Halliburton Cheney the US Foreign Secretary is CEO

Censored TOTALLY with no public views SCOTTISH ENTERPRISE IS NOW A SUBSIDUARY of TRUMPS WAR CRIMES companies & Sir EWAN BROWN Chancellor St Andrews who crashed the Banks 2008 Forced to resign

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Abdallah Jumah  PositionPositionJul '10 →
Ahmed H M Lotfy  PositionPresident - Eastern HemisphereJan '08 →
Alan M Bennett  PositionDirector'06 →
Albert O Cornelison Jr  PositionExecutive Vice PresidentDec '02 →
Albert O Cornelison Jr  PositionGeneral CounselMay '02 →
American Council for Capital Formation   Pro-business...Donationdonation recipient(past)
Baker Botts LLP  TransactionLobbying Client • $20000'05 → '06
Barbara Jones  PositionLobbyist(past)
Baroid International Trading, LLC   Product Service...Hierarchychild org(current)
BITC Holdings (US) LLC   Subsidiary of HalliburtonHierarchychild org(current)
Boots and Coots   Halliburton-owned well control...OwnershipOwner(current)
Brent Scowcroft   Retired Lieutenant General, U.S...OwnershipShareholder(past)
Brian Meara   Lobbyist, Meara Avella DickinsonTransactionclient(current)
Brown & Root Energy Services   Engineering, project...Hierarchychild org(current)
Brown & Root, Inc.  Ownershipholding/investment'62 → '07
Bureau of Land Management  TransactionContractor • $63583'06
C Christopher Gaut  PositionPresident (Drilling, Evaluation)(current)
Carol L Andress   Director, Legislative Operations...OwnershipShareholder(current)
Center for Strategic and International Studies   Think...DonationDonation (recipient)(past)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  TransactionContractor • $82477'05
Charles E Dominy  PositionLobbyist(past)
Charles Geer Jr  PositionVice PresidentJan '15 →
Charles Geer Jr  PositionControllerJan '15 →
Christian A Garcia  PositionSenior Vice Pres - TreasurerSep '11 →
Christina Dickinson   Lobbyist, Meara Avella Dickinson...Transactionclient(current)
Council On Environmental Quality   The Council on...LobbyingDirect Lobbying'99 → '08
Craig W Nunez  PositionSenior Vice President(current)
Craig W Nunez  PositionTreasurer(current)
Dale P Jones   Halliburton executivePositionPresident? → Aug '95
Dale P Jones   Halliburton executivePositionVice ChairmanAug '95 →
David Frazier   senior director of IT at HalliburtonPositionSenior Director of IT(current)
David J Gribbin III   Former Vice President/Government...PositionVice President/Government Relations'95 → '00
David J Gribbin III   Former Vice President/Government...TransactionLobbying Client'95 → '00
David J Lesar   Executive Chairman, President & CEO...PositionChairman and CEO'00 →
David J Lesar   Executive Chairman, President & CEO...PositionEVP Finance of Halliburton Energy'93 → '95
David J Lesar   Executive Chairman, President & CEO...PositionEVP and CFO'95 → '96
David J Lesar   Executive Chairman, President & CEO...PositionCOO'97 → '00
David J Lesar   Executive Chairman, President & CEO...OwnershipShareholder(current)
David Rich Smith  PositionVice President (Tax (Retired))(current)
David S King  PositionPres - Completion & ProductioJan '08 →
Debra L Reed   Chairman & CEO, Sempra EnergyPositionDirector'01 →
Department of Air Force  TransactionContractor • $3880'07
Department of Homeland Security   federal agency...LobbyingDirect Lobbying'03 → '08
Department of Labor  LobbyingDirect Lobbying'99 → '08
Department of State   First U.S. federal agencyLobbyingDirect Lobbying'99 → '08
Department of the Interior  LobbyingDirect Lobbying'02 → '08
Dick Cheney   Vice President under George W Bush...PositionCEOOct '95 → Aug 16 '00
Dick Cheney   Vice President under George W Bush...PositionChairman'93 → '00
DII Industries, LLC   Subsidiary of Halliburton Compan...Hierarchychild org(current)
Donald A Deline  PositionLobbyist(past)
Donald Trump   The DonaldOwnershipinvestor(current)
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein Securities LLC  Transactionclient(past)
Duquesne Capital Management   Stan Druckenmiller's...Ownershipinvestor? → Dec 1 '10
Eaton Vance Management  Ownershipinvestor(past)
Energy in Depth   IPAA's "state of the art online...DonationDonation (recipient)'09 →
Environmental Protection Agency  LobbyingDirect Lobbying'99 → '08
Evelyn M Angelle  PositionVice President - ControllerJan '08 →
Export-Import Bank of the United States   official...LobbyingDirect Lobbying'99 → '08
Fidelity Management & Research Company   privately...OwnershipShareholder(current)
FTI Consulting, Inc   One of the world’s leading...Transactionconsulting client(past)
Galen Cobb  PositionVP industry relations(current)
George P Sigalos  PositionLobbyist(past)
George R Brown   Co Founder - Brown & RootPositionDirector
Global Environmental Management Initiative   Corporate...MembershipMember company(current)
Halliburton / Landmark Software Services   Software...Hierarchychild org'96 →
Halliburton Affiliates, LLC   Subsidiary of Halliburto...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton AS   Subsidiary of HalliburtonHierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Breswater B.V.   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Canada Holdings, Inc.   Subsidiary of...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.   Subsidiary...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Energy Cayman Islands Limited   Subsidiary...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.   Subsidiary of...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Far East Pte Ltd   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Group Canada LLC   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Group Holdings (1) Company LLC   Subsidiary...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Holding Germany GmbH & Co. KG   Subsidiary...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton International, Inc.   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Investments B.V.   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Latin America S.A., LLC   Subsidiary...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Netherlands Operations Cooperatie  Subsidiary...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Norway Holdings C.V.   Subsidiary of...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Overseas Limited   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton West Africa Ltd.   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
Halliburton Worldwide Limited   Subsidiary of Halliburton...Hierarchychild org(current)
HES Corporation   Subsidiary of Halliburton CompanyHierarchychild org(current)
HES Holding, Inc.   Subsidiary of Halliburton CompanyHierarchychild org(current)
Independent Oil and Gas Association of New York   IOGANY represents oil and gas professionals to the citizens and lawmakers of New York State...Membershipmember(current)
J Landis Martin  PositionDirector'98 →
James R Boyd  PositionDirector'06 →
James S Brown  PositionPresident - Western HemisphereJan '08 →
James S Brown  OwnershipShareholder(current)
James T Hackett   Chairman and CEO of Anadarko Petrole...PositionDirector'08 → '11
Jay A Precourt   CEO and Vice Chairman, Tejas Gas...PositionDirector'98 → May 19 '10
Jeffrey Allen Miller  PositionExecutive Vice PresidentSep '12 →
Jeffrey Allen Miller  PositionCOOSep '12 →
Jerry Moran   US Senator and Representative from...OwnershipShareholder(current)
Joe D Rainey  PositionPresidentJan '11 →
Jose C Grubisich  PositionPositionMar '13 →
Joseph F Andolino  PositionSenior Vice Pres - TaxJan '11 →
Judge Martin Feldman   U.S. District Judge for Eastern...OwnershipShareholder(current)