US Politics: leading the "free" world to collapse (or extinction)

Posted 2nd October 2012
Within weeks we will have a presidential election which is crucial for World Peace and the Global Economy.  In 15 minutes of viewing on FOX News this morning my hopes were dashed.
Four times already in the US' short history since it escaped (by revolutionary methods) from Great Britain's malicious lead it has used an un-elected electoral college to turn over the decision of the US people to elect their own President

Sickly Democracy!

Dr Jill Stein (civilized, informed and arrested political rival)

.  In this years race both the major candidates stand for exactly the same thing: keeping the USA as the leading superpower, regardless of the needs, or feelings, of the rest of the world it demands the right to govern by force.  Watch these shockingly supercilious and shallow videos by the lawless leaders (and aspirant contenders) of (for) our free world.  It does not take long to see the message from the White HouseJill Stein arrested by the Land of the Free's Electoral College Enforcers.

Insightful soul searching

Blowing up the tension

Or the message that the American people expect to be the most powerful Nation on the Globe for all time (as do both of the traditional candidates)

Even Christian Scientists working on a Sunday

  Why would the USA (and both of its political parties) want to pursue violent policies like this video but sit down with a stiff drink first.William Engdahl: International  

USA:fit to lead the world?

Professor Engdahl confirms that Syria and Iran are being ruthlessly pressurised by the USA as occurred in Libya & Iraq...and that the Four Major Oil corporations in cahoots with leading politicians like Dick Cheney, Condaleeza Rice (who sat on the boards of, respectively, Halliburton ["Millitary Base Construction Company] and Chevron [OIL giant] in earlier, for profit campaigns in the middle East).  The interview also reveals how national governments deflect attention from these war crimes and corporate privatisation compaigns by sensationalising diversions like the Pussy Riot protests in Russia or the wikileaks/Assange issues that have been so prominent in the western media recently.  China and Russia now see the damaging effects of unjustified campaigns on the capacity to fuel their growing economies (hence their reluctance to support the US-prompted sanctions).  These sanctions though (particularly monetary pressure) on Syria and Iran are crippling the local currencies and impoverishing the local people and creating waves of refugees into neighbouring countries which are only just recovering from earlier Bush, Blair led and G8/NATO enforced campaigns in the region.  The cynical regulators of US banks (defend America's role in this ) by crippling honest trading links with countries in the region.  It is quite tragic that the images in the Standard Chartered annual report depict construction of peaceful subburbs for middle class homeowners in the region....but this peaceful; societal growth has been punished by the banking regulators who drive the world to war then renege on their contracts to build from the rubble.