Who needs the media (and who pays)

I am still working on how the International media have compromised political & economic control and corrupted the free-democratic world. If you need insight quickly visit Noam Chomsky's websiteUS media & the elitediversionary experts.  The Pages below  illustrate how the media control and manipulate breaking news and leadership regimes.  The illogical goals are to perpetually appoint ruthless leaders across powerful interacting sectors so they can continue to lead divisively (even brutally) particularly in the countries, that for over 60 years have been charged with leadership of the United Nations (and its Security Council).  The peace loving Nations that they abuse, bully and now "privately own" just want an end to the corruption, violence, land grabs and genocide.  These are the tools that these "leading" nations have used to wreck diplomacy, International trust and the Global economy.  I will keep it brief: it is simple to absorb and understand when the facts leap out and grab you by the wallet or rip  out your throat.  These accusations are being leveled right at the top of the media, banking and political trees where all the big criminals reside!  Ask your local & national leaders to take an interest before the world wakes up to this criminal and corrupt regime.....the free unrestricted media are vital to open reporting of world affairs and the creation of an accurate archive for global history.  This with education, trust, and sharing our technology, knowledge and resources, can restore the world to good health starting TOMORROW!

I am lobbying hard TODAY through the BBC & International News media (and the educated world) and some of this correspondence is archived in the footnotes to each relevant page. The Moral Renaissance is already in train.  All we need to change is the concept that, in a truly democratic world, 8 or so countries can DICTATE terms to over 150 peace loving nations who never get access to peace, justice (or their Nations' assets)!

This represents WORK IN PROGRESS......your role may be under scrutiny soon.