Pleading with the German Media to let the news out: WMD trading by G8-G20 Governments

This Email went directly to the German Press & TV this morning (8th August 2013) in the hope that they have not sold their souls to the Illuminati owned New World Order.  For 2 years now the global media have been refusing to release any of my news .  These crimes are run by the cross-party cabals for WEALTH DIVIDE (supported by the financial services, banking and limited liabilty audit sectors) so GOVERNMENTS can rob their citizens blind and cull what the elites think of as hungry eaters i.e. you and me (innocent citizens everywhere).

George Lees <>

11:05 (2 hours ago)

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Dear German Journalist,

I want you to be aware that the British Government has become embroiled in a weapons trading scandal that threatens peace and integration across the world.  For several decades John Bredenkampf (domiciled for much of this period in England) a Rhodesian businessman has been trading land mines and nuclear weapons made in RSA/Zimbabwe to any customer who will buy them.  The Conservative party in England have been greedy enough to sanction and FUND this breach of the Geneva Conventions.  Mrs Thatchers own son became a peer of the Realm and the Major Government escalated the problem in the early 1980s when they (Lords Patten and McAlpine as the co-ordinators) decided to INVEST in Bredenkamf's company.  The exercise raised millions of pounds for a new round of illicit trading of WMDs (and you know that the UK with Bush Jr hypocritically manipulated NATO into war in Iraq long after Bushes father and the British had denounced Husein for using weapons they had sold him in the KURDISTAN GENOCIDE.  In the last fortnight one of the nuclear devices has gone astray (hence the fuss at Border control in Gibraltar....and the SHOCK tactics of blowing up trains and twisting elections in the countries involved.  William Hague (UK foreign secretary) is in a quandary....when his CONSERVATIVE party invested in Bredenkampfs nuclear missiles prominent party members were told to sign a public information immunity certificate ....these elected politicians are now Lords or Knights in the English Parliament (Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine, Geoffrey Howe, William Waldergrave, Peter Lilly and Malcolm Rifkind all hid their guilt using this cowardly legal loophole.  They then convened crooked inquests into the ASTRA supergun project BABYLON ...which led to the assassination of Dr Bull in Brussells and the trading of industrial lathes with Iraq led to PROSECUTIONS of RELATIVELY INNOCENT people in the Matrix Churchill affair.  The new labour party led by Tony Blair....then killed their foreign secretary and a civil servant called Dr David Kelly so Blair Jr and Bush could sweep into Iraq. The Scott and chilcott enquiries were cover ups....rehearsals staged in UK universities David Cameron played a minor role as an arms salesman in the Thatcher/Major governments.....and his experience was used constructively by the G8 countries as they made their way lucratively towards the G8 summit in RUSSIA.  I thought, as a decent country which has been policed by NATO since you were rubble in 1945, you should know this scandal threatens world peace again.....just to hide this conspiratorial financial fraud RIGHT AT THE HEAD OF GOVERNMENT.   Your taxpayers are paying a big price for  Lagarde, Strauss Khan and now Carney laundering IMF ECB funds into private wealth.  The Mugabe victory in Zimbabwe now means that Hague is unlikely to unfreeze Bredenkamfs assets held by UBS in Switzerland and that HSBC role as laundering tool will make then look ever so innocent if the governments involved ever expose their long suffering citizens to the horrible truth.  All the inquests are bound to silence for 70-100 years by the New World order who rely strongly on numbers for their policy making NEXT YEAR is the 100 year anniversary of a NEEDLESS PROFITEERING exercise co-ordinated by Churchill, Stalin, Hitler and Roosevelt BUT the leading role was played by BEAVERBROOK the media man who twisted the news so all G8 nations could profit....YOU NEED TO REPORT IT NOW!

Later it went to all of these people (see the lists at the bottom) but they have refused to give you access to open government for decades (even before LEVESON paid off the remnants of Britain Free Press)......they may not yet be on my list of CRIMINALS but at least they have formally acknowledge THE KURDISH GENOCIDE to be a WAR CRIME and the culprits that perpetrated all of this are now cowering in power or in the second chamber  IF YOU WANT A MORE EXPLICIT LISTING OF THE CRIMES just ask

In return all I ask is that you let your political representatives know that the vicious greedy game is over and we want our funds, pensions and savings back.......25% of Scotlands homeless are war veterans and 50% of the UK public cannot pay the monthly bills.....JUST KNOW WHERE THE ENEMY IS!   (usual suspects listed below)  

THIS LIST OF CRIMES was appended to the Email but IS WORK IN PROGRESS. if you are not on the first drafts then dont worry the project will be completed soon (see appended files at the bottom of the page)


The email went to these people,, Arlene.Gibson@scotland.gsi.,,,,,,,,,,,,
 Nadhim Zahawi <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "" <> "CARLILE, Lord" <>,
 House of Lords Enquiry Service <>,,,,,,,,,,,, "" <>,
 "COOPER, Yvette" <>, "" <>,
 George Galloway <>, "" <>,
 Ian Price <>,     MANY ARE ON HOLIDAY (the Westminster MPs get four freetrips to Europe with their family every year 

It also went to ENGLISH SPEAKING NEWS OUTLETS THAT have been suppressing the news of State Sponsored Crimes and Genocide for profit since the printing press and 

the computer were invented (and I have been feeding them with scandals and scams for over 2 unremunerated years),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

"AMY THOMSON (BLOOMBERG/ NEWSROOM:)" <>, Chris Evans <>, ,