Student Robbery Company alias Student Loans Company: Rothschild Bank/UK Government buy Channel Four News' silence

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Student loans Company Debt Pool run by Rothschild Bank EXPOSED BY PROFESSOR GEORGE LEES.jpg
STUDENTS everywhere are reliant on the media for honest and open coverage of topical issuesStudent Fees: the frightening truth  Student Loans Company "non profit organisation".  They are being neglected shamefully by University Leaders (Lord Patten appears on almost every page of this web page as Head of Oxford University, Head of the BBC Trust, Former Governor of Hongkong [before China was sold], BP Board member with BP [alongside Koffee Annan...a poor boy made wealthy as the UN  Head Honcho and husband to a Rothschild bride] and mentor to a "new age humanist/democratic icon [who was the daughter of a tank commander in Burma and aspirant leader of that "former" colony]).  So I cannot expect help from the establishment unless I want to groom some paedophilia victims, "fix it" like Jimmy Saville, or set up a fraudulent mine as a subsiduary of LONRHO, LONMIN, DE-BEERS or Westminster PLC LTD.  So I climbed down the geo-political ladder and contacted CHANNEL FOUR NEWS.  John Snow has an honorary chair and buildings named after him at Durham University and he has great PERSONAL empathy with tertiary education  a decent society (and an honest reputation).  Channel four news is open and courageous enough to let others post on their facebook wall but when I tried to reveal that UK students are being robbed to fund the most corrupted government the UK has ever been "owned" by, the Channel Four webmaster and I had a little TIFF.  I only wanted to refer them to breaking news that is vital to all John Snow's adoring fans...and his longer term reputation as an inspiring student leader.
So  I wrote Channel Four News an Email: now shared with the world until this website is taken down by Lord Patten's friends (and funders)
George Lees <>
10:12 (1 hour ago)
Dear Channel Four,  

I know that John Snow has honorary university titles and I know too that you control the posting of real news on your facebook page.  DEATH OR DISABILITY: the only way John Snow's adoring students can escape his greedy vicious lead.....then there is the issue of the "REPORTING" of the coalition agreement for cash.....crony capitalism is really dangerous for media figureheads who are complicit with grand larceny in government and ROBBING the country's innocent children.....JUST so you can have an honorary title from the VC, the mafia government or JUST A BUNG from the Rothschild bank.  I know that the Shaun Hoare case must be a huge barrier to open coverage of these huge issues but so many of your celebrity friends have died for this vicious cause already and I know that deep inside every media person is a decent citizen just trying to break out of this lethal circle of violence greed and political anarchy.....this is the world you have built and it is easy to fix if you just chat openly in the coffee room and do the decent thing FOR YOUR CHILDREN, EGYPTS children, Syria's children, Surbiton's children and even Windsor's children

I tried to post a message to John's "fans" on FB with all these gory turns out just to be ADVERTISING SPACE
On the other hand, although I cannot post my own ideas on the Channel Four News Page I was able to freely comment on the thoughts of others on facebook (on the issue of sleaze and corruption in party politics and in the "left wing" union sector).   This was posted 5th July 2013 the day that Labour party corruption and bribes was making National Headlines in FALKIRK Socialism RIP: Falkirk a case history.  My profiling of the collapse of socialism in the industrial heartland of Scotland has been published for ages already but the Labour party, Tom Watson  and Len McLuskey have developed a conscience in recent weeks.  Which is very encouraging for working people everywhere.

SHAUN HOARE was a Sun journalist and his NEWS was buried with him by the establishment around the same time that Andy Coulson and Lord Leveson were recruited to protect corruption and sleaze by law enforcement.  Stunning that people can be led like this in such a highly educated country....David Laws is now EDUCATION minister and nobody really cares why Eric Joyce turned from defender of the Nation (in the war zones) to punchbag in the commons bar (I can only find his corporate Email address....
The REST IS HISTORY replayed again and again