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Why Pope Benedict Resigned  FIRRD Vatican Quoran Bible Talmud £10K expenses Iraq 9/11 Geo W & Niel Bush Blair Shakira Mubarak Amos St Albans school Kermit Roosevelt Innsbruck births Pope Hitler no room at the INN.JPG

George Lees reveals to John Paterson & CROF why Pope Bendict (born in INNSBRUCK like HITLER ROTHSCHILD) resigned as BUSH/CHINESE Bnaires re-write the warmongering Bible Talmud and Quoran in Ratzinger's Vatican

Uncensored Video descriptor below:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5MWgjAxX6o
The WHY DID THE POPE RESIGN VIDEO?  4 years ago I discovered that the pope was in league with George W Bush's son Neil on the FOUNDATION for INTER-RELIGIOUS & Intercultural Research & Dialogue.    The Nile was named the PISHON before they had to change it and it became the Cush (Current cardinal in Scotland CUSHLEY).  The Pi Pi Pierce name is George or Herbert Poppy Bush's wifes' maiden name and NIAL is the same joke in the Frazier Boston Cheers bar comedy's.  The Bush bloodline are the De Buissons of Normandy where Hilary Clinton came from & that is the Buffalo Girls wont you come out tonight joke in ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE my favourite movie (about fraud and sustainable housing in small towns & talking to the GODS' angel CLARENCE...who looked more like Pope Benedict in the GEOPOLITICAL world that has this month exploded into chaos).  So John & I talk about St Albans school where Neil Bush, Kermit Roosevelt and robin Williams/Kevin Spacey went to in the USA.  Then Baroness Amos was launched as UN Ambasador  for the Middle East and failed to find the recently elected President Morsi (a Jim Royal lookalike: this is the week Caroline Aherne died). She went to St Albans' school nr HEMEL where the Hancocks family have their weddings in the cathedral but we were too poor to attend. Poppy Bush is a joke about the PISO lovers of Emperor Nero.  I introduce the Underhill society's links to the Pi Pi Pilgrims & FDR Delanoy family in Oyster Bay. Even my home is the Pi Knuckle MAFIA card games.  All around we have Elliots of Springwood Turnbulls, Kinimonts, Douglases and the links to Las Vegas/Nevada are easy to understand. All 4 Mt Rushmore Presidents are in the PISO Windsor Bloodline that goes back to Alexander the Great of Macedonia.  So I got another WRIT and the sheriff officer & witness RAN FROM MY DOORSTEP just minutes before we made the video.  Robin Williams played Teddy Roosevelt and all his healthcare innovations in his movies became his AILMENTS so he committed suicide last year when I revealed he played SHIPMAN the serial killer.  The real Shipman was the War correspondent for IRAQ.  Sheriff Lothian gang bang raped his wife under Rohypnol is the cover for Queen Vics Bastards sired by the Rothschilds.  I discuss my WRIT (cover for the RIT company run by Rothschild who have sent me a WRIT from Charing Cross Police).  The Bush' both led the cIA in the defrauding of "democracy" joke.  FDR & Teddy Roosevelt are pi pi Pilgrims and launche DELANEYs Donkey & Paddy McGinty's goat as jokes about "JESUS"  & WW2 over there war dead.  They sailed on the Mayflower out of LIEDen on the Flemish coast.  I discuss Pies Descalos by SHAKIRA (who is a MUBARAK of Egypt in the world owning families) and Cheryl Crows/Lillie Allen Air Balloon sun God comes up jokes. King Herod in those families is the Gt Grandfather of Arrius Calpurnius Piso (THE MAN on the golf course) is Great Granpa of Marcus Aurelius in the Gladiator movie.  All of it is the American Pie Vagina joke which is why the PIE/fanny is cut out in Jack the Ripper and in the NEVADA senators murder of the PIEless woman in the GODFATHER Brothel.  So the Pope was put into an ALBA (St Albans and Scotland icon like the SALTIRE St Andrews flag) safe house. john Lamont (DELAMONT on the Mayflower & the other Dutch vessels) still is in power.  the St Andrews flag is the icon for CLUNY ABBEY which was the cross keys and is still a papal icon.   The PISOs wrote the bible in the Villa Papyrri in NAPLES and vesuvius exploded onto it in 79 AD.  I let the others talk about the GOVT MAFIA issues that impact on them as I find the people like BUSH Snr who run the LUBAWITCHER JEWISH Talmud revisionists and those on the POPES' Geopolitical strategy group.  They get $10K expenses to attend each meeting and that is all messianic HUMAN religions who have written the GODS in the UNIVERSAL HEAVENS out of the story. The Sherif is still Peter Paterson who was with 2 law firms that run £26M debt pool.  The Foundation Bush & the pope run to spark WW3 and all the terror that diverts us from Prince El Hassan Hashemite Kingdom, Catholic Apolic Nuncio Michael FitzGerald EL Ninho Baby in Egypt, Chief rabii renee Samuel Seerat from France.  The Dunkirk withdrawal is a joke about DUNKIRK in KENT where a mad man who claimed tpo be a Human Messiah was killed by the PISO POLIS just before the war where Hitler waited at Dunkirk till the profiteers were ready to attack Tom Hanks Rockefellers beach at Normandy.  The PYTHONS declare that in Deuteronomy in PISOs bible one must never worship an earthly icon or pretender.  The Saunders comedies are just covers for our stories on Hitlers escape from the bunker that is the Sunderland Float plane Little blue dress for Eva Braun.  Walt Disney is the richest zionist org in the world and THEY SPONSOR the time Team in Cambridge led by Tony Robinson Tony Blair's CHIEF FUNDRAISER through Iraq Lebannon Libya and the syrian replays.  The Chinese President millionaires are discussed  as are the THOMS of the family that were involved in my GROUNDLESS DIVORCE & the POLIS Killings at Dunkirk. Dads army  saved the UK out of John Paterson's EAST SUSSEX with the initials CP on their uniforms. John reveals that that is Calpurnius Piso.  Dana Perino& the FIVE on Fox news proclaim that Brett Beaur was a Rothschild.  When McKinley was killed in the ITU after he had recovered from the shooting Teddy Roosevelt was shooting Bears in the Wood.  Rio Tinto is run by Gena Rineheart and the Rothschild own it all  and the Bakers are JP's  MPs who run the Anglo French Chamber of Commerce the baroness Blackstone CHANNEL TUNNEL Rothschild scams. The Underhills are in BROOKLYN the no room at INNSBRUCK joke again.  That is Hannah Mary Rothschild BROOKDALE married name...her husband is the worlds biggest secret now.  I discovered that the Captain Underhill who brought the Pilgrims over is actually a HOWARD of Norfolk as I processed this video that is the DUKES OF ARUNDEL.   John remembers all the stories and how Jocelyn Hambro and the WW2 SOE BAKER ST Irregulars Quislings & Tony Blair at the CHILCOTT enquiry are just revealing tiny secrets. Quisling was the PM in Norway and the HAMBRO links to the Polish & Hanseatic Dutch Fascist Baltic coast. The Philipines Currency the PESO and the storms there are discussed finally I reveal the GOD DOG DOUGLAS Rabbit Sign for CHURCHhill Rabbit signs.  & Monika Lewinskis little blue dress with Clintons HRH's half bro THE SPERM gelled rabbit shaped. The Tannenbaum Song for Hitler and SISS fam Robinson is Blairs Keep the Red Flag flying MILLIONAIRE Commies is the same TUNE.  Nadim Zahawi is a Blair war criminal and now the MP for Stratford on Avon out of Kurdistan.  CROF saved me from the sectioning threat and he is based in LIVINGSTONE and is frustrated by law enforcement who are the MAFIA GLOBALLY the PISO POLIS. Nuremburg is the war criminals greatest triumph and it is in ROTHSCHILDS Bavaria.  All of my work is published  but will be taken down by the GOVT that are coerced into WW2 in just the same way. Michael Ancram is married to a Duchess of Arundel and was Irish Sec of State when the religious fraud was blowing Ireland to bits.  Lamont was trained at brookfields etc & Derringer and is advisor to the Scottish Govt from Coldstream. Lamont refused to intervene in the NHS scams and the Big Five Law firms include May & Slaughter which is Theresa & a place nr chipping Norton.  The Good Bloodlines and earliest GOOD PRIESTs were taken down by the clever lineage that now owns the corrupted world and they did that by IMPOSING CELIBACY on me which is why my wife refused me WET SEX and wanted me SNIPPED.  Schweinsteiger the German Football Captain that is the Rothschild Schwein's and Rod Steiger who played NAPOLEON at the Waterloo CENTRAL BANK scandal run by the Rothschild mafias all wars all sides WHO HAVE WRITTEN GOD OUT OF THE PISO BIBLE......I cant wait to meet my maker and find out how many there are and what their genders are.  Its a fascinating project & I have become very godfearing like George Cluny at the end of the OH BROTHER movie. You may remember the Lightning storms that accompanied the outing of the pope, the sacking of his Butler Gabriel and the inauguration of Francis the confessor to the Fascists in Latin America.  I apologise for the error that he was sent to the ISLE of Mann (it uses the three legged Swastika Icon) that was Tiny ROWLANDS also of Hitler Youth, BP Lonrho and most of the Queens & Rothschild HOLDINGS a posh word for STOLEN NATIONAL TREASURES & even the POPPEA fund out of the PISO bedroom.