Rothschild Mo & IKE Eisenhower Deitrich Nixon Schindler Caine Tring TYROL Boston T Cross for "Christ" Mafia Massacres Crusades WW1 & WW2 30 Years War Last Valley

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Eisenhower Schindler Dietrich Nixon Ryan Last Valley ROTHSCHILD Mo & Icke Batards Tring Michael Caine 30 Years War Jewish and Christian PISO MAFIAS.jpg

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Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks wears ROTHSCHILD YELLOW Ribbon. Rothschild OWN RIO TINTO as official tax free secret since late 1880s UK in Khartoum Lang Hancocks & wife FORBES RICH LISTS.jpg

Words Cannot describe it IKE is a descendant of the Schindlers, Dietrichs, Kissingers, Nixons Ryans & all the Cristian & Jewish tension is their war after war creation

THE FIELD McConnell Video referred to several times in the video above is at the bottom of the page.
This video was blocked in many countries before it was even uploaded & made public.  It reveals the pan continental profiteering and human diasporas of world leading bloodlines THE MAFIAS & GOVTS before  & in the middle of WW2.  The video reveals the fascist run WW1 & WW2 and the links of the Dwight (deathly White) bloodline to Deitrich, Schindler, Kissinger & Nixon.  The war migrants continued to be registered in ELLIS ISLAND right into 1943 according to the folk songs sung by HASTINGS who valued my house.  The AZURE blue Rule Britannia joke is the BREXIT Betteroff together crimes that means I refused to accept another writ sent to my home by Mrs Patricia Thom the Canadian  former Scottish Borders Council lawyer who has refused to accept my refusal to accept the crimes of the corrupted Law sector in this region 7 the legitimacy of HRH's constitutional monarchy & its Crown Prosecution service ALL a mafia OP in support of the totalitarrian world ownership plot that is summarised at the begining of the video.  Huffington leads the globalism project and her spiders WEB ICON is now ever so difficult to find.   So the Deitrichs Schindlers and Nixons, Ryans are related to IKE.  The 30 yrs christian vs christian joke is the same as these are not Scottish mountains joke in the TYROL where thousands of Scots died in WW1.  The last valley links to the ROTHSCHILDS of Tring are revealed: that is TRINS in Bavarian Austria the joke about where my wedding was hosted. I have the vicars director number.  Michael Caine is the lead actor in the last valley movie and my old boss David Jones plays bridge with OMAR SHARIFF who plays the peace loving hero in LAST VALLEY where peace means you can feed and shield the inner circle ROTHSCHILD Master race people from the Genocides....all the homelands are immune from bombing. So the TYROL killings of the Scottish Kilties and the 2 RHONEies jokes at the CONSCRIPTED war dead.  Dietrich's movies are love stories in BROTHELS....the Professors are the Grimm Bros of the Arrian Master race stories & they are in the Gottinghen 7 (Gottinghen means NO GOD).  Cambridge Oxford, Gottinghen & Hiedelburg (See Carry Grant War Bride jokes below) are all immune from bombing like the Royal Pallaces and christian Fake Cathedrals through all wars.  The Rothschilds thrive on ANTI-semitism and that is the Mo Moses and IKE Christian jokes that lead to Edward the VII breaking his leg in WADDESDON as they plan the wars and the RAPE of Queen Victoria to create the BASTARD monarchs who still reign and had me sectioned when I wrote to them just under a year ago. My WIFE prompted for that as she had done in 2011.  All of them have already stolen every central bank in the world & own every paper & televisual news vent.  The Global spiders web go back to Robert 1st the Bruce of Scotland.  I explain the rainstorms that hit the courts and the Dog/God on the lead show.  The Golden retrievers are raised by the warmongering 39 steps to WW2 TWEEDSMUIRS of Peebles where they were the BUCHAN family became the GGs Governor Generals in Beaverbrooks Canada all through WW2.  Martin Miller played Hitler and dropped down dead on the LAST VALLEY set cos he left Germany to work in the backroom in Germany in Mar 1939...the 39th step for Buchan.  GODs' timing is perfect.  Miller played Hitler in BBC' s output see Greg Hallett's pages on my website about the actors for Churchill et al making the speeches that kill 80M then 45M war dead most civilians in the MASSIVE Land Grabs AKA the Global bombing zones. This is the last Valley Joke for the Rothschilds of TRINS 
The Schindlers post war CONTRACTS truth are covered in this movie by all the double agents & bearocracy in WW2  and the lead carry grant role takes us into KENT Washington where howard Hughes was alleged to be a profiteer by the WARNER Bros of Treblinka son of the SCHUMAKERS from Innsbruck like Hitler. 
The geneological links that lead to Eisenhowers sickly life are explained.....Deitrich, Schindler, Nixon, marriages, private Ryan, Kissinger and the mysterious Mary Hannah has NO PUBLISHED relatives on GENIE.  The Mo & IKE Jew vs Christian jokes killed Eva Cassidy young and IKe's son's IKE died aged 3.  The Rothschilds thrive on the Mo versus IKE tension and that is why the TRAINS for the troops & the death Camps were used at the Presidential funerals.  Everything the PYTHONS from Cambridge & Oxford laugh at is lethal warmongerig or false religion.  That is Monte Casino in WW2, the hand grenade of ANTIOCH that are the Pauline missions. The illegit monarchs are now dating Ellie Goulding since I revealed the Pr Harry naked covers for the Prince Eddy Jack the ripper murders & McConnel launched the Goulding war crimes into my interview which he booked me for but has not contacted me in 10 months since he said he could get me in touch with the Rothschilds who he clearly works for.   On Pge 109 of frederick Morton's book the breaking of the BASTARD monarchs King Ed VII leg in the Rothschild's who sired 
him.  All of the Mo/IKE division leads to massacres and the Gt Portland St synagogue was the marriage scene in Morton's book Pub by Curtis in 1961.  Next we see how the MAFIAS are run by the same families in BOSTON where the revolution started with the T party. T is the Christian Cross.   I reveal the Rothschild ownership of Lang Hancocks' bettencourt's RIO-TINTO which they have owned since the 1880s.   I watched the UNTOUCHABLES movie last night and that is the COSA NOSTRA joke about the Jewish MO Mafias they are profiled AbbaDabba is a Godfather & ABBA is the father God in the PISO Bible fraud.  So visit my website and look up Lucky Luciano and Nixon and the killing of returning troops in MONTE CASINO....the links to the IKE mafias are further down EASTMAN KODAK.   ICKY died of SCARLET FEVER the Gods' colour.  The NO NOTTINGS that are ABEL Danger are an ancient political movement and the HAWKs Hawkins' are the traitors who sell their soul for cash HAWKEYE in Vietnam suicide is painless.  Mamie eisenhower has the Mickey Mouse hairdo.  Brown & Cameron also lose male children because they steal from the world.  The THOMSONS of Rule Britannia keep coming in see the Patricians of Rome link below.  the Alpine links become the Augusta Golf course.  The familial TREASON is easy to understand and that is the MacConnels of Monaco where Beaverbrook attended Churchills 50th wedding. The Martin Miller who died in the LAST Valley became the acting NAZI movement in London. I was a male war bride will be taken off the internet really quickly and his death or role is not disclosed in the Last Valley IMDB movie site.  Finally I find the Dietrichs on the IKE family tree that is all the LILLIES of Marlene of the fields.  Mary Hannah X has no relatives on GENIE.  The web page I close on reveals the BARINGS Rothschild link and much more IN THE NEXT VIDEO UNLESS THE COPS BANG ME UP FOR REFUSING TO BE PERSECUTED BY THEM AND THE EX WIFE from CHIPPING NORTON & MI5 MI6 Marks & Sparks steal the world team.  THEN we profile a the CAPPOS/Al Capones of the Boston T tea party PATRIARCHS.  that is the PAPAL IKEs who followed Mo to the false promised lands that launch all wars...the names are jokes CRAZY Horse Pony Tail and it is all the PISO WINDSOR Roths Master Races.    THE CHRISTIAN Cross & Mrs Doyle is a relative of THE SMURFITS Ooh La La for Britney.  Rothschild SURPRISE Family Barings trees  are on this website   TO BE CONTINUED.

FIELD McCONNELL ABEL DANGER Video Simple steps to Global Civilization
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Just in Case my energy runs out (they have shut it down to SILENCE ME)  please listen to this is about the future of Democracy & World ownership.