Who "owns" the banks & who funds them

WATCH THIS FIRST: it explains how global wealth has been locked up by rich families (and why your kids are paying the heaviest price possible).....we celebrate this every November on armistice dayWho profits by slaughtering the worlds youth in perpetual wars and how they have undermined honest politicians (and open democracy) GLOBALLY

It is all under-written by Global Taxpayers!

Firstly an American historical perspective:

YouTube Video

The video above portrays how savers and investors in mortgages are being burdened with lifelong debt and how measures like quantitative easing (printing money by reserve banks) is impacting on the purchasing power of paper currencies over time. Default means ever more punitive interest payments, a homeless/pensionless future and tragically a steep correlation with mental illness and suicides.  The jargon littered field is sometimes difficult for the lay public to understand but here are a couple of slides on how domestic banking for deposit account holders (savers) has changed within one generation and how it is impacting on career paths.

The Banks repeatedly re-offend......assisted by central banks and G8 Chancellors and Finance Ministers