War Crimes Confession UK: Drones sold to make a killing

The "ENEMY" within range but we cannot tell you who they are or what they have done

Unbelievably this as an official statement from staff at the British RAF and foreign secretary Philip Hammond that they are murdering LOCAL people in Afgahnistan (like Obama is in Pakistan)!
They seemed confident that openly declaring state sponsored killings on foreign shores would supress the conspiracy theories that the only terrorists are in the G8 Government buildings.  

Just a few lines to explain how twisted this is.
It is difficult to find words to describe it.   It is cowardly, against all the Geneva conventions, and is perpetrated (without the declaration of war or even a rationalization for having ENEMIES in a country suppressed by Imperialists since the Silk wars) as we harvest the opium product that the locals die for (and drug Tsars, committed to dismembering their own communities can sell it on with no threats of even token law enforcement from Government mafias).  The whole of sub saharan Africa has been brutalized this way but in hospitals and maternity rooms everywhere across that huge region they have no opiates for pain relief or legitimate anaesthetics which have made almost all operations safe in the G8 for 200 years.  In Liberia, 1 in 12 mothers die in caesarian ops....in Britain it is 1 in 180,000 (but we will not share it we prefer to kill....they call it accelerated death)The intensive care sector asked me to write an article on this scandal but refused to publish it (before I resigned on principle following the bloodless headless corpse in woolwich and the Mosque burning that followed the incident().  Even Channel Four News were shocked by the death rate in Liberia http://www.channel4.com/news/liberias-desperate-need-for-anaesthetists
For more on Blix, Kane and South Africa/Rhodesia go to Mandela's funeral and remind yourself that many of the surving profiteers were there but not all the monarchies.....Mandela: Out of Africa and into Heaven or the VaticanHolocaust, World Wars, Cold Wars, Palestine & EU explained.

 Oh and on the subject of opiates I learned recently that in 2004-5 when Shipman created his overuse NHS murder scandal (which disrupted the NHS and all its professional governance accreditation/CPD requirements) that Shipman was also the name of the UK war correspondent who was ever so interested in David Kelly's life threatening operation on the edge of the wood Shipman the war correspondent .  Kelly had evidence, which was suppressed, by his ultimate sacrifice, that the Chemical weapons Sadam used in the Kurdish genocide were sold by Karl Kobe a German firm (so this could not be exposed when Hans Blix visited in 2002).  The Chenical weapons were rediscovered recently, in Syria much more recently brutalised by these thugs, and they were found by GERMAN Angela Kane WMD inspector with previous as an executive at the World Bank.   The reason Kelly died though, was that he knew (like our Auguste Prime Minister David Cameron who went to South Africa with Kelly) that Arms Corp (out of Rhodesia and the Aparteit Republic of South Africa) were selling Nukes to other superpowers funded as an entrepreuneurial opportunity by British Conservatives when Mrs Thatcher was in power (and before her son Sir Mark, peaked as a weapons trader but never had his Crown inquest published). Weapons were tested in the South Atlantic and in North Korea...Kelly knew that this was a breach of the nuclear explosions act and that if didnt declare it he might be convicted and loose his pension.  The removal of his patriotic and principled, even patriotic stand, allowed Blair and Bush to sweep into Iraq.  Blair is now the UK envoy to the Middle East having killed his closest allies and his foreign secretary, the late but highly respected Robin Cook, New Labour Martyr RIP who made his resignation speech in defence of open democracy just weeks before his death in SCOTLAND....where inquests are routinely FUDGED for cashMull of Kintyre Assassinationshttps://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/new-world-order-timeline-black-forces-at-work/fatal-accidents-no-culprits AND https://sites.google.com/site/profgeorgeleesrevelations/new-world-order-timeline-black-forces-at-work/timeline-black-forces-in-the-g8-g20-profiteering-plot-crimes  Still alive before he was whisked off by helicopter which his wife...up the mountainside on the cairngorms....was not allowed to board.   which removed New Labour's only obstacle to an unjust war which once again made the PM a multi-millionaire as Bush Jr and Blair killed 2 million innocents Martyred by your own ruthless democracy.  The truth was told on Brian Haw's teeshirt after a ten year peace protest...2 million innocent deaths so Iraq's oil wealth could be Britain's and America's....Haw also died suddenly around the same time, no inquest, another final solution, job done!