War Crimes: The superpowers doing business as usual

If you are an "honest politician", the parent of a soldier in any of the worlds armies or the CEO of a global business trading in other peoples' countries please read this and know that the enemy is using your offspring, your subsiduaries and your taxpayers to rape a horribly unstable world.
Over 25 years we have done these unspeakable things to innocents everywhere but executed their leaders (who used to be allies) .  Last week a UK Parliamentary debate to officially register genocide in KURDISTAN as a war crime was passed unanoumously War Crimes, Westminster and Kurdistan.  The participants in that debate seemed unaware that they were tightening a noose that arch-villains Blair and Bush wrapped around Husseins' neck around their own necks now..  This is threatening the world's future and you need to be aware that there are only a few war criminals and they lead the G20 governments ruthlessly for personal gain.  Here is the truth on Kurdish genocide and the guys that sign the transitional/regime change contracts.

The research below has been collated by a very courageous friend of mine who puts his life on the line to protect honest hard working people (and victims of assassinations in the financial services, geo-political or millitary industrial complexes).  His case is compelling and justice will be ours soon.

Subject: UK Parliament to debate Kurdish Genocide, Feb 28 2013

Distinguished Ladies and Gentleman

Having spent my entire life in the Middle East both in the Military and as a Middle East Consultant I find it extremely distressing to see that the issue of the Kurdish Genocide have still not been resolved in Parliament i.e. To ask the British Parliament to formally recognise the Kurdish Genocide.

During my many visits to Kurdistan and having met with many Kurds both within the country, the Middle East and in the UK I find it disturbing that the British Government will not (up to the current time) shoulder its responsibility in accepting this worthy cause.

When one mixes with the Kurds, mainstream Iraqi’s and indeed surviving Iranians who have either been tortured, displaced, contaminated by coalition forces weapons, gased or who simply cannot return to their country of origin for fear of being singled out or whatever one begins to see the magnitude of the problem.

I find it so hypocritical that our Government (British) not only played a major role in the mass genocide of the Kurdish people but also in its contribution towards the death of over a million innocent Iraqi civilians during the Gulf War and indeed Iranian civilians in supporting Saddam during  Iraq-Iran War……..this mass genocide is ongoing.

The following is a link to the many articles I have written that include hard evidence to support the above:








It was our government, the United States and many other countries who not only helped fund, build and supply Chemical and Biological Warfare (CBW)  Technology to Iraq but who also provided the hardware and ingredients to deliver these evil CBW projectiles. Proof of the Brits involvement can be clearly seen in the scandal of “Super Gun” when major components of a new weapon were located at a British Port prior to being shipped out to Iraq and also in that same technology being made available via South Africa where the “Super Howitzers”  were built and shipped to Iraq etc.

This aspect was covered in another series I wrote:


It is also fact that the UK and other nations involved in this so called “under the radar deal” where aware of the CBW usage by Saddam (including the United Nations) and did absolutely nothing about it.

When one also looks at the fact that it was the British Government, US Government and other Coalition Governments who knowingly allowed respective forces to be vaccinated with an extremely high risk series of injections one can clearly see that there is certainly a case to answer.

This aspect is covered in my article:  http://eyreinternational.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/the-hypocrisy-of-the-new-world-order-and-its-assault-on-islamic-nations-part-6/ with supporting evidence that ourgovernment and the Ministry of Defence were clearly aware of the dangers associated with giving troops both the anthrax and pertussis vaccines.

These past and current conflicts and wars are highly illegal and it is the innocent civilians who have suffered at the hands of our respective hypocritical governments and therefore it is time for us all to lower our heads in shame and accept what is done is done.

What happened in Halabja was terrible and our government must now accept its own involvement and act in a responsible way.

The main purpose of this highly sensitive email is to now lay the cards on the table and say to you all that enough is enough and it is time for the British Parliament to formally recognise the Kurdish Genocide.

To the recipients of this email………. I would urge you all discuss the implications and indeed use any of the information provided to assist you in not only debating the Kurdish request but in also reaching a successful conclusion.

I have always held the Kurdish people and Kurdistan close to my heart and will continue to do so.

Unfortunately I am currently overseas and will not be able to attend on Thursday and so wish you all the very best. 

Yours Sincerely

Peter Eyre -26/2/2013