Uniting your GLOBAL kingdoms by religious Massacres and mind controling the PM

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Uniting your GLOBAL kingdoms by religious massacres and mind controling the PM (Prime minister)

This is a video on GLOBAL corruption. I am on the Tay river valley & that is the read it backwards comedy that is false religion to spark wars all around the world. So TAY is Ya the jaw on the pulpit and T is the christian cross. The rest of the story is about Dundee and Fife's history and how many died fighting against each in the name of the non-existent & the NOW non existent pagans all across the world. Millions have been used as SLAVES EVEN the POORER White Slaves but most have been culled by the world owning families who launch the religious hatred. The cities of WASHINGTON Columbia DC, ROME THE VATICAN City, and LONDON since 1067 when Wm Conqueror brought the BANKING families out of Europe. They rotate the ethnic and religious hatred from Christianities 100s of denominations, ISLAM Quoran Koran, Protestantisn , now society of Jesus. The IRONY of the Glorious revolution is massive and it leads to the beheading of many of the billionaires DICTATORIAL regimes brothers and sisters who tried to stay with the false gods they were born to worship and most just settled for exile to keep there heads where the real god placed it. Immediately After the revolution the BRIGHTEST CHIEF MASTER MASONS like Isaac Newton were running the Banks and BEHEADING COUNTERFITTERS but just listen. Only in 2015 did they change the laws of succession so that Queens or Kings since Wm & Mary must be protestant. For over 100 years post Glorious revolution ONLY PROTESTANT worshippers could vote in the elections and those parties are still in charge as are the KNOW NOTHINGS in USA. The PARTY is apt because that is what the whole of the WESTMINSTER PALACE has become with all the politicians named after PISO's nicknames LIKE THE POLIS PRISONS and PISTOLS Globally. So do you get it the Vatican with London since Wm the Conqueror launched the banks are in the 300 richest people which is why Benedict resigned and his cousin Paltrow divorced from chris Martin who descends from Flavius Josephus just one of HUNDREDS of pen names for the man. Chris Martin was the money man on the mayflower but is not yet a billionaire but has over 900 million. Apologies if the MAN UTD manager got a little more than 16 M all that is the naming of Mannheim in the Palatanate where Bonfice was sainted for cutting down Thors OAK and launching the LOCAL PAGAN CULL. So the video proclaims the power of the SUN GOD whose winter celebration was on 25th DECEMBER in Ancient Pagan ROME. Trump is from FULDA /Frankfurt Palatinate like the hanoverian KINGS George 1-3 and the Berenberg Gosling Banks IT IS A SORDID PLOT to steal the world or Take it over as described by HALLETT WHOSE BOOKS ARE NO LONGER PURCHASABLE since QE2 had him topped. THEY ARE ALL On PISOS bloodline and in Surinam Latin American the leading women are BONERS ( PISO Women and former speaker in the whitehouse which why queeny is Lisbet Bonno Ioanna and why OBAN and the Cathedral on IONA are so named. So have a nice day Princess Anne and please stop culling the hungry eaters ASAP. Patrician vs Plebian even since ancient Rome and modern day BRUSSELS, LITHUANIA, Luxemburg and the late Pr Berhards LIPPE BIESTERFIELD now in Royal religious ORANGE HOLLAND since Germany Lost the WAR but stole the world out of HeSS Cassel Hanover Battenburg etc using the great escapees like Cavendish, Bowes Lion etc etc ZEIG HEIL QUEENY time to surrender before you get to the PEARLY GATES