Syria Now being raped and pillaged

If you just skim the pages hereWar Crimes, Westminster and Kurdistan and here War Crimes: The superpowers doing business as usual then you dont need a long lecture on why the transatlantic superpowers just keep wading in with violent/genocidal campaigns.

SYRIA is next in line. Just watch what these guys are plotting from their safe houses (in the commons & the Lords)
These were official releases from the UK Parliament on what their old friend (educated in the west) Assad is now "doing" to his people.   

Hague is cautious and always acknowledges pacifist Emails (he knows intimately the risks of being accused of war crimes in a UN security council Foreign office or War Office).  Here is his preferred interim solution: the provision of bullet proofed clothing and vehicles to shadowy revolutionary contacts.....who remain nameless favourites of the Westminster warmongers as millions of refugees flood out of the country.

Hague bullet-proofing un-named opposition forces

 The old Guard want though to just sweep in and ZAP/ remove ASSAD like Blair did.  This time it is the Tory regime (not new labour) who are bold enough to advocate shock tactics like Blair & Bush ruthessly did
The dialogue is ever so refined (and the actors are not always public figures)

Sir Malcolm Rifkind wants traditional NATO-led SHOCK TACTICS as MP for Kensington

 Wonder what Rifkind has in his pockets

When the debate on war crimes in Kurdistan was conducted at the end of February War Crimes, Westminster and Kurdistan(the House of Commons was almost empty but look at the interest the MPs have in current brutal foreign policy against new targets (and the creation of new income streams for the UK and its allied superpowers).  The Lords (en masse) are really zealous about regime change and look surprisingly alert on all these issues of relentless violence in poor oppressed countries

Coup D'Etat favoured by UK peers (anywhere overseas where business interests or natural assets can be acquired)

Then there are the threatened neighbours in Israel!!!!

Israel: just cowering helplessly under the NWO cabal