Matthew Rupert Freud, JK Rowling and Sir Steven Redgrave: Overlapping Directors in the Comic Relief, Charity Projects and childrens fiction sections

Dear honest taxpayer, and contributor to all sorts of charities that you think are designed to put an end to the world's problems that we, in the developed countries, got rid off 100 years ago.  We can have peace and prosperity and we cannot smack our children because we have a conscience and are inspired to create this social dreamworld by civic leaders who blind us with their greatness and spellbinding stories written by them as "PHILANTHROPISTS".
Matthew Freud is the son-in- law of Rupert Murdoch (married to his daughter Elizabeth who is a full and active member of the Prime Minister's cabal named the "Chipping Norton Set"). I want you to be aware that the Daily Mail are hitting on certain charities for fraud at the £100M level and claim that only circa a cumulative total of £1Bn has been raised over the years (and accuse Comic Relief "bosses" of arming armies & insurrection in the countries they claim to be saving from famine). 

 I need you to know that the daily Mail is owned by a number of the directors at the charity and is run on a TRUST BASIS, like the BBC where nobody knows how much the celebs, the paedophiles or Lord Patten/Mark Entwhistle (who was also on the Board of Save the Children/Charity Projects) earn or where they launder it to to avoid tax. The £8,000 a day that was paid to Entwhistle was a joke at the viewers expense as they cope with a paedophile crisis sparked by friends of Prince Philip who are now dead or have been disappeared in a similar crisis in the catholic church.  All of it is in response to amateur journalists exposing how they are stealing from the citizens which creates a mountain of false news.  

First lets profile some of their crimes. Look at the corporate secretaries and directors these civic leaders chose because they have no regulation (no due diligence or corporate responsibility to make investors and customers safe) and just tuck the loot away in the tax havens through the boiler rooms we profile on several pages of the website.  The Secreterial companies  listed below are just some of the names that will become associated with fraud in Great Britain.....but they are just the functionaries for the financial sector fraudsters and everybody can afford to buy the PM a magnum of champagne when they meet in private overlapping contracts, share price swaps, corporate crashes which are carefully planned in the highest echelons of power in the UK.  This is why having overlapping directors (to trade optimally as an interlocked insiders) is illegal....but ignored by these functionaries, celebrities, national leaders and charismatic TV presenters , Mobile Phone salesmen and Mobile Phone/Computer hackers in the PM's closest circles. 
SWIFT Secretaries, 
Company Directors Limited
DLA Nominees/Sec
(the latter of which has the scent of Swiss neutrality and secrecy which has utility in war and peace in all Prime Ministerial campaigns: these are just a few of the secreterial firms that help these groups get the cash elsewhere and beyond regulation).  We have profiled the members of the Chipping Norton set on this pageThe Chipping Norton Set (and the Prime Ministers Tools for Global Tyranny & Economic Grand Larceny) which was posted the day that Jeremy Clarkson (a friend in the PMs elite club) went public with the use of the N word and initiated divorce proceedings dutifully, as a diversion from economic crimes against global citizens launched from the PM's rural HQ directly adjacent to the Oxfordshire no bombing zone for profiteers in WW2.    When I was investigating the corporate Empire of mobile phone Magnate Charles Dunstone (Carphone warehouse Cotswold Mansion neighbour of David and Snowy Cameron & the Freuds)  I came upon the C word (Clarkson) in the employee listing for Dunstone's companies (and there are loads to choose from).   Jeremy Clarkson, as we have pointed out on the pages above, is loyal to the Chipping Norton/PM friendly-society cause but is not employed by Dunstone like Mr Robert Patrick Kelvin Clarkson, Mr Frances Archer Coulson and Mr Dean Peter De-Beer (singularly distinctive from Emily Openheimer-Turner who is the De Beers representative in the PMs circle of friends) appear to be.  Working together in families (in rural locations like Sicily and Corsica) is centuries old which is not in itself a crime (but some of these family names are also on the payroll or are associated with the darker side of blood diamonds or virtual commodities trading in the mining oil and gas sector. Let me tell you a little story about scams involving mobile phones, carphone warehouse, and loveable business partners called Ant and Dec.  The story takes us to the Southern Hemisphere and into the outback in Australia for entertainment with a catch and a fee on the mobile phone.   

At this point I picked up the scent of another money trail which led me to charity fundraising and the fight against famines in SubSaharan/Colonial Africa (just below the French colonial North African profiteering regions where vast tracts of land are now National parks and the majority of the votes for the incumbent President , who has been in power uncontested for decades, are cast in Paris where the socialist president sometimes resorts to marital C-word diversions.  I had strayed into Matthew Freud's list of directorial commitments and right at the bottom I found Comic Relief. 
The famine that spawned the red nose day scams was in a country called Ethiopa in 1985.  One of my heroes, before I realised the damage philathropists could wreak in the wilderness, was Sir Henry Wellcome. He returned with many of the countries treasures now in a museum in Euston Road near the Abbey National bank, bossed by Hester, where Steven Chang (the Basel 3 Whilstleblower) was murdered by Kroll.  But I digress, lets remember the famine where the BBC or SKY news always manage to get footage of emaciated babies held up by "concerned" plump charitable directors or pop singers who make a song about their humanity/or joke to their starving colonial interests. They then arm the localsWWF: The Fall of the House of Windsor, Totallitarian Government and Treason across the G8 to the teeth so they can end the suffering quickly and get the numbers down (this though is a denunciation of the charity by the owners of the charity and the newspaper, so one imagines the sums diverted into illicit activities, private militias, JUNTAS pockets are much smaller on the front page than those pocketed in head office which just happens to be in the city of London with a street address that takes the monarchy back to its European roots.  It might be instructive to show the whole list of DIRECTORS  for FAME AND THE OWNERS OF FORTUNES.


Registered Address: Hanover House, 14 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HP   

Directors and Secretaries

COMIC RELIEF LIMITED is run by 6 directors. Directory and secretary details are extracted from Annual Returns submitted to Companies House. The latest Annual Return for COMIC RELIEF LIMITED was filed for the period up to 31/07/2013. Visit the Documents tab to download the latest Annual Return.

Current Directors and Secretaries

Current Officer NameAppointedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Mr Charles Nicholas Garland22-05-20129413BUY NOW
Mr Peter Walker28-11-2013101BUY NOW
Mr Stephen Edward Leach16-10-201210414BUY NOW
Mr Theodoros Paphitis22-05-201250454BUY NOW
Ms Anna Bateson09-07-2012101BUY NOW
Ms Tristia Adele Clarke20-01-20115712BUY NOW
Current Secretary NameAppointedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Mr Colin Margetson Howes26-01-199330838BUY NOW


Registered Address: Hanover House, 14 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HP

Directors and Secretaries

CHARITY PROJECTS is run by 17 directors. Directory and secretary details are extracted from Annual Returns submitted to Companies House. The latest Annual Return for CHARITY PROJECTS was filed for the period up to 31/07/2012. Visit the Documents tab to download the latest Annual Return.

YearDirector and Company Secretary TimelineMr Colin Margetson HowesMr Colin Margetson HowesMr Daniel Nicholas CohenMr Joe CerrellMr Lenworth George HenryMr Michael Ross HarrisMr Peter Andrew SalmonMr Richard Whalley Anthony CurtisMr Robert Stopford WebbMr Saniel CohenMr Timothy Douglas DavieMr William Henry Rymer CaytonMs Diana BarranMs Imelda Mary WalshMs Priscilla Deborah SnowballMs Suzi AplinMs Tristia Adele ClarkeTheodosia SowaDr Firoze Madatally016 ManjiMiss June McKerrowMr Alan ParkerMr Alec John McGivanMr Duncan Walker BannatyneMr Eric Luciano NicoliMr George Edward EntwistleMr James Edward HytnerMr Jeremy Eric Richard MarstonMr John Crowther MakinsonMr John Hobson CoulterMr Kevin Paul JacksonMr Laurence Richard Simon NewmanMr Matthew Rupert FreudMr Michael James SoutarMr Peter Bennett-JonesMr Prince Albert TuckerMs Claudia Jane Ireti LloydMs Emma Vallency FreudMs Jana Eve BennettMs Joanne Kathleen RowlingMs Melinda LettsMs Nalini VermaMs Olabisi Adeleye FayemiSir Steven Redgrave199219941996199820002002200420062008201020122014

Current Directors and Secretaries

Current Officer NameAppointedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Mr Colin Margetson Howes26-01-199330838BUY NOW
Mr Daniel Nicholas Cohen18-09-2013303BUY NOW
Mr Joe Cerrell22-10-2010112BUY NOW
Mr Lenworth George Henry26-01-19938311BUY NOW
Mr Michael Ross Harris26-01-1993481765BUY NOW
Mr Peter Andrew Salmon18-03-2013303BUY NOW
Mr Richard Whalley Anthony Curtis26-01-1993415BUY NOW
Mr Robert Stopford Webb01-12-201131316BUY NOW
Mr Saniel Cohen18-09-2013101BUY NOW
Mr Timothy Douglas Davie18-09-20139615BUY NOW
Mr William Henry Rymer Cayton20-07-2005279BUY NOW
Ms Diana Barran22-10-2010112BUY NOW
Ms Imelda Mary Walsh21-09-2011112BUY NOW
Ms Priscilla Deborah Snowball06-07-201161319BUY NOW
Ms Suzi Aplin06-07-2011213BUY NOW
Ms Tristia Adele Clarke20-01-20115712BUY NOW
Theodosia Sowa14-01-2011145BUY NOW
Current Secretary NameAppointedCurrent/DissolvedResignedTotal
Mr Colin Margetson Howes26-01-199330838BUY NOW


GENERIC LESSONS to be learnt?

They are overlapping and incestuous but not to the same extent as the Rothschilds who hand picked them all for their sins (which make them coercible) and entrepreneurial potential to run the country for mutual profit. The financial status reports, at any given time, are very different but this is part of the art as you wander between tax declarations and profit taking in Q1, Q2, Q3, this case there are no investors to give dividends to so it is easy to thrive but none of it ends the famine or gives the "Developing World"  what the charitable donors take for granted.  In this sector, the auditor in the Boiler house and the BIG Four corporations gives you every concession it can, for a substantive fee, and all parties have LLP status (immunity from the consequences and prosecution excepting the local warlord who may end up in the Hague in a tight corner).....then get to carve it up if the directors want to crash the company & bail out with it.  The free press, that these directors and their in-laws own, sometimes chip in with minor gripes but the starving are starved for the corporate photo-opportunity and the directors get medals, knighthoods and, if they are really globally influential, they may get on the World Cup or Olympic Commissioners jobs next time around.  The Comedians just laugh all the way to the bank and play roles that cover up the efforts of culprits or whistleblowers in financial, murderous or genocidal crimes....see the sad SHIPMAN case illustrated below

This DG was appointed by Lord Patten the Head of the BBC Trust.  He gets the job as a diversion for the paedophilia crisis but gets paid a fortune for just a few days work.  He is on both of the boards illustrated in the famine charities above
THIS IS PATTEN's OWN VERY BLACK profit and loss account but this week he had a heart attack which may make him nervous about his greedy policy making in several concomitant Directorial  or strategic appointments GLOBALLY but the activities profiled here are just a drop in his globalised ocean.  His students face a life in Debt for a four your hons and a jobless future unless the government takes fright and begins to govern responsibly.

Although Patten needs a near death event to tweak his conscience  things are very different at the PMs advisory units where the staff are bailing out as they realise the magnitude of the crimes.  Most opt for GOOGLE where they can be removed from the search engine for their sins

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CEO of COMIC RELIEF KEVIN CAHILL who has been earning a £60,000 salary since Norman Lamont crashed the economy in the negative equity crisis, and much more in the noughties since the economic scams/coalition policies have rampantly deflated the worth of our currency, IS NOT LISTED as a director.  Gordon Bowden is painfully aware that Kevin James Cahill has business interests at the PMs' boiler rooms (in the plural cross-party sense) at 788-790 Finchley RoadDear Taxpayer, I want to tell you about the Prime Minister's Boiler Room in Finchley Road.  But CEO Cahill  is not listed as a director at  COMIC RELIEF, perhaps to protect the reputation of his coworkers in the political and INTEL sector or the "ultra popular" celebrity overlapping directors who work there but keep it a secret from their fans and starving benefactors.  The reluctance to list Cahill, of Finchley Road infamy,  openly, may hinge on his other day jobs as advisor to Lord Paddy Ashdown, Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who sold Britain's gold cheap in a typical Rothschild scam that was to secure ownership of the EU Presidency for life till Tony Blair: see Ecclestone Tory £million coercion)  and and an unsung figure in the Syndicates called LORD LAIRD ARTIGARVAN who does not take up a lot of space in Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia  Celtic French Connection Laird D'Artivagan.  We are not absolutely certain that Cahill who advises politicians in both corrupted chambers at Westminster, offices adjacent to MI6 in Vauxhall, and writes about the ownership of countries is the same person as the CEO at Comic relief (because he is scrupulously careful not to publish his mug shot with the politicians he advises, even on his web site).   These issues may seem trivial but GORDON Bowden has pointed out that KEVIN JAMES CAHILL was called as the only defence witness for one ANDREA DAVISON (an MI6 operative who has become embroiled in money laundering and fraud which is the primary role for INTEL in peacetime) She appears to operate under the command of National traitors who become Cabinet members, UN delegates or University Leaders or may have been elevated to EU or Monetary crimes. Andrea personally has defrauded individuals in the UK of sums in excess of £700,000 each but has been bailed out of prison 20 odd times and been allowed to flee to latin America with a blind eye from the British police and without a second glance at UK border control.  The links to CHIPPING NORTON & the PMs Boiler Rooms  are compelling.  KEVIN JAMES CAHILL has Companies where they were fronted out of 923 FINCHLEY RD London and where, if traced back, originated out of: 788 - 790 FINCHLEY RD London, the massive Jewish Controlled Boiler Room, 1 of 20 odd interconnected FINCHLEY Rd Boiler Rooms run by the same 7 Directors with recorded affiliations to over 500, 000  Shell and defunct  companies.  Whether or no Cahill is directly involved the links to Chipping Norton and the PMs morphing team are compelling.  Mr KEVIN JAMES CAHILL Gordon Bowden implied, might be directly related to: KEVIN CAHIL   a Director of  MALARIA NO MORE UNITED KINGDOM
Who's other Directors included: REBEKAH BROOKS nee WADE, ELISABETH MURDOCH (Mrs Matthew Freud).  Gordon exposed the linkage and all 3 resigned after he  published this evidence to various newspapers.   Now the motive and the crime:- 

MALARIA NO MORE UNITED KINGDOM  Received 16p from every phone voter in: I'M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE 
(Australian, ITV Programme hosted by ANT & DEC, out of Lord Patten and tiny Rowlands Newcastle) RUPERT MURDOCH Controls AUSTRALIAN PRESS MEDIA
However, more damaging If KEVIN JAMES CAHILL is also the same related to: KEVIN CAHILL the CEO of COMIC RELIEF
Where it was published, £millions of public donated funds for the charity was re-invested into TOBACO, BOOZE and ARMS Production companies including BAE Systems and over £100million was NOT used by COMIC RELIEF. COMIC RELIEF refused to answer questions on these issues. 

The COMEDIANS think it is really funny and are much more popular than the prime minister (who gets to meet the PM once a week but cannot interfere with his crimes, or vice-versa, for constitutional reasons).  The constitution was changed under PM Cameron's watch, despite the vigorous case made by Greg Hallett and the last remnants of , Queen Victoria's murdered 1st son Marcus Manoel's legitimate royal that only Prince Charles' illegitimate children could claim the British throne.  These are some of the popular comedians who think it is funny but do not see the tragic side just yet                                                                                                                      
Comic Relief
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Presented byLenny Henry
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Comic Relief is an operating British charity, founded in 1985 by the comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in response to famine in Ethiopia.[1] The highlight of Comic 

ANDREA DAVISON  who administered ILLEGALLY over 30 shell money laundering Companies that originated from 665 FINCHLEY Rd LONDON that the Secretary Agent were recorded at: 788 - 790 FINCHLEY Rd London. We suspect KEVIN JAMES CAHILL who walks the corridors of power in PARLIAMENT attended as Defence witness to over view how deep into the Massive fraud network of which ANDREA DAVISON was a minor administrator the Derby and MET Police had manages to infiltrate.

Read on, this shows exactly how Major STOCK EXCHANGE OIL,GAS and MINING PONZI SCAM Companies and heart grabbing CHARITIES can be used by POLITICALLY CONECTED Organised Crime boiler room specialists  to syphon £billions to Corporations who then BUNG vast amounts of STOLEN Public donation Cash to POLITICAL PARTIES like the CONSERVATIVES, LABOUR and LIB DEMS.

ANDREA DAVISON (It is recorded in Documents I recovered as evidence Submitted in Civil Case HQ10D04366) attempted to provide us with distraction to her real Identity as ANDREA DAVISON and had manipulated the Wikipedia entry for "SIR" JOHN BIGGS- DAVISON and MP PETER LILLEY by EDIT /WRITE/ REMOVE under 2 names "SHADDOWDANCER" and "DAYSTAR1" she did so to indicate she was the Daughter of Sir JOHN BIGGS- DAVISON and also was employed in the INTELLIGENCE SERVICES and further, married the brother of MP PETER LILLEY. Of Interest to the PUBLIC is, if as she claimed she married the Brother of  Dirt Bag Fraudster (I HAVE A LITTLE LIST) MP PETER LILLEY ( PONZI SCAM)
TETHY'S  PETROLEUM LTD,  previously cash and shares Asset stripped CANARGO ENERGY CORP  
All Cash Gutted PONZI SCAMS
MP PETER LILLEY, now on the DAVID CAMERON new panel.

Here is the writte dialogue between Gordon Bowden and Cahill  who gets nervous  when he has been rumbled

 On Saturday, 4 August 2012, 9:13, kjcahill <> wrote:
Gordon, thanks for all this stuff but no thanks. I asked you about your 'return' to Aden when the UK had no connection with the place.  You haven't answered the question. I asked you about John Drewe, now serving 8 years for a real fraud, and the corrupter of the 400 archive. You have not answered my question. You don't seem to have noticed that I answered all your questions, which I didn't need to do. It's called courtesy, at this stage. You have on the other hand, made assertions about a number of companies, which may or may not be true. I say that because the way you have presented the material is gobbledy gook. None of it makes sense, at all. Like I said, if you want to be taken seriously, do some serious work. And make what you are saying coherent. None of this is coherent because the facts that might make it so are not there.   I don't know what a 'head shed' is, either.  And you may be right about all this stuff, but sorry, I cannot understand what you are trying to say in a way that makes sense to me. Thanks Gordon, and may all your gods and demons, and you have plenty of the latter, go with you.  Kevin  
From: gordon bowden [
Sent: 03 August 2012 9:50 PM
Whatever, you think what you want. Your the one Shopping, me, I couldn't give a crap.
I have the over 400 Docs TARA Bunged on the Net in PANIC, after her 13/1/2010 arrest, dangling her Security blankets out to warn the "Head sheds".
Funny, she ELIZABETH U M BIGGS - DAVISON Born 1949 : had managed to steal & store them over 4 years Circ  1989-94, then goes all squishy when grabbed by the fuzz
Now as a parting gift: Without getting to technical.
Rt Hon Michael Howard if you check is recorded on the
Board of Directors for:
ORCA EXPLORATION GROUP INC .  I never said he was in Falklands Oil and Gas, that's just another FAKE AIM L.S.E Company.
With among others William David Lyons, John Patterson, David W Ross and a few others.
He got the hump after I published my reports in PANDORA'S BOX, his name vanished on the Internet Web Site in the BOD List.
He's still there on the TSX-V File for ORCA EXPLORATION GROUP INC
While on the BOD he made private Cash placements to 2 other Front Director only Cash Shells
Nothing wrong with that you may say. However, I'm sure you knew this.
Newcastle Minerals Ltd and Committee Bay Resources Ltd
Both ran massive director Cash Burns with O returns for any PRIVATE INVESTORS and like COMMITTEE BAY RESOURCES LTD
over 7 years de-listed and morphed many times with the same massive cash asset stripped lose
COMMITTEE BAY RESOURCES raised from the ashes initially from
then to
until now when they are called
All these exotic names. DIRECTOR Only Cash Shells, NO GOLD, OIL, SILVER, URANIUM, ZINC, TIN, COPPER, COBALT, COAL or even SHIT, Nothing, 10 years of telling everybody in their "CASH RAISING road shows" of the excellent reserves, resources, ounces in the ground, JORC and Drilling results yet over 10 years: JACK SHIT.
Like I told you, multiply that over 1000 times on the AIM L.S.E, like ABC 4 CORNERS "BAD COMPANY" The RAWAS SCAM, JCI & DRD GOLD, BRE-X, AREVA-URAMIN
Your clever, so you say,  and you tell me you don't get the picture.
Interlocked with Michael Howard is ANTHONY WALSH, he won't want that exposed in the Press, Why? well ANTHONY WALSH I'm sure you know is a recorded Director of:
AXMIN Being the Mining Arm of: ORYX which is the spin off of ORYX NATURAL RESOURCES LTD
You know Kevin
Go back to 2001 and the BBC report, Remember, Terrorist Funding, Blood Diamonds, DRC Mining  & Diamond claims Simon Mann, Executive Outcomes, Sandline
International. You might remember JUSTIN LONGLEY nephew of then MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove, JUSTIN a co worker mate with Simon Mann, both fronting as "Management" also involved as Management with DIAMONDWORKS "OLD" LTD
So lets go back to: 
The defunct Cayman based
Lets forget THAMER AL SHANFARI  and their other SCAM  FIRST AFRICAN DIAMONDS LIMITED and how our city gents were and ARE funding Rir ROBERT and his ZDF with (NICO SHEFER and the METOREX Cabal)
AMBASSADOR FRANCES DEE COOK   (LONRHO PLC better as  Senior BOD of dissolved  "After I printed PANDORA'S BOX Info"
ARLINGTON ASSOCIATES LIMITED (and you tell me I'm not getting to them)
ex SAS Commander ALDWIN J G WRIGHT aka WIGHT(ex KROLL, Special Forces Commander OMAN) 
ex SAS Commander MARK BLAGBROUGH aka BLAGBOROUGH: ( MOD Military Advisor ex KROLL Security & CULVER Lloyds IRAQ
But then, you might know: AMBASSADOR FRANCES DEE COOK was until I published my findings in PANDORA'S BOX Series a Senior BOD on:
ALLIANT TECHSYSTEMS INC. you know them, USA Weapons Production Company.
Well, NOT EXACTLY True, is it.
which is recorded as a 100% subsidiary of ACCUDYNE LTD and it's list of Subsidiaries
Which you might have details depending where you do your research is Recorded as: The 100% listed Subsidiary of ASTRA HOLDINGS.
Round and Round and Round, one big interconnected wheel.
But then, you know all about AITKEN and THATCHER in BMARC and how they were incorporated.
Aitken I'm sure Michael told you was "Shagging" Carole Thatcher, promising to leave his wife and set up with "Maggies" Girl. Only using her to get their Covert Arms Deals and Contracts signed like the OMAN Deals or moving massive amounts of "Stuff" into JORDAN for the thick camel jockey prats on both sides (IRAQ and IRAN) to slaughter themselves stupid
See, amazing when you "FOLLOW THE MONEY" exactly where MICHAEL HOWARD hangs his hat.
For what it's worth.
Take care.