone in GLAMS CASTLE (The Macbeth Fake up and all of it here is leading to a massive windstorm on the day that our horsey elites celebrate the cross border violence in our historic pageantry ALMOST AS CYNICAL as the 11/11 Remembrance Sunday, the Queens XMAS speech and the Christian truce to play football before our war dead trench heroes are actually put to death by the Keiser, the Merry Widows of Windsor and the murderers of PRINCE ALBERT, Lady Di and all the innocents who stand bravely in their way or live their lives on the end of a homosexual Prince Albert chain so the ROTHSCHILDS can rape both queen Victoria and the now totally bankrupted DEMOCRACIES on every NATION on OUR BEAUTIFUL GLOBE that was created in this version of the story by the HEAVENLY CHILDREN of the VIRGIN MARY that is the PISO FRAUD from Calvary Hill to the BANK of BASEL FAWLTY in Switzerland.  The story of world ownership and the impoverished war deaded citizens is all coming out and I intend to relay it to HRH and David Cameron this very week….HAVE A NICE DAY AND WATCH YOUR BACK AND YOUR PENSION FUND (I have had £60,000 of mine removed by AEGON since I started to reveal how they defrauded the GLOBAL BANKS in 2008 and have now become the REVELATION behind the worlds biggest war crimes and RELIGIOUS HOLOCAUSTS.



They put it all in the Kings Speech then convene the LEVESON enquiry to remunerate the actors, media men and POLIS leaders for 2000 years of world leadership this way…..and Nigela Lawson, David Cameron, William Hague ignore all my prompts to help conciliate since  Cameron convened the KEN CLARKE Minister Without portfolio meeting which I called for before I wrote to QUEEN ELIZABETH II and she confirmed that they acknowledged my letter but could not interfere CONSTITUTIONALLY with her own Government’s crimes.