British Broadcasting Corporation

I, like millions of people around the globe, am very reliant on the BBC for access to news, sport, entertainment and documentaries.  I am immensely grateful to them for delivering these services all around the English Speaking globe in the form of TV, Radio and now the digital media. I am fond of most of the familiar faces and expert correspondents and policy analysts who appear in or talk into Global living rooms and cars every day.   As a taxpayer/ratepayer I think the licence fee is competitive but I do worry a lot about the modernised BBC Trust and its role, particularly at the geopolitical and corporate interfaces. 

Why, with all these intrinsic virtues, am I fretting about the BBC? 
The BBC has two leaders.  The Director General (DG), currently Mark Thompson, ( is usually appointed from within the broadcasting profession in is effectively the CEO of the corporation DGs since 1927).  Mark, a jesuit, earns a salary of £800,000-£900,000 per year but Im not very sure what he does or why he is the highest paid public servant in the UK.  DG small fortune .  The salary is to be reduced for the next appointee and the Internationality of the role is to be increased according to Lord PattenGlobalist vision? (Chris Patten is the other big boss at the BBC, see below)  The BBC have been severely criticised over executive and celebrity remuneration policy.Patten cuts managerial salaries  The BBC no longer pays any of its celebrity performers more than £5million/year (since the departure of Jonathon Ross)! International celebrities earn lots and can become very influential Forbes 100 This remarkable lack of logic in proportionality of remuneration in the sporting/celebrity/showbizz world has also caught Chomsky's sharp eye but it fell below Emperor Nero's radar many years back as slaves/political prisoners were trained as Gladiators were deployed to divert attention from inept or corrupt political leadershipProof of diversionary conceptManchester United & the Burmese Junta. Chomsky calls the dumbing down of human activities in sporting/celebrity arenas as "opium for the masses" and this fuels an addiction to trivia and sporting events (but renders victims incapable of understanding or manipulating their fate). These mass diversionary policies are often used when the civilisation under scrutiny is on the verge of collapse and boating has some utility in a religious crisis (see Genesis 7,8).  Those who can see the benefits of constructive change, and adhering to the rules,  can actually preserve their civilisation and their long term prospects. (see old testament & new testament of the Christian Bible regardless of the version, translation you have access to, or the denomination that published it).

The BBC Trust is the governing body of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). It is operationally independent of BBC management and external bodies, and "aims to act in the best interests of licence fee payers".  The Trust was created on !st of January 2007 (at a time when the concept of a Trust was coming into disrepute Shaxson: Abuses of Trust Status ).  My worries are centred on the potential conflicts of interest e.g. scratch my back surrounding the current head of the BBC trust and the summary mission statement (that he, Lord Patten, is working for UK licence fee payers i.e. the general public/licenceholders). 

I am a "notorious worrier" but lets take a look at Lord Patten's CV multi-disciplinary power broker.  

He is currently Head of the BBC Trust, non executive board member at BP, Chancellor at the University of Oxford since 2003 (one of the leading entrepreneurial/scholarly institutions on the Globe and very conservative in its governance policiesresistant to change) and joined the Peerage/2nd chamber at Westminster in 2005 (as Lord Patten of Barnes).  He was formerly the Head of the Conservative party in the UK, the last governor of Hongkong, one of only two UK representatives at the European Comission  between 2000-2004, Chancellor of Newcastle University UK 1999-2009 and has many Academic Honors and Honorary Degrees.  So Lord Patten is a key player in the political, media, academic, democratic and corporate worlds but has no difficulties with conflicts of interest or as an expert advisor to governments, learned institutions and corporations/oligarchs across several continents.When one looks at the composition of the BP advisory panel, over recent years: (Kofi Annan former UN secretary general and now head of the United Nations, Romano Prodi, former Italian PM and Patten gunboat diplomacy or direct conflict?) one realises that the leadership and reporting of current Imperialist/NATO/UN campaigns may not be entirely focussed on objective humanist or democratic goals.  Currently the G8, UN and NATO are policing oil producing countries in the Middle East, SubSaharan, Africa, the Balkans or even GreeceOily palmsGreek assets? with no attempt to veil their ruthless greed. The raping/pillaging of Iraq by these teams with the full support of National PM's and Presidents is now common knowledgeExecution then Privatisation (Iraq)   ExxonMobil, Shell, Total and BP — the original partners in the Iraq Petroleum Company .   The last Conservative right wing leader who played a deep role in UK & German politics in WW2 was also the last person to be executed for treason in the UK under the alias/pseudonym of lord Haw HawRight wing propagandist executed.  During Patten's terms in office, the BBC have covered world news for the masses and overseen/reported on  the cave-in of the world economy.  They have reported on  Imperialist wars, weapons of mass destruction, burgeoning pan-continental energy contracts, global warming and terrorist threats to homeland security in the West (as well as terrorist incidents including assassinations/or executions of National leaders (or their family members) in the Balkans, Afgahnistan, Iraq, Libya and in Pakistan).  US drones frequently disturb the political equilibrium in these regions but with no footage of the assassination or the burial other than of the US leaders in vigorous good healthEuphoria: Nobel Peace Prize Leader Career achievement) and simulations of the whole world shaking eventStates Evidence  The BBC trust is always present to oversee uprisings of armed revolutionaries, "lawless thugs" & "murderous policemen" in Tottenham, anti-G8 protestors or NATO campaigns.  The implantation of transitional governments influenced by Chatham House policy makers (see speeches by Bob Diamond, Mervyn King and Liam Fox above) and the world famous LSE (where Saif Gaddaffi paid heavily for a PhD and tuition) is routinely covered by the BBC.  He, Gadaffi Jr, like his father soon lost the goodwill of his UK tutors and collaborators, was stripped of his expensive degree and is now facing war crimes accusations despite the mentoring from the UKs esteemed academic Institutions.

They, the global media & the BBC also cover the increasingly frequent International Summits convened all around the world NATO EU summits G20,G8 + 5 and all permutations (UK next year) .  This coverage leaves much to be desired (Cameras and microphones are conspicuously absent from these real Halls of Power i.e within the debating chambers).  These are effectively covert meetings which are creating policy impacting on the whole Globe but minutes, contributions and footage of/from the seminal contributors are entirely absent.  We get the summary outcomes on "austerity" or "growth",  an extension of breaking news on printing new banknotes or most recently giving policy making powers directly to the banks even more (day after transatlantic fraud revealed).  So the BBC executive and celebrity conflicts are relatively trivial compared to those with a mandate to run the G8 but it would be great if Lord Patten could get his cameras into these debating chambers so we can all see where the expert leaders are taking us and why?   Recently, countries like Belgium, Netherlands and Greece have struggled to retain/create an elected government and increasingly Northern Europe is laying claims to National Soveireignty (or National assets) in countries tied to the Euro to reduce "toxic debt".  Leadership of the UN is entrusted to 8 International leaders on behalf of almost 150 countries and troubled partitioned countries like Palestine still have no representation anywhere after decades of strifeIntegration or exclusion: the right to veto.  It is very distressing but for all we know the leaders of the developed world might even be discussing terrorist atrocities as an even more powerful tool to maintain their power base (or to remove rivals/allies from the geo-political map)! It is difficult to know who brought down the Lockerbie planesurrogate motives , the twin towers, or who committed the London bombings but analysts have clearly shown how politicians benefit from fear campaigns, armed aggression and even natural disaster in terms of power , economic dogma and realisable income ( and a few lives here or there WERE unlikely to stand in their way before the greed became unsustainable in 2007-8)SHOCKING methods for profit.   All around the world that is "virtually" bankrupt and heavily narcosed with trivia (which always captures the undivided attention of the cameras while global leaders work behind closed doors) leadership regimes are strongly reliant on human suppresion, regression and violence both at home and abroadThe Economic crisis 2007/8: Reliance on Violence, Genocide and Erosion of Political Control.

Lord Patten is shy, unassuming but, most importantly, he is EDUCATED and mentally agile (just this month, June 2012) he was in the news hosting a visit to Oxford University by their distinguished alumnus Aung San Suu Kyi).  Whether or not the recent Cameron visit to Burma is a genuine effort to promote democracy (rather than trade in armsHands Up (or cut off)? or deflect attentionNot Aung San Suu Kyi's dad but next regime) these teams are increasingly seeing the need to "front up" on removing the fear and abuses from International government.  If Obamah, as he pledged in 2008, had moved in this direction on homeland security and bringing troops home from overseasWar Vets stressed to the limit,Perpetually at war  (and showed the responsibility that Putin has in deploying the pacifist veto to allow free trade with Syria and Iran see Global & UK Energy "Policy"),  then U turns back to violent policies would be much more difficult to contemplate (see Chomsky war criminal link below).  Patten is esteemed by royalty (who have approved of many of his prestigious appointments:he is a companion of honourroyal esteem) and is a committed moralist (in 2011 he has bravely agreed to serve as an expert member of the Hague Institute for global justice (see illustration above) Chomsky thinks Political and Media leaders may be war criminals,  Reporter, Judge, Jury & Executioner?) but he is one of only three governors of Hongkong who were not honored for their duties there....Hongkong became a part of the peoples rebublic of China in 1997 ( I have no insight into Patten's opinions on other colonial outposts like the Falkland Islandscolonial wars:Thatcher era, where oil has recently been discovered UK interests (International Oil Companies) usual suspects: agressive knee-jerk  royal presence or Gibraltar "diplomatic" row: royal tiff, millitary outpost and diplomatic integration or neutrality has not always been a feature of Britain's delegations or Regal presence in these sensitive geopolitical regions( Patten returned from the former colony on the royal Yacht and is not fondly remembered by the People's Republic of China).  The Beijing regime likened him to "a serpent" and "wrongdoer who would be despised for a thousand generations" and "whore of the east""Fat Pang".  Patten has, more recently, been very outspoken about corrupt or violent Sri Lankan regimes in the past (but did not comment on the Liam Fox resignation arms trade) and has been very supportive of the Burmese political renaisance but other controversial regimes remain controversially aligned to the current UK government (and host visits and major global media eventshypocrisy).  Chris Patten is one of THE most influential media, corporate, academic, political leaders on this globe and has been questioned on how to achieve this status by many interested followers. His simple response to one   "The important thing for young people is to recognize that life is about more than making money"  frugal advice.  The Royal family soak up a significant and rising funding basee.g. prince charles (when inflation on retail goods is running "allegedly" at only 2% (and the queen works tirelessly for the Nation and the public good).  Despite the fact that she meets David Cameron (and previous PMs) weekly there is often a disconnect between policy reformBahrain,  and dialogue/diplomatic gesturing between royal familiesafter dinner implicationsRocky issues across the globe .  If this were to be recognised and the after dinner conversations could call International visitors to favour open geopolitical/millitary change by debate rather than by force then the apparent divides between political and regal thinking might be narrowed for immense global benefit. The recent socio-economic improvements in Ireland and the visits of politicians (and royalty) is vital in removing centuries of hatred, social & religious tensions (and hugely encouraging for the welfare of people all over the UK and the republic of Ireland).  Lord Patten chaired an important commission on Ulster policing at the height of the troubles. The thought that the tensions have been created as a diversion from political policy making is horrific and can now be set aside, hopefully, foreverIRA meet Mrs Windsor.  These tensions have been replaced by a new economic crisis, discussed elsewhere on this site, that is the creation of very recent leadership regimes in the financial services/political sectors and this threatens to, once again,  wreak havoc and create another wave of migrants looking for work and homes (all over the world).  So I have digressed somewhat from the media focus but the interplay of these powerful sectors is vital to understanding (holistically) how to restore the long term prospects for rich and poor all around the world (and how to preserve the middle classes everwhere).   The BBC cover these diplomatic and regal events, in the main, with dignity but one hopes that as well as pulling in the tourists and the crowds these events (and royal banquets) in the future can help remove the malign influence of kings, queens and aristocrats who choose to pursue power and wealth at the cost of their citizens (lives and welfare). Over 60 years of the Queen's reign we have globalised the whole world and have all the tools & knowledge to complete the sustainable civilisation of the requires a more sharing approach and an end to geopoloitical bullying and exploitation.

So I am worried about the scope for improvement in these arenas which remains unfullfilled despite the deployment of our most influential political leaders and even the royal household . The exposure of these inconsistent policies and potential conflicts to increasing public & logical scrutiny is, I am sure, something which Lord Patten will approve of (as a senior figurehead in Institutions which are the envy of the developed world).  The accelerated decline in the economy/political governance under Lord Patten's watch is, coincidentally, striking but Im sure that the BBC have the pedigree, the contacts, the integrity and the staff (certainly in the lower pay bands) to turn this all around and not just let it burn like Nero did!  The earnings of the BBCs best paid stars remains an official secretCelebrity pay/geopolitical smoke screen but Lord Patten need not have a conscience about this aspect of his "Empire"....Chomsky understands as did Marcus Aureliussustaining the empire!