Trump the Mafia Mobster & War Criminal

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My videos on Donald Trump (son of Fred Christ Trump) in the Arrian Augusta MASTERS RACE Golfing Mafias have been ruthlessly and shamelessly crashed in the lead up to the US Presidential election where he is running against his GENEOLOGICAL cousin HELL ARRIUS Clinton the MADAME from Normandy.  
So the YOU TUBE VIDEOS have been either MUTED COMPLETELY or crashed in the filming or processing stages but this web site has been immensely useful and FUELS my disclosures see also Dunwillco the massive Trump run Ponzis in "SCOTTISH" "ENERGY" & "WINDPOWER".  that is on this page on the  Speculative Society from Edinburgh which is actually a Pan-Global MAFIA hub with most of the Aristos in the SS members of the Judiciary, Leading Politicians or Financial services BANKING CROOKS. 
SO the Little Siss Website from Trumps' USA is even more revealing than the deep secrets of the SS in Edinburgh (LAST LEAKED to the public in the 1990s).  The Little Siss site is SQUEAKY CLEAN and right up to date.  God bless America the land of the "FREE" it keeps an eye on its thiefs at the head of GOVT and LOW LIFE Trumps who declare they are worth only £10BN and are not contenders for the FORBES RICH LIST top 100 just like the POOR ROTHSCHILD & ROCKEFELLER CELEBS.

PLEASE NOTE THAT Donald John Trump is on the board of 2 of the 4 GIANT OIL Companies ( that is Exxon Mobil & Chevron).  The other two BP/RUSSIAN ROSNEFT SCAM Inc (Lord Patten's/LONRHO ROYAL Acquisition along with over 600 biggest corporate orgs on the Globe) and Royal Dutch Shell (which passed from the Dutch Royals to the ROTHSCHILDS when Deterding was scammed out as the former boss)  On the Little Sis web site all the Holdings are named CHILDE 
 Donald J Trump little sis

03 April 2016


Donald Trump

The Donald

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Donald Trump on the stump 2016

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Basic Info edit


Person, Business Person, Political Candidate

Legal Name

Donald John Trump


Queens, NY

Date of Birth

Jun 14 '46



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Analyst-created lists of people and orgs

Forbes 400 Richest Americans (2008) [#134] 

NEWSMEAT Power Rankings [#9] 

Cuomo Watch - Persons of Interest 

Forbes 400 Richest Americans (2010) [#153] 

The World's Billionaires - Forbes (2011) [#420] 

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2016 Presidential Candidates 

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Analyst notes about Donald Trump

"I'm worth $10 billion." We don't think it's that much, but the Donald continues to build around the world. Began erecting Trump Tower Dubai, his first project in the Middle East, with local... more » 


Relationships Interlocks Giving Political Data

Business Positions

Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.   Casino operator

Trump Organization

Other Positions & Memberships

Police Athletic League of New York City

Donald J Trump Foundation


University of Pennsylvania   Ivy League school in Philadelphia


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Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.   Casino operator

Devon Energy Corporation   An independent oil and natural gas exploration and...

Halliburton Company   parent organization

Kinder Morgan, Inc.   Largest midstream and third largest energy company in North...

Kingdom 5KR   One of the largest yachts in the world

TransCanada PipeLines Limited   Energy infrastructure company in North America

Chevron Corporation   Energy Company

ExxonMobil   Oil and gas exploration, production, and marketing

Mar-a-Lago   Donald Trumps's Palm Beach club; built by cereal heiress Marjorie...

Transocean Ltd.   One of the world's largest offshore drilling contractors


Deutsche Bank AG   European bank serving the financial needs of corporations, firms,...


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Fred C Trump   East coast real estate developer and landlord

Tiffany Trump

Donald J Trump Jr   EVP, The Trump Organization

Maryanne Trump Barry   Senior Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals...

Ivanka M Trump   Businesswoman, socialite, daughter of Donald Trump

Eric F Trump   EVP, The Trump Organization; The Eric Trump Foundation; president,...

Marla Maples

Barron Trump

Robert Trump

Elizabeth Trump Grau

Professional Associates

Tevfik Arif

Felix Satter

Ariel Z Emanuel   Business person, brother of Rahm Emanuel

Richard Fields   Casino developer

Ken Moelis   Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Moelis & Company

Michael Dezer   Dezer Properties

Friends & Colleagues

Jeffrey Epstein   Billionaire, money manager, sex offender (See Notes).

Bill Clinton   42nd US president

Kara Georgiopoulos   Former Model, New York City

Carla Bruni   French president wife


Carol Mizel   Donald Trump major donor, Wife of Larry Mizel

Scott Shleifer   portfolio manager at Tiger Global

Donation/Grant Recipients

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National Republican Senatorial Committee

Congressional Leadership Fund

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee   The Democratic Senatorial Campaign...

Donald J Trump New York Delegate Committee

American Crossroads   Independent expenditure only committee

Rahm Emanuel   Mayor of Chicago: Former White House Chief of Staff

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

John McCain   US Senator and Representative from Arizona

Andrew Cuomo   Governor of New York State

Republican National Committee   The Grand Ol' Party

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