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This is much easier to explain!   Media leaders since Beaverbrook and William Randolph Hearst have been powerful manipulators of public opinion.  Rupert Murdoch and his global organisation are masters of the art.  Politicians who modernised their parties and sought to create a charismatic aura have utilised spin doctors to massage their profiles and prospects but for 30+ years Rupert Murdoch has been pulling the strings of global political puppets (and now has Punch on every continent around the globe).

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Lets take a look at his career path building a global media Empire. Murdoch was born into a well connected jewish family in Australia, he made his way all around the world and now has American citizenship.  He was educated at Oxford where he was awarded a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.  He, with Mrs Thatcher, crippled the UK unions starting with the printers in Wopping (London) who "slavishly" produced copy for Fleet Street (Murdoch laid off 6000 staff) and peaking with the silencing of the miners (with the "heavyily armoured" support of the UK police force and the might of UK forces in reserve for later campaigns in the Falklands which his news editors covered with gusto)Shallow motives, deep graves.  He has courted a string of UK PMs and turned their prospects around on the very eve of an internal party political coup or a game changing election.  He has bombarded the masses with trivia and sleaze and his coverage of "veterinary atrocities involving celebrities and hamsters" is legendary.   He is incredibly hard working and committed: news paper coverage was comprehensive from the rise of the Sun on a Monday to the setting of Christian Sabbath, spreading the "News of the World". Incredibly he captured the world's imagination even more than sporting icons like Mohamed Ali (who had very different principles on warfare)The greatest (punching for good), leading footballersTotal Football Malvinas: the hand of god. and transient blips on our Olympian archives (like Lord Coe and his arch rival Mr Steve Ovett OBE)end of an era of excellence?

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Rupert Murdoch is a genial Australian who finds it incredibly easy to befriend the political eliteIncestuous linkages.  The current UK prime minister (who is himself a media man by training) met him over twenty times immediately before and after taking office then appointed one of his most accomplished editors Andy Coulson (who has moved on to be replaced by yet another media guru (this time from the BBC BBC media guruCourting Cameron or Controversy as his personal advisor (many of the News Corp/Murdoch staff are facing charges) and the private detective Glen Mulcare and othr staff are now serving jail sentencesBanged Up: please read on. Some press whistleblowers were found dead but there were no inquests: just allegations of drinking in excessstaff deaths. PM Cameron befriended and openly courted other editorial gurus in the organisationfragile friendships and in this respect was no different to Thatcher, Major, Blair or Brown.  He turned the world of politics on its head by just printing a sensational headline and completely displaced political pollsters as media pulse monitors. 

 Here are some that captured the hearts and minds of the world News of the world      Sun

 In Blair's term in office Murdoch created a digital media empire....enabling simple and efficient overnight reporting, rendering the printed media extinct and muting bombastic right wing and left wing leaders with a gentle sway of his headlines.  This has given him a GLOBAL presence (and has favourably impacted on public awareness of current affairs).  This is an excellent development (seriously) in that SKY comprehensively covers World News (with a local slant) and broadcasts from all the continents except Antartica (one imagines that SKY will eventually go  to the ends of the Earth when commerce is established there). 

Politicians are not blind to the potential of these media linkages.  Blair appointed 162 life peers (affiliated to labour) in his 10 year term (374 new members were enlisted in total), including the Canadian media magnate (Conrad BlackBlack Baron, recently released from US jail) who was once ranked third in the Global Media Magnate listings.  Baron Black of Crossharbour is still listed as a member of the House of Lords.  Other media players in UK politics disappeared over the edge in the early 90s with acknowledgements of career achievements from conservative PMs and the UK Intelligence staff: the enquiry into Robert Maxwell was convened in 1992 (has cost over £8M) and has not been published even in abstract.  Silvio Berlusconi has been an important figure across these sectors and his record and reputation speaks for itselfG8 leadership qualities.  

So Murdoch is the "godfather" of the media world, , and has "made" and "broken" election campaigns since he entered the media sector in the UK with the acquisition of a string of newspapers, starting with the News of the world in 1968.  He was already, like his father Sir Keith Murdoch, a media magnate in Australasia, pushed the Empire boundaries into the USA in where he became a citizen in 1985 so he could run US TV stations (within federal laws).  His involvement as a power broker in UK affairs is now legendary.  He found favour with Margaret ThatcherIron Lady and her policies (helped John Major win against all the odds in 1992dark prospects) then switched his allegiance to Tony Blair for what became three terms in office 1997-2010 (although Blair had prudently stepped aside to make way for Gordon Brown to run the unsuccessful campaign in 2010).  Blair and Murdoch were political soul mates they, with support from the US and Bush's vigorous warmongering lead advocated an expansion of the war on terror (and all their former commercial/political allies)e.g. iraq II .  The G8 nations have led NATO and western governments into brutal campaigns in Libya, Iraq and Afgahnistan and have wreaked havoc on domestic industrial and economic growth in favour of eternal expansion of Americas Millitary Industrialist complex and the Homeland Security industryShocking Lead from the security council members.  The involvement of NATO countries in the sequestration of geopolitical power, mineral and energy assets by force is an abomination of their founding principles and represents unaccountable war criminality on an unprecedented scale (right under the unwitting noses of the best established "informed" electrotes on the globe).  These campaigns have been extended (since the leaders changed in 2008-10) but the G8 philosophy seems to mirror Murdoch's vision of the ideal libertarian future "featuring as much individual responsibility as possible, as little government as possible and as few rules as possible".  This mirrors the philosophy of the Milton Friedman and Chicago school economists who have implanted these policies (and the threat of support from the IMF to ensure the corpse of the innocent country has been bled to deathProtection rackets from the IMF/Banking mafia.sad statsThe concept  that  corporate freedom unrestricted by governments leads to economic growth & welfare is obviously flawed.  Removing the political control requires violence and human suppression  (these policies are overtly evil) and this year there is increasing criticism of such ruthless leadership and the violent methods used  UK rendition and torture Straw that broke the camels owners Blair genocide for profit Bush & Blair regimes: war crimes.  So the political and economic leaders of the G8 believe in unrestricted commerce &  profit and they will stop at nothing to open up then mine this dangerous road. The media leaders are paid to massage this profile (and soften up token opposition or defame leaders who "supress" their people).  The Bush/Blair regimes with lobbying and under the gaze of media coverage killed 2 million civilians in Iraq and privatised their oil wealth within days of Hussein's executionThe Economic crisis 2007/8: Reliance on Violence, Genocide and Erosion of Political Control (the pentagon was privatised by Donald Rumsfelt within hours of the September 11th atrocitiessad stats and the war on terror continues in Afgahnistan despite Obamas pre-election pledge).  These expensive campaigns mean that austerity is coming soon to the UK and US people because these flawed theories have eroded both effective political control, meaningful financial services regulation and beggared national treasuries by overspending and multi-national tax evasion.  News Corp trades in several nations and banks offshore which is a sure sign that they are minimising that revenue base to fund government budgets (and the contagion is spreading out of the USA and plunging creditor countries like China into a self-imposed debt crisis).

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The Leveson Enquiry has been commisioned by PM Cameron himself to look at the "culture, practices and ethics of the press".   Lord Leveson is a Jewish Liverpudlian born into a noble familyHighland clearances, that was involved in the Highland Clearances (where large numbers of Scots were evicted from their land to make way for herds of sheep on "vast tracts of land").  This may sound emotive (though I am certain that the genial Brian Leveson (educated at Mertoun College, OxfordMertoun wealthy college) would not be capable of land grabs or mass evictions in the modern day context) but as a senior figure in UK law enforcement Lord Leveson must be disappointed that his enquiry has no effective judicial or legal clout and it is paid for dutifully by taxpayers largely from the inner city, where the sheep have not yet found their place.  The whole theatrical performance has been running for just over a year. In 58 days between July 2011-end of March 2012 the running costs were almost £3 million pounds and News International paid settlements of up to £600,000 to individuals who are already some of the most highly remunerated people in the UK (or intertwined in the power/media/celebrity networks referred to on this site).  Like Glen Mulcare, a private detective exceling, in phone hacking several News Corp employees have under deep scrutiny for their interaction with UK and Metroploitan police officers who sold on access to private conversations (2 of the biggest players immediately resigned as the "scandal"Trivial muckraking? broke).  Some of Cameron's and Murdoch's mutual friends (Rebecca Brooks and her husband) are threatened with prosecution for the "invasive prurient activities of the press" and even some new labour politicians (who led the UK through the desperately violent & criminal period profiled above have been re-imbursed for slights or information gained by phone hackingprescott). Blair himself was called with his spin doctors but these allegations remain unansweredWar Crimes allegations  So why divert the public and the last remnants of the free analytical media with this?  Simply to divert them from the involvement of the men at the very top of course. The Chilcott enquiry into the Iraq war is still pussyfooting aroundIraq "internal report" but all of the UN countries (and Palestine a notable exclusion) know the truth and those G8/NATO protests get louder and louder (but still the blame goes nowhere near the big decision makers)G20 protests.  The culture secretary is facing charges for lobbying in support of expansion of Murdoch's BSkyB empire in the UK yet PM Cameron's courtship of Murdoch's favours is not open to scrutiny or attracting any harsh criticismBSkyB "scandal" Cabinet jr takes the fall.  The people at the very top of those decision making trees are headed for a fall (and they are very very exposed to scrutiny nowUK Cabinet approves renditionGuantanamo: pricking the conscience).  It all sounds relatively small beer and undoubtedly is compared to the watergate (break in), endowing gifts or cash on political parties, helping prime ministers to power or jointly leading countries to war for commercial motives (or just to remove effective political, legal or moral interference with wealth creation for the elite)Murdoch Empire: Cameron Tool.  Only time will tell but even the disgraced President Nixon was paid a small fortune for his lecture toursBlair £6000/minute and Blair is still on the loose with his private security guardsBlair on the run and his army of key contactscampaigning at davos.