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AMBER RUDD resigned because she is Crackroft PEERAGE ARISTOCRACY and WINDRUSH is linked to 7 BARONETS in CAMERON/Murdochs Chipping Norton.

Carrying on the political theme, Ms Rudd's ancestry was only pointed out to me recently by a reporter from The Mail on Sunday. Ms Rudd has the almost obligatory descent (for senior Conservative ministers, that is) from King Charles II. Hers is through the Barrett-Lennard baronets and the Lords Dacre. Her mother is the great-grandaughter of a highly respected Law Lord, Lord Fitzgerald of Kilmarnock. Both her mother's grandfather and father were eminent barristers. Ms Rudd also descends through the St Aubyn and Barrett-Lennard families from Rt Hon Sir William Morice MP, who was Secretary of State for the North between 1660 and 1668.


Perhaps at this stage (and as can be seen there is still a lot of work to be done on Ms Rudd's parternal ancestry), the most interesting part of Ms Rudd's ancestry is through her maternal grandmother, Christina Evangeline Bradhurst. Born in 1894, she was the daughter of Augustus Maunsell Bradhurst, an American emigr� who lived the life of the English country gentleman to the full, marrying the granddaughter of a baronet and marrying only child into the upper rank of British society. Augustus was born in the United States in 1868, and descended in the male line from a well known New England family who are placed amongst the earliest colonists. One of Augustus's distinguished ancestors was Hon Thomas Pell, of Pelham Manor, Westchester County, New York. He married Anna, the daughter of Wampage, Sachem or Chief of the Siwanoy Indians, by Susanna Hutchinson (1633 - 1713). Susanna had been captured in a raid on the Rhode Island colony by the Siwanoys, where her father, William Hutchinson, was Governor. It is said that when her family tried to rescue her, she refused to leave and insisted on staying with Wampage!



Jacob Rees-Mogg and Immigration advisor talk about Windrush situation

The week that the rivers of blood speech was dragged back into ETHNIC HATRED 70 years after enoch powell made his speech was in APRIL 2018.  It is simply a cover from the Aristocratic families that run the WORLD unelected. That is Chipping Norton SET The Chipping Norton Set (and the Prime Ministers Tools for Global Tyranny & Economic Grand Larceny) Matthew Rupert Freud, JK Rowling and Sir Steven Redgrave: Overlapping Directors in the Comic Relief, Charity Projects and childrens fiction sections JP MORGAN 2 Pirates of the Caribean, Charles Ist beheaded , Titanic Sunk STOW on WOLD & CHIPPING NORTON sacked & William Brookfield NAZI Windmill Rain Forest FELLER DIVORCES Hannah Rothschild.  First listen to the speech the WINDRUSH was the vessel that carried the SORDID IMMIGRANTS into the UK to receive Powell's hatred.  Theresa May and Amber Rudd have revived the story just to divert us from the syndicate that runs the world out of its unelected drinking den mafias led by Murdoch Trump Blair Bush Putin and ALL WORLD leaders since the Last of the Federal Banks were stolen.  HERE IS ENOCH POWELL's ETHNIC hatred RIVERS OF BLOOD SPEECH.

THE WHOLE OF GLOBAL GOVT IS A TEAM OF MUPPETS and below is the explanation of the WINDRUSH SIDESHOW for CHIPPING NORTONS' FASCIST Aristos.  Same for Oxenfoord which covers the no bombing zone in Oxford Cambridge Heidelburg and Gottinghenvideos that have been silenced on this page Elite Universities: Tragic Roles in GLOBAL CONFLICT 
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... and conjoined to the Fimbriation Or of a Roundel Gules Baker, Baron, of Windrush in the County of Gloucestershire Sir John Fleetwood Baker OBE created: 1 Feb ...
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