The Bank of International Settlements (BIS)

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The Bank of International Settlements BASEL Switzerland the Launch of BASIL FAWLTY and Dr Basil Switzer & Dr PC Ian Fingland who sectioned Prof George Lees who used to work for CIBA GEIGY in BASEL.JPG
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The unelected Heads of our National Central Banks ("FEDERAL" BANKS) are in a very influential position.  Unfortunately, the most influential of all are on the board of the Bank of International Settlements, based in the historic city of Basel, Switzerland (where I started my International career as a research scientist...with Ciba Geigy).  They make and break the rules of International Banking (Basel 3) with impunity and they (with their International allies in the Limited Liability audit/lobbying sector and International/Pan-Continental Monetary InstitutionsSouth American Border Crossed: IMF experience essential ) effectively now rule the world of high finance but have never been under democratic or governmental jurisdictionThe Banking Cartels who rule the "DemocraticWorld" by warrmongering constantly.  They were founded to pursue war reparations since the treaty of Versailles (recoup loans, and interest, from winners and losers in International conflictsThe eight horsemen charging the world for war , Wealthy Families and the Proceeds of Waror lend to/purchase toxic debt from nascent democraciesDemocracy in chains.....South Africa, Poland, Russia and so many more) but as illustrated elsewhere on this site they have opened their doors to private investors and the effective liaison of the BIS board members with any one National government has effectively been strangled for personal profits (and global influence/lobbying power).  Take a look at the influential Eurocentric membership of BIS (but representing strongly the G8 leadership) that meets only twice yearly by charter.  
Eurocentric BIaS.......France keep the IMF books too.
Today 26th November 2012 (49 years this week since JFKennedy died for venting on the abuse of having private banking elites fund his government cause) MARK CARNEY, listed above, was given the job of Governor of the Bank of England by George Osborne (UK Chancellor) despite the immense conflicts of interest.  The Bank of England is still accountable only to itself and its shareholders/ bondholders BUT NOT TO THE WESTMINSTER GOVERNMENT.  Carney (a Canadian citizen) is cited as the man for the job because, like Barclays, the Bank of Canada did not need a taxpayer bailout in 2012.....they dreamt up the fiscal cliff and did it through their capacity to generate capital out of thin air  or from other corrupt  transatlantic banksBanking Fraud and Political Greed (across the G8) Governments might one day be capable of allowing their countries and their taxpayers to flourish if they get rid of this corrupt self-serving  community of private federal and merchant bankers 

The Board members and general managers  liaise with (and provide members for) the Group of Thirty (30)Loadsa influential NETWORKS & PATHS to the same ends Reigning in the 7 Bn, Davos, Bildeberg an the ever-so-frequent G8 Financial summits which need massive security cordons to keep their deals, orators and decision makers out of the public eye.  The Bank is situated in neutral Switzerland (perpetually conciliatory and at peace as a haven for economic refugees and tax avoidance).   Just take a look at the leaders and their dual roles of running central banks in the most ruthless and Imperialistic countries on the Globe.
Current members inflated beyond 30 below:

AND G30 MEETS OUTWITH THE EUROZONE (Washington) TOO!  Maybe why Ben Bernanke is not in this grouping?.....they come to his doorstep to carve out policy
More functionaries with the same motives ( to lead the world by violently sequestering the worlds wealth and running the UN and its funding base privately and outwith democratic control)  in the global web are depicted BELOWhypocrisy for cash

POOR Old Russia.......they align themselves to preserve their freedom, to stop abuses by the security council but they dont get the trickle down from the banking cartels (and blessedly they no longer need lending for conflict). 
Hard stats.

TAKE A LOOK TOO at the salaries, remuneration, and post-employment perks that BIS staff and executives get (in Swiss Francs): Ref1 in files below.   Compared to domestic packages and public sector functionaries who are facing austerity all across the protesting EU.  The two front runners as Mervyn King's replacement as bank of England leader (and presumably as BIS delegate from the UK) are Lord Adair Turner and Paul Tucker(long servant at the Bank of England and formerly Rothschilds).  Both are current  members of the Group of 30 (runs out of Washington USA)  as well as the FSA (the UK banking regulator).  The networking is like a toxic global spiders web and the succession policies suggest that the Governments across the Globe are content with the erosion of their power base, the dismantling of their country's or Continents economic prospects or that they are happy with the concept of selling open democracy for personal gain (trickle down wealth and long term personal/entrepreneurial wealth as earned by the UK's envoy to the Middle East and the most powerful and wealthy men on the planet: the illuminati and the banking cartels).  The global economy has been bled dry by these fraudulent cash hungry banking/geopolitical/warmongering elites.  DONT LET THEM PUSH SUITCASES OF NEWLY PRINTED TAXPAYERS MONEY OF THAT MYTHICAL FISCAL CLIFF AGAIN (as they did in 2007-8).  Ask your political representatives to consider what JFK in the early sixties thought was a democratic imperative.  The only route to accountable government is to fund its elected politicians, governments and citizens not its secretive ruthless economic, media and geopolitical elites.  Nationalise the Federal Banks & remove the web of fear from the world (of cold wars and profiteering from funding of the millitary-industrial complexes on all sides).  Open-, honest-democracy can thrive and all 7 billion global citizens can have a sustainable, egalitarian, prosperous and peaceful future.

Can we make it all the way to that global civilization or are we doomed to fail like those earlier ancient biblical/historical regimes (where money lending and not loving your neighbours have been very very prevalent).

George Lees,
21 Nov 2012, 16:41