Theresa May & Brexit Explained

Within days of resigning SNOWY & David Cameron have been gifted a £19 million mansion to live in.  May is married to a Banking Magnate at Capital Group run from London by the LOVELACE FAMILY (no not the LINDA LOVELACE PORN MOVIES) and they move to the "American HOLY CITY of Los Angeles" which gets more QUAKES (100 per day FORCE 4).  The Mays love cricket. SO look at the stories below on how they were introduced to each other by the murdered President of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto.  Imran Khan was running for President to replace her and her murder coincides with the collapse of GLOBAL BANKING CRASH.  Theresa worked at the BANK OF ENGLAND under Mervyn King who interlocks with ROTHSCHILD the BofE owners since WATERLOO (with the Duke of Wellington still on the Rothschild Boards like Pr Charles, Murdoch Kissenger et al).  So listen to the videos and look at the PICS on the pages below.  All the politicians since LEVESON are still in power but the COPS in the Met Police have been forced to resign COS they are on Lizzie Murdochs Boards & Chilcotts/Dearloves /Gen Sir Mike Jackson's Boards.  It is not a pretty  picture AND THEY HAVE PAINTED THE ENTIRE WORLD FASCIST BLACK.