AMIENS and war profiteering and BOMBING THE LOYALISTS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXaETEZj0iU  They let me publish both videos in the end
Bing Crosby war Bonds US treasury office WW2 CENSORED BY YOU TUBE
This is another video that YOU TUBE HAVE BANNED to cover up war crimes and genocides.  THE REALLY SENSITIVE ISSUES ARE THAT GOVERNMENTS run war bonds scams  and SCAM THE PEOPLE they are about to send to their deaths. THE TITLE for the video was Crusades Fr Bomb patriots Crosby war bonds IMF Circus Jules Verne Jokes. I doubt that this will run but please let me know.

BANNED BY YOU TUBE War Crimes at AMIENS and the bombing of jailed Fr Resistance members: THE RELIGIOUS FRAUD interlocks to the British Monarchy

SO SINCERE APOLOGIES TO YOU TUBE for these issues which took only FIVE HOURS TO FIX but "I am really ashamed that I did all this work on THE SABBATH". 

And I am going to have to upload it again for CENSORSHIP REASONS.  The administrators at YOU TUBE are treading really dangerous war crimes ground with millions of shallow graves under their fascist heels.

I forget to tell you that Jules Verne lived in AMIENS and that it is twinned with DARLINGTON near York and is not too far from Scarborough where Bram Stoker and Jimmy Savile were FREEMEN.....in the corruption sector.  Amien is between the beaches at normandy and the bail out quite beaches near DUNKIRK (the Black Fascist Christian Church fraud).  Amiens has a massive Cathedral that has survived intact through both wars and the bombing of the French patriots who were JAILED IN AMIENS through the entire FOR PROFIT CONFLICTS.  The thumbnail is a reference to the G8/G20 profiteering nations and their WAR BONDS & CITIZENS GOLD into fort knox scandals.....shared with the "free world" as the BOND movies and GOLDFINGER.  When the massive culls ocur in Amiens in 1914 & 1945 occur within months of the end of the war they first bomb the town JAIL to take down the LOYALIST FRENCH RESISTANCE MOVEMENT jailed there for the whole war.....THAT IS BOMBER COMMAND who take it down under BOMBER HARRIS and the RAFAEL RAF from the UK.....run now by the Germans who were Hanoverian, then Saxe Coburgs but soon to be the Windsors for reputational reasons.  Bing Crosby and many of the US celebs run the war bond scams (with links into Lilly Allen's air balloon christianity jokes out of Bedford.....where GLEN MILLER was safely hosted through WW2.  The Amiens links to AMEN and the road to Rouen are more damning eveidence of the massive christianity fraud that now consumes the whole globe.  The sermons this morning in my home town focussed on heroines like ODETTE (cover for the Odessa diasporas involving the papacy), on courage and acts of god, on delegations from Germany and at the catholic church they have now established a SHOP in the backroom where you can purchase little icons of the baby jesus like El Ninho.....if you can still afford it after you have donated to both collections. The links of Amiens to the bosses of the IMF reveal the new right wing universities focus on LAW, ECONOMICS & POLITICS  and the man from CHICAGO who I forgot in creating the globalised IMF scams was MILTON (the name of the Devil in the Al Pacino movie) FRIEDMAN (the joke about the slaves and the war crimes by STEVE McQueen I & II.  I explain again the links to BASEL FAWLTY and the no bombing zones which are safe havens for the profiteers across the world in every conflict.  Anyway ENOUGH I need to explain the genocides in the SUDAN at KARTHOUM and the butcher jones jokes shared by the dads army characters all of whom are war crimes JOKES against the worlds "peace loving" people.