Westminster (Dukes of) UK Richest Family, Eccleston MASTER of PISO Horse F1 Vestey GG sex it up for ARGENTINA & Leveson Enquiry Remuneration


MASTER OF THE HORSE for the PISO Bible fraudsters and the ARGENTINIAN BUTCHERS MrsT and the VESTEYS : the WORLD OWNING BLOODLINES HRH and the ECCLESTON(E) cover ups in high heels at the races

The Text/Descriptor for this video is below the image.   that is Kenny McAskill for Justice Sec and police commissioner for all of Sir Stephen House's Scotland. To all of those who are unaware that I am being sectioned for my insight into our corrupted country  and send me invitations to play CANDY CRUSHthen I have introduced an element of GAME PLAYING to the sade  saga.

So see if you are smart enough to spot the LIB DEM who used to represent our region as its EUROPEAN REP in BRUSSELS......he is the only innocent politician I know and I have been shielding his ID for several months in the hope that he will intervene in my SECTIONING and help me take the whole country back to decency & Prosperity.  SO CAN YOU GUESS?  

As Most of you now know Candy Crush & Candy Floss are a joke about where Mrs Simpson was when her divorce so she could live peacefully inj PARIS with the non-stammering king.  As De Gaulle flitted over to Berkhamsted where I first met my wife who has no equestrian skills.  Hitler attended Mrs S' wedding and they were in CANDE SCHLOSS when the divorce came through.  Jim Hume is a LIB Dem too and he is very keen on the HORSEY FAMILIES and Duns is legendary for its fast cars too!

Dukes of Westminster  Bernie Eccleston Square Cheshire  F1 Tory Funding Ronnie Biggs Trident MASTER OF THE HORSE VESTEY Butchers Piso Bible Fraud Badminton MrsT Argentina War.jpg

We are now right at the hub of WORLD OWNERSHIP, all wars to "End All Wars"  and the PISOS Masters of the Horse for all of genocidal history. So we start with Mrs Thatcher in ARGENTINA.  THEN we profile the DUKES OF WESTMINSTERs' WARLORDS & CROSS DRESSERS just to sex up the stories about Bernie Ecclestone, the Trident registrations in Eccleston Square & Madonna (NOW THE MOTHER OF GOD in the PISO story gets us started).   Then Quickly we get onto the VESTEYS (current masters of the horse) who desserted the UK for Argentina in WW1 and they are KNIGHTED all ove Britain (from the National Arboretum in Gloucester) to the Estate next the Marquess of Lothian right on the BLOODY BORDER near Jedburgh Sheriff Court.  We Mention that the Master of the Horse is a Title from Sweden, Ital, Asia and all the Windsor Piso Bush Bloodlines I have profiled since I was persecuted by SECTIONING bythe fraudsters in the NHS (Dr Ian Fingland and the Scottish Borders Council).  All of them know the HORSEY JOKE from Jim Hume the MSP to HRH who is in the super elite bloodline that Brutalised Argentina very very recently under MrsT (the christian cross joke).  But on to the LEVESON and Cameron's regime.  I declare my dialogue with the MPS in his regime who have desserted me entirely & THE EXPOSURE OF THE IDENTITY FRAUD in the Alistair Campbell run COMPANY CHECK & Jume Hume the equestrian JOKER who was interested in freedombut opted out when I explained it was really dangerous .  That is the Philosophers of Berwickshire that NAMED the Hume Bridge in Sarajevo (where WW1 started). Jim left my facebook friends. BUT LETS SEX IT up with the 2nd Duke of Westminster (Britains richest family) and his tendency to wear high heels at the races!   & I remind you of all the reasons for the LORD LEVESON GOWER (Duke of Sutherland moniker since the colonies were sent to the colonies) ENQUIRY and the remuneration of the WORLD OWNING Crooks.  The Murdochs The Freuds The Harrises (of Rolf and BUTLINS DONKEY ASSES fame).  Then the Blunts and the Flemings and Hitler Rothschild. & the Pisos running the mint in Rome  100 yrs before they invented JESUS in the Villa Papyrii in Napoles WHEN VESUVIUS ERUPTED.  You know the Tory Party (Connies/Rabbits)  NAZI WW2 scams and the links to FASCISTS who run Burkes peerage (the Moseleys of Redesdale on the Border the REDESDALES also neighbours of the VESTEYS the Butchers in ARGENTINA (in Wartime st into the Peerage when it safe to return AS MASTERS OF THE HORSE). Company Checks correspondence reveals Alistair Campbell is the boss but he is not Blairs spin doctor and I reveal that John Lamont and Calum Kerr are recipients of all my sectioning issues and my reporting of the scams & the Lib Dem who refuses to do anything about it is a EUROPEAN Rep for our town in Brussels and is in the Fishing club that I opted out of to DO THEIR JOB & the Police/Judiciary roles too.  So the Lib Dems take the fall in all th coalition scams and the new Cameron Govt use Tina STOWELL to cover the Westminster Dynasty too.  They are relatives of Dame Nelly Melba the opera star (and Prominent figures all over Australasia the Mel Gibson jokes).  It is cruel of me to reveal Lady Janes Grosvenor (westminster) 's new hubby is a NED (Donkey Joke all through the Government, Borders Council david Murray  & False Religion jokes).   THE 4th Tier of the Bernie Ecclestone Diversion is the BIGGEST SECRET about the Richest family in Britain's residence in CREWE.    The Cross Dresser in ECCLESTON is married to 4 frustrated wives including COCO Chanel the well used starlet on the catwalk.  Their home is called EATON (like ETON and all their political Puppets).  His nickname is BENDOR for Bendover like the public schoolboys and ELTON John.  Princess Di is not equestrian so she is dispensable!  look up Princess Di and horses....it is in the Philipines on a Donkey/ASS.  The Layout of Eaton is Versaille, the white House and the ANZAC war graves in the Mr Bean joke shared by GG Quentin Bryce.  The Westminsters are BELGRAVIA property magnates and the have a weak male bloodline like Henry VII but are gentler to their multiple wives. The VI current Duke is also a Major General in all of Blairs' conflicts to secure the central banks in the HOLY LANDS since 2004...the territorials are now just numbered regiments.  Since the fraud researcher arrived from NZ AKA me he has become poorer & my old contacts are covers for Rausling also like the 6th Duke ON THE FORBES RICH LIST......the declared wealth on the FORBES rich list is a sham see our HSBC Santander disclosures.   I profile the Dukes of westminster who die young or are imbeciles related to William IV but SHUG the 2nd Duke Hugh is colourful but I forgot to upload his Wikipedia profile.....The racecourse is their entire life which is why they become the ricest family as PISO descendents and MASTERS of the HORSE (declared openly for the 1st Duke of Westminster PICTURED IN HUNTING GEAR).  He lived in the era when we were in Kartoum on the Nile (which means PISO) and was THE EARL OF BRADFORD near where my relatives in the GREY/Gray family came from (prepared to help my wife section me).  The 1st PISO Duke (LUPUS nickname afflicts some of the equestrian slaves,like seriously ill) married Lady Constance LEVESON GOWER the Sutherland links to Murray and MUIRDACH (of News Corp). The linguistics take you into HOSS in Bonanza or the KONINGSBERG  (Kings Assett park in the in BRUGES Assassination film).


At this point the YOU TUBE VIDEO gets censored by word limit.  So YOU ARE IN THE INNER CIRCLE and it is really dangerous since they changed the MENTAL HEALTH ACT SCOTLAND and the BASTARD ROYALS laws of succession in 2012.  I am consoled by HURRICANE ABIGAIL sweeping violently through the Scottish Borders council region as I write but BACK to the First DUKE of WESTMINSTER who Wikipedia declare was THE MASTER OF THE HORSE.  They have this in

·         1 Magister Equitum (Ancient Rome)

·         2 Master of the Horse (United Kingdom)

·         3 Grand Squire of France

·         4 Oberststallmeister (Germany)

·         5 Caballerizo mayor (Spain)

·         6 Papal Master of the Horse

·         7 Riksstallmästare (Sweden)

·         8 Equerry (Russia)

·         9 Koniuszy (Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania)

·         10 Georgia

·         11 Hungary

·         12 Asia

LIKE the Marshall for our country (Held by the Howards’ dukes of Norfolk since Longshanks declared Scotland could never be free) this is handed down to surviving relatives of the super-elite world owners…..which is why I Associate the VESTEYS with the introductory DON’T CRY for me ARGENTINA music.  The Vesteys are a major focus for Nicholas Shaxson in his EXCELLENT BOOK “Treasure Islands; the men who Stole the World”   THEY flounce to Argentina in War Time and make it safe for the NAZI defectors and Drug runners in peacetime. Then the stammering kings relatives makes them MASTER OF THE HORSE….for the Windsors in the PISO, Bush, FDR, bloodline that gets me a straightjacket & forced medication for life…..FOR REVEALING their shameful genocidal history…..THIS IS NOT YOU LADY JANE GROSVENOR I have a strictly platonic proposal for you! 


The forebears & descendants of the 1st Westminster MASTER OF THE HORSE they dare not reveal now.  Boris Gudonov in Russia is proclaimed by the English as the man who stole their world (Like Lord Patten). The Vesteys that are the Masters of the Horse are in Dr Fosters GLOUCESTER (near BAD MINTon) and right next door to the NATIONAL ARBORETUM (AKA SHRUBBERY on vast tracts of lands) .  The Shug Referal to Rab C Nesbitt makes one NAUSEOUS (that is HUGH & Phoebe in this episode) about Scotland selling itself to the better off together CONSTITUTIONAL MONARCHY and their GGjokes. The Vesteys LIVE in STOWELL PARK and Tina Stowell has been planted  into CAMERONS cabinet to cover this up too….I made a video on her and ABEDOWALE/Woolwich ISLAM terror staged by the Govt to cover my reveleations of WOOLWICH as an INTEL hub.  Two mosques were burnt and Abedowale & Rigby are massive financial fraudsters. So the Current MASTER of the Horse is nearly 80 years old and he is SAM & they live near the BOURNE TEST Itchen Valleys where the Drug Running Triumverate (Lord Plunket & Carnarvon who sired several queens babies beyond Anne and Charley Boy….which is why the LAWS OF SUCCESSION were changed in 2012…..).  The 2nd Duke deserves a video all to himself for his capacity to BENDOVER in the winds of change……but the warmongering MALE dynasty is so fragile that almost all the dukes have been alive in the lifetime of almost all of their ancestors…..ALL THE MONEY IS MADE FROM REAL ESTATEOn the business register they only run legit FARMS or are inactive LIKE LORD VESTEY apart from the Cheltenham racecourse Directors. ALL THE DUKES are soldiers except the IMBECILE.  2nd Duke hugh (Shug/BENDOR) is son of CYBELLE (the Tigerskin PISO Joke) LUMLEY (the Joanna LUMLEY BBC chindits COMEDY) bloodline. Lumley Daughter of the EARL OF SCARBOROUGH The Jimmy Saville town (he was a freeman). The 1st Duke won the DERBY and the bendover schoolboy theory is scotched by the BELGRAVES joke (the Lillies of the field Belgian wardead joke).  They have hunting estates and fine art in/from all over EUROPE and the WOOLWICH LINK is consolidated where BARONESS BLACKSTONE interviewed me twice WITH DOZENS of scams on her profiteering contracts.  THEN MY BATTERIES RUN OUT but the gales & rainstorm that ensued were QUITE DRAMATIC and allowed me to look at the intruiging likeness of the 5th Duke to the actor in the De Gaulle assassination (TWO ASSES IN IT) movie “the Day of the Jackal” to the actor Michael Lonsdale who also played Le BON ROI (the “good king”) DAGOBERT mentioned in the stammering King BERTIE’s WW War speech just to let them all know it was the WINDSOR Bloodline that leads the charge but need not leave the PALACE to commit the Genocide or the SECTIONING.  De Gaulle lived peacefully in BERKHAMSTED like the BUTCHER OF CUMBERLAND who slaughtered the Jacobites for the same team.  Lady Jane Grosvenor and Princess Di are not at risk of LUPUS (it means WOLF and has been associated with all the HORSEY tracts of land leading back to ROME where the PISO-FRUGIS ran the BAD MINT ON shakey grounds).  Dianna’s children have been quoted as saying they will kill for “their country” under the right circumstances and one of them said that in Mrs Thatchers (T is the Christian cross) ARGENTINA.  One has no words that can describe that LUMLEY woman!   The assassin in Paris SLAUGHTERED the victims at AMRISTRAR….its the same joke and the sun will set on it and NEWSCORP really soon.