JP Morgan Liars NOSE pi PISO Bible Jesus Hitler’s Innsbruck Swastika WindMill Hill Hannah Rothschild & her siss Devils daughter Neilson & Natty Marry & the Hunt for William Lord Brookfield

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The text below gives the whole story on YOU TUBE it is censored

Pi Pi Pinnochio is a massive joke about the spread of christianity by the Pauline missions all across Europe & his circus manager named after the volcano Stromboli erupts as soon as the non existent Jesus' story is told at the toe of Italy. All of that is the HANDGRENADE of Antioch with jokes about Bats breakfast serials Maynard wine gums. So Pinocchio nose gets bigger if he tells FIBS see J Pierpoint Morgan below & on the end of the liars nose you get Red swastikas or Fig leafs on their human & puppet noses.  The Swastika is the WINDMILL BLADES for Hitler Rothschild, the global freemasons & the ROTARY CLUB, the tumblers at the circus.  JP Morgan was the saviour of the USa from the great depression in the lead up to WW1 sparked by ethnic hatred/religion across the world.   So the dutch windmills have four limbs like the swastika and all the freemasons, mummers, Morrismen across the globe & it is the suns rays on the waggonwheels. So the windmills get flooded by god in the heavens in 1954. That was when Berhard was running narcots with Churchill & Onassis in Philips light tubes.  Hitler Rothschild despoiled the SWASTIKA but is in the same team trained in UK as wise men at XMAS Churchill FDR & Stalin Rothschild.  Windmill Hill for Waddesdon no longer gets hits for the Rothschild mansion with Jesus's holy relics in.  That is windmill Hill where my energy bills now come from after the ROTHS privatise everything that was public in 50s &60s.  The video gets SEXY when I start citing Burke's peerage written by the fascist relatives of Oswald Mosely. The Rotary club wheel/suns rays is the icon for ROTARY in Windy Chicago.  Every time the pythons actors & Gilliam try and make a movie on Quixote the members of the casts drop dead ACTS OF GOD. Look it up on wiki and see who has been martyred like BRIAN on the bright side of the cross.  So Quixote is mirrored by Pelinor in the Arthurian story WRITTEN BY THE POPES IN ROME. Obamaancestors became St Baruch of Barry Island. It is Jake the Peg with one limb missing & beatiful day for Bubblee.  Kylie anrms & legs are used in cant get u out of my head WHEN SHE GOT HER CANCER and lost a TIT also in the Python stories. Isle of man & Rolf have 3 legs on it and that is Hollick of Notting Hill's icon HE IS A MASSIVE LAUNDERER & that is the Notting Hill Film for all the Leveson Fraudsters that new run Govt & the false news.  So Hay is HELL and that is Hays end for Tom Bombadil.  I gave a formal lecture to PROBUS/ROTARY at Ednam House where the BROOKS's of COLDITZ run the elite hotel chains as profiteers in WW2 & with their French relatives & wives from Versaille.  So pinnochio is JESUS & has no strings so he can never get home and his dad is GEPETO in the Belly of the whale the MOBY film too. So onto the political joke globally & the christian wars. But first WHO is Hannah Mary rothschild's husband  William Lord Brookfield.  The Burkes Peerage stats reveal nowt about him but OU SHOULD SEE THE ROTHSCHILD RELATIVES.   Brooks is the INNSBRUCK master races of Hitler Pope Benedict et al & Jacob Rothschild was appointed Emperor of Austria in 1992 when I was living in ROTHSCHILD TRING.William Brookfield runs dozens of Timber WINDMILL RENEWABLES companies but no PICS or profile for shame. So the tabs get summarised up to MORGAN & Pi Pi PIRATES of Newport on the USK the launch of the TUSK into politics.  Hannah the spinster now only has RIT & the National Gallery boards to profit from I HAVE MADE A DECENT WOMAN OF HER.  So all the Rothschild suitors on BURKES PEERAGE are stunning but not as secret as William Brookfield's life/ID.  I refer to consanguinity FERTILITY it runs from 0.0 to 0.01 in these bedrooms.  So on Little SISS Hitchcock's image appears and the PISO Bible also gets its producer playing Joseph Jesus & many of the fictitious characters with A CODE to share it with freemasons through all of the fake chritianity.   So Rothschild 5338  the Dunns the Erskines (Erskine Br murder news) BURKES PEERAGE PAGE...Dunn of New Brunswick & Hitlers Braunswick. Christoforides Callander Pitman are in the bloodline Hardinge INGE from Fritlar THORS OAK execution place.  So Hancocks of rio Tinto and the Taylors of Husons Bay all Rothschild owned Ruperts Country CANADA to AUSTRALIAS mines in PERTH where Simon Hancocks lives.  Montmorencies are the French Pacifists for profit out of QUEBEC Du Lac and that is 2x Trudeaus and PM Cretien too.  So Jacob marries serena Dunn Lady M Sybil st Clair erskine with genes from  Paterson PRICE one T, Molesworth Montmorency.  So Jacobs Kids are Hannah Mary 62 Beth Mathilda  64 Magda 67 and Nathan Natyy 71.  Now we discover that Jacob succeded to Title of Emperor of Austria in 1992, Baronet of tring (the TRINS Joke last valley in the 30 yrs war starring Caine & Sharif.  Phd from Hebrew UNi who worked with me at Thames Poly & Gif in Paris WITH COMMONER KATE's mum Caroline. The Prof dodged the Israeli draft and the Post grad girl ended up blinded by a parasite AKA act of God.  They were working on toxic  nerve gases pesticides as medicines and all of the science is the WW1 Sarin Tabin all out of Rothamsted research centre.  So we find an alluring Vampire Nell Mary dunn.  The Gene publications are maintained by their slaves in NZ.  JC Sandford 5th Dec & Laetice Mush Fanny McCintosh RATE in the kitchen THE ALI G JOKE.  So sandford is Son of Arthur Wellesly who could well be Duke of wellington's ancestors.  So Brookfield was wedded 1994 and then WE FIND THE SHOCKERs. Nielson THE ACTRESS IS the devils' daughter and that is young Natty from the ALP's first wife.  Autoroute 999 is the rd to Hitlers' nest in the ALPS.  So the Vamp is Nell Tomako B 94 SORRY HANNAH please no STAKE for me, Clemency ruth  B.1997and Mary Esther B98 & all the Brookfield kids are girls GODS work suggesting that Hannah is innocent if not good.  . So BRANDS come in & that is Erskine link & my wife's almanac predictor RUSSELL.  Hamilton Leckie THEN BONHAM CARTER of the Titanic Movie and the Stammering King OSCAR WINNER & the mass murder of 45million in WW2.  Sorry Brand  the future teller is actually Russell Grant SILLY ME.  So the feibeschs ELCHANANs and Nielson appear on the next page on BURKES & that is the actress who may well be the DEVILS Daughter & the Emperors' sister in Holywood in films made by Hannah Brookfield NEY Roth  in league with the legendary director LUC Besson (Hannah is my FIFTH ELEMENT Babba Boom). So the Pelham film Fogel & URI Feibesch of the 1690s appear on the Jacobs Kids & Grandkids pages died in 1690.  So we talk about the eternal links to Bavaria & Austro Hungary and then we find ANNABELLE Neilson married to NATTY for just 2 yrs.  Moses Herz and the Hershes Chocolat Hershey bars come in see next video on the Titanic featuring Bonham Carter too.  So on to BUSINESS for W W William Brookfield KAACHING & Windmill Swastika INC.  Asset Management INC is the biggest of his corporates but there are way over a dozen Real Estate, Forrestry, WINDMILLS RENEWABLES DAMS and all wars.  So Corbyn is the Labour JOKE now and all the unions are led by quislings who take the cash rather than share it with  their members.  So they are in Brazil aus committing ECOLOGICAL GENOCIDE & the next episode takes you into Religious massacres in CHIPPING NORTON at the battle of STow in the Wold for " Christ" now the one and only false god with a spinster for his mum & SHE IS STILL AN IMMACULATE VIRGIN. 
The reason I did not put Hannah Mary Brookdale up in lights in the photo is that I have lots to pin on her already AKA the IRAQI crimes she admires Mandelson for so much. I am being gentle with her though so here are some subtle gentle clues as to why she has dropped out of almost all of her former directorates. In the romantic days of Hollywood it was known as making a good woman of her.  
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