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Windsor Royals Windrush Enoch Powell PM May Lovelace Amber Rudd Bruce Jeffrey Jean Brodie Yvette Cooper Chipping Norton set Archie Cunningham Meghan Markle King John Sheriff of Nottingham Hungerford Ryanair Michael OReilly Giggins stable Lord Lawrence Aintree Nuremburg.JPG

Windsor Sorrell Windrush Chipping Norton Oxbridge scams scams and Windsors closest relatives/name changes


The Windrush Scandal and the resignation of Amber Rudd is explained first.  We profile the Windrush Baronets in Chipping Norton.  7 of them are explained here  So the Windrush boat used for  importation of black migrants has been resurrected to cover the Chipping Norton Set, the rivers of blood speech by Enoch Powell is also on that web site. So Chipping Norton's mafia now run the world under Murdoch's thrall. Cameron resigned but his CEO at Cairn is still on the Court of B of E.  The Oxford Cambridge BedfordCheltenham areas were immune from bombing and my video on that has been stripped of a sand track for over 3 years.  So Cameron Murdoch Dunstone Freud run it with Trump  and their ex wives sleeping with Putin Blair.  So Windrush is just like the terror to make the people scared and Powell's speech is over 70 years old.  Google, You Tube, Wikipedia run all the false news and censor the objective truth.  The Cotswolds were a massacre scene throughout the Cavalier Roundheads wars.  Catholic vs Protestantism is the cause and Charles 1st lost his head to let his son become EPISCOPALIAN CofE and grow the 1st PISO pineapple in england.  PISO is descended from the Arsenal Pharoah bloodlines (the fans no longer chant he has a pineapple on his head and ARSENE Wenger is to pack up soon for shame.  So the Barons are named Baker to Hungerford (the launch of the serial killing terror in that place years later).  So the Grand National was run by Lord Oaksey (War Crimes inquest chair for UK in Nuremburg) and all of that is the PAGAN cull and false XMAS in Frankfurt.  County MEATH and Trimm Castle is run by the Duke of Wellington (lived in Trimm castle)  & the Queens Palace at Hillsborough is the launch of the Football disaster with dozens of inquests.  Trimm is a norse god and the whole of human history is a pisstake against the gods who created us. Lewis Hill the fascist was bummed out when they elected him to replace Churchil in 1955 just before Powell demonised the blacks who had only just been released from SLAVING (PM Gladstone's money stream). So the Windsore family tree goes right back to Wm the Conqueror and Maud of Baldwin (Baldwins of Hollywood now and Jerusalem Then).  Jacob means the younger and many using the title are descended from Pliny in Naples: his dad the elder died by stoning from VESUVIUS.   So the WINDSOR family listings TODAY are sensational. I reel off how the De Tallboys link in with Alexander PISO papal names Duckett/Ducker which is the Trevor Jones of Pharma bloodlines.  So that is why the Windsors chose the name again when they were shamed as Saxe Coburgs Gothas and Battenburg (Attenborough in the Gt Escape pisstake).  Wm the conqueror is the naming of many Williams Guiliam and gay comedians. So Sorrell is WPP and with Ogilvie (6th in line to throne in 1945) they chip into the BILLIONAIRE SYNDICATE.  So OReilly win the Grand National out of Popal higginsville.  In the Howf cemetery in Dundee there are two pope Hyggins graves just inside the gate.   James Blunt has now married into Wellesly the Duke of Wellington's daughter Sophia. So WW2 chairman in Nuremburg Lord Oaksey PAGAN CULL NAMING Geoff Lawrence was on the board at Aintree.  Tiger Roll won the G National in Gladstones' slaving Liverpool. Then we reel of the families who are directly descended from the MONTANUS Piso papal and all false religions.  Ogilvy are Percy and the queens cousins like Leveson Gower Duke of Sutherland out of Liverpool too.  Howard of Arundel sell SHARES in their cathedral.  The Dragon is Jesus/El Ninho and the dragons den has been closed as VENABLES is relaunched as Murdochs serial killers to shield his BOARD MEMBERs. Siemens are in Chipping Norton too and in Charlton/Greenwich 2 weeks before WW1 was launched by Kaiser Bill and his Saxe coburg Gotha mafias.  John Patersons' millitias leaders are all on the Rothschild Payroll and Google is owned by Chipping Norton with Jimmy Wales of WIKI trained in Huntsville mind control centre. Even Maria Carey has a tragic ancestry on the beheaded boleyn bloodline. The Gods  send evil leaders into insanity eg Mrs T.  John Snow and I are Hon Profs at Durham University as were the GOON SHOW CAST. I then explain London Bridge Terror & the Waterloo Quatre Bras 4 limbs on the SWASTIKA. So Randox sponsored the Grand National & its owner, Michal O'Leary,  also owns Ryan Air and his stable is in GIGGINSTOWN westmeath nr D of Wellingtons massive pile.O'Leary Attends Davos Bilderburg and trained KPMG on tax management , now worth 1.8Bn Pounds. Higgins is the 4th of the PISO popes who never lived: 3 behind "St Peter" alias Flavius Joseph Alias  Arrius Calpurnius Piso (THE MAN his real name seldom used). Randox sponsored the G National & that is O'Leary's company which is forensic drug testing etc.  Ryan Air is his company using the HARP like Guiness to show he descends from the PISO Jesus fraud.  Macron ads are everywhere since President M was elected in France out of the Rothschild C Bank in Paris like May is out of the B of England and the Austrian nobility

The rest are stunningly WINDSOR RELATIVES and British TRAITORS.  Maud Baldwin....m Wm the conqueror Viscount Windsor line.  Earl of Nottingham, Howard of Effingham.  Megan Merkle Prince Harry’s new BINT is descended from King John the Baddy in Robin Hood and his mate the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Robin of Loxley is the Lockie, Logue, Norse God joke too like the naming of Trimm castle in county MEAD where Von Wellesly lived as the Duke of Wellington….the daughter ofwhom is now married to James Blunt  NEY Sophia Wellesly. I then expose the Elliot Douglas Kinnimont clan chiefs who became the GGs (PISO horse Governor Generals all over the Windsor Empire) All the Windesore Windsor  descendents and Windsor relatives like John Jeffrey, Garry Barlow & James Corden of the papal piso lines)  came out of Cumbria first which is why Queen Vic had her only legit baby MARCOS MANUEL in Carlisle castle sired by Blind Prince George of Hanover Cumbria & Teviotdale. Marcos Manuel Later murdered by ORCA fat Windsor Ed VII  (his brother by Victoria who married Albert bigamously) but  all 9 batards sired by ROTHSCHILD King of Kings under date rape and atropinic memory occluding toxins. Minto and mental health dunblane gun licence HAMILTON family is deeply implicated in the Royal scams at the Dunblane school where Prince Phil was the Patron with Jimmy Saville both fudge packers. That is George Hamilton CANON of Windsor first Marquess of Hertford. The Minto keep tower is FATLIPS castle and they link into Holland with the families that are the Barneville dart players. Cromwell the Irish Massacre leader is also a Windsor ancestor & he had Sir Thomas Moore beheaded for defying the TUDOR lineage that were the John of Gaunt descendants from Lancaster that won the battles of the ROSES are the ancestors of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the muppet in charge of WW3.  Unlike Donald and Hilary’s ancestry from Piso Percy Herod et al the fate of Pope Francis is speculative but there are credible rumours that he has died at the hands of the gods all the popes mock as PISO descendants and replaced by Jonathon Pryce the FASCIST ARGENTIAN married to Madonna/Evita.  Pope Francis earlier gave confession to Vidal the serial killer in the stadia in Latin America with Pinochet who died in his bed in London as Mrs Thatchers guest in Argentina.  Pope Francis was inaugurated under a massive lightning storm from the real gods. Saun Maguire then announces the pope is about to visit President Higgins of the inbred PISO papal /Windsor/Bush of Vesuvius in Maine Bloodline. Jim Royal of the Royal family plays MORSI of Egypt in the New World Order muppet team and his friend in the comedy, Shannon , is a Windsor  EARL CRAVEN of the UK is the Morgan Grenville bank boss  John Craven of the Deutsche Bank and his BBC employee  & the torching of the Grenville Towers is a Windsor ploy too.  The Bismarks are on the Morgan Grenfell Bank boards too.  The Windrush ship drifts past and the Barons of Hungerford (since 1425) are next up as windsore cousins early doors. Then Baron Lovelace is Theresa Mays Hubby’s Lovelace then Capital group scams right at the head of global Govt. All of the sad bastards cover up Rothschilds ownership of Rio Tinto run by Hancock (my wife’s maiden name ). Theresa May introduced the murdered Bhutto Indian PM murder victim to would be politico Imran Khan, married to Goldsmith women like Pr Charles before her murder (Di Goldsmith batard) , and Kates mother was Goldsmith before she became Mrs Windsor second class. Next is Jean Brodie Boyle Earl of Glasgow Brodie. 13th Baronet Bruce of Coulston obfuscation for Andy Coulson in Ch Norton syndicate. With 2minutes left I display the batard royals on the balcony which got Hallett murdered (NOT THE FATHER George VI; Sperm Donor Winston Churchill etc) Earl William Waldergrave is a Windsor too.  Rob Roy McGregors ENEMY Archie Cunningham shags Robs wife on her kitchen table and it is not soiled by ketchup but brian Cox pretends to be a nice guy as Cunningham AKA WINDSOR torches the house with her ketchup on his scabbard.  Cunningham still have a drinking den at Kelso race course which my wife looked down on from her 800 pound a month desertion home,gift from INTEL right opposite the cop who sectioned me. Lastly we get to the beheaded Charles Ist with his catholic head in the executioners hand. But if you want to know who else apart from Garry Barlow is a Windsor profiteer then look at reference three below THERE are another 93 MORE USUAL  WINDSOR SUSPECTS.  Motive Intent Method revealed NOW A massive PRYCE to Pay for a “grateful Nation”.



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