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The Tavistock Institute

free according to Dr. John Coleman

Building an absolute opinion control 
for the New World Order

The " Tavistock Institute of Human Relations" ( The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations) began his career in 1913 as an in Wellington House , housed organization, designed the propaganda recipes and spread to break the resistance of the British people who opposed the war between England and Germany existed.

Lord NorthcliffeLord NorthcliffeArnold ToynbeeArnold ToynbeeLord RothmereLord Rothmere

This task was placed in the hands of Lord Rothmeres and Lord Northcliffe . Her mission was to steer public opinion in the desired direction. At that time, this should be the support of Britain's declaration of war against Germany.

The funding was initially provided by the English royal family and later by the Rothschilds, with whom Lord Northcliff was related by marriage.

Edward BernaysEdward BernaysWoodrow WilsonWoodrow WilsonWalter LippmannWalter Lippmann

The Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays were appointed to manipulate British and American public opinion in preparation for US entry into World War I. They should also inform and guide President Woodrow Wilson while Toynbee focused on changing the minds of the British public.

Lord Rothmere and Lord Northcliff were the Harmsworth brothers Their journalistic work began with the publication of the weekly newspaper "Answers to Correspondents", in which they answered questions. In 1894, they bought the " Evening News, " which they first published in London as " Daily Mail " in the design of an 8-page newspaper, available for half a penny. Effect headlines promoted the sale of the newspaper, so that their circulation increased sharply and thus could influence a broad public. In 1898, the name was changed to " The Daily Mirror".

Already in 1899 reached the circulation of the newspaper over 1 million copies. During the First World War, the Daily Mirror was a great success and was trucked directly to the front. The stories about life at home were popular with the troops. A clever journalistic treatment ensured that the everyday stories were always seasoned with anti-German propaganda. The newspaper became a natural vehicle for political propaganda.

The Well House Ingon evolved into an organization that was able to manipulate public opinion and to create a new opinion as expressed as "mass indoctrination" -banal as brainwashing. It influenced the fate of Germany, England and the USA.

The operations from Wellington House were to the "1921 Tavistock Institute of Human Relations" transmitted. It expanded in size and ambition.

In 1937, the decision was made to use the monumental work " The Fall of the West " by Oskar Spengler as a guide. CM Walsh's " The Climax of Civilization" also served as a guide as it corresponded closely with the conditions that had to be created to build a new world government under the leadership of a one-world government.

They received from the inner core of the " Committee of 300" the order , develop a related strategy. Funding was provided by the English Royal Family, the Rothschilds, the Milner Group and the Rockefeller Family Foundations.

Spengler describes in his book that the West would be destroyed by an increasing number of foreign elements (aliens) such as ancient Rome and Greece, because this would lead to a society whose inner faith and conviction are no longer congruent with the outward shown would.

This benefited the Tavistock people's plan to realize their ideas.

The genetic loss affecting Europe was already so great, especially among the Germanic groups, that it went far beyond expectations. The two world wars cost the German nation 25% of its population. Most of the intellectual energy was diverted into war channels to defend the homeland, but at the expense of science, art, literature, music, and the nation's cultural, spiritual, and moral advances. The same can be said of the British and Americans.

The burn laid by the Tavistock people caused untold damage.

The classical and Western culture would have been the only one able to bring the world a modern renaissance. They flourished and prospered as long as this civilization was under the control of Germanic people. The unsurpassed beauty of their literature, their art, their classics, their spiritual and moral progress with regard to the female sex, with a correspondingly great protection for femininity, distinguished the western and classical cultures from the others.

Tavistock saw this civilization as a stumbling block on the way to introducing the "New World Order" for the protection of femininity. Thus, the pressure of the Tavistock was to "democratize" by attacking the femininity and racial, moral, spiritual, and religious foundations of the West.

From 1916, the Tavistock people in Washington were very active with President Wilson. They led him to found a secret body of managers who led the war effort, and they also taught him to have a body of consultants to help the president make the decision.

The Creel Commission was the first corporation of opinion makers in the US. While the US under Wilson was still a neutral power, Wellington House poured out a plethora of lies about Germany, particularly what threat it posed to America. To substantiate his case , Wilson turned to the teaching of the statement of Bakunin 1814:

"Lies by diplomacy"

Diplomacy has no other mission. Every time a state wants to declare war against another, it begins by proclaiming a manifesto directed not only to its own subjects but to the whole world. In it, the state declares that justice and justice are on its side and seeks to prove that it is driven by love for peace, humanity and democracy, and that, steeped in generous and peaceful sentiments, it would have tacitly suffered for a long time until he was forced by the growing atrocities of his enemy to strip his sword.

At the same time, he swears that he is not interested in material conquest and will not seek territorial expansion and end the war once justice is restored.

His opponent answers with a similar manifesto. These opposite manifestos are written with the same eloquence, they breathe the same smug indignation, and one is just as sincere as the other; that is to say that they both lie outrageously, and it is only fools who are deceived by them. "(Bakunin M.," The Immorality of the State ")


Shortly before Wilson demanded a constitutional declaration of war in Congress, he lied by diplomacy, underpinned by fairy tales of the Wellington House of alleged cruelty of the German army during their March 1914 through Belgium. It was a gigantic lie, but was presented as the truth.

Propaganda against GermanyWhile in 1914 the German Kaiser was described as a "savage savage", a "ruthless murderer", a "monster" and a "butcher of Berlin" , it was President Hussein in 2002 who missed all these labels and a lot more, including one " Butcher of Baghdad ".

In 1917, W. Wilson lashed the Senate agenda of the "New World Order." In 2002, President Bush forced the Senate and House of Representatives to debate the New World Order agenda without debate, an arbitrary maneuver grossly in violation of the US Constitution, for which American population pays a huge price. The " Committee of the 300" continues to rule America, while the people are distracted with basketball, football, endless Hollywood movies, and relative comfort of the social hammock.

The Tavistock Institute was not only active in the Western world. Immediately after the end of World War I, her main goal was to belittle women.

Those of the Germanic Varangian rulers of Russia, especially the Kievan Rus, who worshiped the Orthodox Church brought from Constantinople, respected femininity. Her experience with the turkish Khazars, who defeated her and defeated her and expelled her from Russia, made her resolutely protect the femininity.

The founder of the Romanov dynasty, Michael Romanov, was a scion of a noble family that had defended Russia on a Christian basis. From 1613 the Romanovs tried to ennoble Russia and fulfill it with Christian spirit; which also meant , to inflict upon the feminine protection and ceremony.

Because of the victory over the Khazars, the Grand Duke of Moscow attracted the implacable hatred of the Rothschilds to . This barbarian warrior folk of mysterious Indo-Turkish origin had adopted the Mosaic religion in execution of a decree of King Bulan, after this religion had been recognized by the head of the Khazar fortune-teller, sorcerer and black magician, David El Roi.

It was El Roi's personal flag, henceforth called the "Star of David", which became the official standard of the Khazar nation when they settled in Poland after being expelled from Russia. This flag was adopted by the Zionists and is still misunderstood as the "Star of David".

Christians still mistakenly assume that this flag was related to King David of the Old Testament, but in fact there is no connection between the motives.

When the Romanov dynasty in 1612, the Russian army led against Poland and recaptured large parts of the occupied territory by the Poles, the hatred of the increased Rothschilds , and she was the leading architect of hostility towards Russia.

The first opportunity steered by Tavistock arose in 1905 with Japan's attack, which completely surprised the Russian fleet to take action against the Tsarist Empire.

The Japanese were funded by Jacob Schiff, a Wall Street banker who was related to the Rothschilds . The money was actually delivered by the " Rockefellers General Education Council ". Its outwardly pretended task of financing the education of Negroes was. The entire propaganda and advertising this educational Council was of the Tavistock - social scientists written and devised camouflage.

In 1941, another Rockefeller front organization gave large sums of money to its Japanese partner in Tokyo. The money was then - from the master spy Richard Sorge - passed on to a member of the imperial family for the purpose , to bring Japan to attack the United States at Pearl Harbor. A severe economic embargo put Japan under additional pressure.

The Russian revolution was not a Russian revolution at all, but a foreign ideology, which was primarily hatched by the " Committee of the 300 " and its right arm, the " Tavistock Institute" .

Lord MilnerLord MilnerBruce LockhartBruce LockhartSidney ReillySidney Reilly

This ideology was imposed on the Russian people in a state of war chaos. The merciless mass murdering Bolshevik revolution would have been stillborn without Toynbee, Bruce Lockhart of the British intelligence service MI6 and without the complicity of at least 5 European nations.

Lenin went to Lord Milner when he needed money for the revolution and laid the plan for the overthrow of the Romanovs and the Christian Russia represents. Milner agreed on the condition that he his agent Bruce Lockhart would send from MI6 , to report and monitor the daily business.

Lord Rothschild and the Rockefellers demanded that Sidney Reilly be sent to Russia to oversee the transfer of natural resources and gold ruble from the central bank to London.

Lenin and later also Trotsky agreed. To seal the deal , handed Milner by the Rothschilds 60 million pounds and the Rockefellers 40 million pounds. The US was also involved because Trotsky received an American passport from President Wilson, even though he was not an American citizen.

Throughout the process, Wellington House delivered a steady flow of brainwashing propaganda that was sure to mislead many people into real events.

Leon TrotskyLeon TrotskyLord Edward GrayLord Edward GrayVladimir I. LeninVladimir I. Lenin

Lord Edward Gray, the British foreign minister, was the chief architect of World War I after many forced social changes, as planned by the Tavistock Institute .

Until 1935, the peoples of Europe and the US were as shocked and neurotic as their troops, who had survived the hell of the trenches. But now it was economic bombs and shells and huge changes in social customs that numbed their senses. The moral rot that was set in motion in 1918 , went ahead and gained momentum.

Distracted by the superficiality of the "Golden Twenties" nobody saw the global economic collapse coming. The " Tavistock Institute" was working feverishly , to create a decadent society whose self-indulgence is, represented by "flighty women" and men in trench coat with hip flask that hungered for the female morality and this got. Parallel to this, the fashionable appearance went like short skirts and the indomitable bob, excessive use of make-up and women who drank and smoked in public.20As the soup kitchens became more numerous and the unemployed snakes grew longer, the skirts became even shorter and in Broadway shows and nightclub performances, the women revealed more than ever before and exposed themselves in public.

The times have not changed by chance, but were carefully worked out and planned. Everywhere in Europe and America revolts occurred as the "emancipation fever" spread. Gays and lesbians came into the limelight and snubbed those who still lived in the old order.

These aberrations served as a means of undermining existing order. To further develop the plan, femininity should be pushed down to a low moral standard. Previously inconceivable female behavior should be presented as exemplary. There was no holding back on this "sexual" revolution sweeping the world during the 1920s and 1930s, nor was it holding fast to the deliberate degradation of femininity.

The effects of this long-term penetration and their inward conditioning could be observed everywhere. The moral, spiritual, racial, economic, cultural and intellectual bankruptcy that we are currently in is not simply developmental, all of which is the result of a carefully planned program of the " Tavistock Institute".

What we are experiencing is the end product of a deliberate social and moral crisis that is breaking through on television: false news, musical performances, pornographic films, movies in mainstream cinemas, advertising in which modesty and decency are completely absent; loud rude behavior in public places, especially in restaurants, and an army of female nothing created to be high-paid presenters or talk show hosts.

Movie stars are inflated into celebrities while movies are produced that have a low cultural standard.

We also recognize, in the glorification of divorce, abortion and overt homosexual behavior, the loss of religious belief and the loss of family life of Western civilization, a background concept, similar to the massive increase in drug dependence, sexual perversions and all kinds of social malice conceived under the guise of "civil rights".

The mass corruption in politics, blatant transgression of existing laws and constitutional chaos can be seen in an expiring game of business.

Topocological PsychologyTopocological PsychologyDr.  Kurt LewinDr. Kurt Lewin

Dr. Kurt Lewin was the chief theorist of the Tavistock Institute and specializes in the teaching and application of topological psychology , which was and is the most advanced method of behavioral change. He was assisted by several of the "big boys" in this area of ​​brainwashing.

Over the years, several institutions have been established in America for this purpose and sponsored by the government with tens of millions. Without the advanced methods of Tavistock , there would have been no war.

Until the year 2000 there was no aspect of life in America in which the tentacles of the Tavistock would not have entered. Each mental and psychological aspect was recorded, analyzed and characterized and stored in databases. Then came a "Three Systems Answer," the concept of how people respond to an artificially created crisis, and how governments then manage it.

The Pearl Harbor Crisis was artificially induced by the Japanese attack to incite the American people to war by the Roosevelt administration. Another recent example: the Gulf War began when a wild shout rose over alleged stocks of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

The Bush and Blair governments knew that this was a lie and remained in office, even though they were caught in a lie. At least one million Iraqis and 3,800 American soldiers died, 25,999 were wounded, of which 53% were injured.

These circumstances would have led to the impeachment of Bush and Blair under constitutional conditions, but the power of the " Committee of the 300 " is large and that of the Tavistock Institute as well.

The majority of Iraqi casualties are civilians who died from food shortages, lack of clean water and lack of medicines, as a result of criminal sanctions , that of England and the US Iraq under UN cover imposed.

By sanctions against Iraq, the United Nations violated its own statutes . From now on, the UN became a crippled institution that lacks credibility.

meinung1The social engineering technique developed by the social scientists at the Tavistock was used as a weapon during both world wars, especially during the First World War.

The pollsters said quite openly that they would apply to the American public the same means and methods they used against a hostile population and with which they experimented.

The science of mass control through the mass media has become so firmly entrenched that they the essential ingredient of opinion making has become , as advertised. The news programs are a mixture of truth and fiction, so you can not distinguish one from the other.


meinung2The scientists defined public opinion in a world outside and in images in the head. Public opinion deals with indirect, invisible and confusing facts, but there is nothing obvious. The situations to which public opinion refers are known only as opinions; the images within the minds of these people, the images of themselves, of others, of their needs, intentions and relationships are their public opinions.

meinung3The inner picture so often misleads people in their dealings with the outer world .

From this calculation, they took the next step that the elites who run society can manage and organize the resources of mass communication to mobilize and change the consciousness of the "herd".

Bernays wrote in his book:

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the customs, practices and opinions of the masses is an important element in a democratic society. Those who manipulate these invisible mechanisms of society use an invisible government, and this is the true ruling power of our country.

We are governed, our consciousness is formed, our tastes are formed, our ideas are drawn - for the most part by men of whom we have never heard anything. - Our invisible governors are, in many cases, unaware of the identity of their colleagues in the inner cabinet.

Whatever attitude one chooses for these states, the fact remains that in almost every act of our daily lives - whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social behavior or our ethical thinking - we have a relatively small number of people People are dominated - an insignificant fraction of 120 million - who understand the mental processes and social patterns of behavior of the masses.

It is they who pull the wires, control public opinion, put old social forces on a leash, and find new ways to bind and control the world. "

In the book "Propaganda," Bernays continued his praise of the "invisible government" by emphasizing the next phase, which would follow the propaganda techniques:

"As civilization has become more complex and the need for an invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed that can rigorously discipline and regulate opinions. With the printing press and the newspaper, the telephone, the telegraph, the radio and the plane, ideas can be spread quickly and even across the whole of America. "

For HG Wells, the arrival of mass communication that led to television opened fantastic new opportunities for social control that went far beyond the earlier dreams of mass manipulation fanatics.

HG WellsHG WellsThe Tavistock Institute The Tavistock Institute

In America, after World War I, many "offshoots" of the Tavistock Institute were founded, with the approval of the respective governments. The result is a network of leading opinion research institutes that have since played a major role in American life.

A state-run psychological warfare office was established to secure dominance over US policy. An essential building block was the book "Making Consent" for shaping the political future. The government now followed these guidelines, causing a coup in every country that was unacceptable to the One World Government.

The science of mass control by mass media has become an integral part of opinion today. Hollywood integrated this technique into almost all of her films. Following the results of several proven techniques, the Tavistock notes:

It is conceivable that a persuasive person can use the mass media to shape the will of the world's people according to his will. The message must reach the sensory organs of the human and then be accepted as part of the person's cognitive structure.

After Sigmund Freud emigrated from Germany, he settled in the Tavistock Institute. So England became the brainwashing center of the world. Their power continued to rise in America, and in collaboration with the CIA, spying collected countless data. Today, the use of computer technology has made tracking and data collection even easier, and daily data from 1 to 1.5 million air travelers flow into the system without their knowledge.

Close links exist between the think tanks, polling institutes, US media companies and this database. They incessantly create profiles of the entire population. Television has become a smooth-running propaganda machine for the US government.

The patron of these machinations is the "Committee of the 300" that controls all countries except Russia and China after the Li family (one of the 13 satanic bloodlines) has broken with David Rockefeller.

This elite plans and acts according to long-term strategies, they are called the "Olympians" and control 400 of the 500 most powerful corporations. No candidate becomes President without their favor, and without their support he does not experience the end of his term of office. Those presidents who resisted their control were removed (Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson). It is pushing the background of the New World Order and will remain in the shadows until it is time to take full and open control of all the governments of the world within a dictatorship.


Woodrow WiIson said in his last days:

"Some of the greatest men in the United States, in the areas of trade and manufacturing, are afraid of someone, are afraid of something. They know that there is power somewhere, so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so disguised, so convincing, so pervasive, that they are best not to speak out loud when they speak in rejection. "

During the 1970s, a change in school syllabi came into force, in which basic subjects such as writing, reading, and arithmetic were not valued as well as economics and law. A wave of sex and drugs spilled over the land.

Maurice Strong , MI6 chairman of Petro-Canada, was heavily involved in the highly-opium opium-heroin-cocaine trafficking and, together with Aldous Huxley, responsible for the LSD plague. He also served as director of the United Nations Environment Program.

Aldous HuxleyAldous HuxleyDr.  Aurelio PecceiDr. Aurelio PecceiMaurice StrongMaurice Strong

Dr. Aurelio Peccei was chairman of the "Club of Rome" of a NATO think tank. Their task was to bring agricultural and industrial development to a standstill and promote a so-called "zero growth society". One industry against which the club opposed was nuclear power, which would have secured the demand for electricity for 100 years.

At a conference of the "Committee of the 300" the following items were on the agenda:

  • Emancipation movement of women
  • Black consciousness , racial mixing and the breaking of taboos against intermarriage.
  • To launch an aggressive PR program with the aim of dismantling the model role of the Occident.
  • Youth rebellion against imagined grievances
  • growing interest in social responsibility of the economy
  • Generational conflict, which presupposes a changing role model
  • anti-technological orientation of many young people
  • Experiment with new interpersonal relationships and family structures in which homosexuals and lesbians are "normalized" and deemed to be of equal value to ordinary people; Homosexuality and lesbianism should be acceptable at all levels of society.
  • Skillfully promoted environmental / ecology movements z. Eg " Greenpeace "
  • Directing interest to eastern religions and corresponding philosophical perspectives
  • renewed interest in the so-called "fundamentalist Christianity", this is politicized and instrumentalized accordingly.
  • Trade unions should focus on the quality of their work environment.
  • An increasing interest in meditation and other disciplines, such as the "Kabbalah" is intended to supplant Christian culture. Specialists were chosen to spread and teach the Kabbalah. Some of the chosen were Shirley McLean, Roseann Barr and later Madonna and Demi Moore.
  • Growing importance of the self-actualization process
  • Reinvention of various styles of music
  • Development of a new, primitive language in which the language is so mutilated that it becomes unrecognizable, implemented by prime-time television speakers.

These artificially created trends led to an irritated social climate and social unrest with far-reaching changes, a new image of man began to establish itself, that brought a radical change of civilization. This network was referred to by the "Olympians" as the "Aquarian Conspiracy". The old was swept away by new political, religious and philosophical systems. 

The mass manipulation is based on a technique created by Lewin:

"When there is no tension, the normal inner self of a person is very differentiated, balanced, multi-faceted and versatile. When an appropriate level of environmental tensions is applied to the inner self, all abilities remain alert, ready to take effective action against it. 
But when an unbearable amount of tension is applied, the balanced geometry of the inner self collapses and becomes a blinded, indifferent mass. It leaves a primitive, backward-developed personality. The person is reduced to one animal; the highly differentiated and versatile abilities disappear. The controlled environment takes on the personality. "

In defiance of international law and the US Constitution, this same technique is applied to the detainees in Guantanamo. The will and courage to fight back should be broken. A trial jail for the camps to be built in the "New World Unity Government" will be available for "dissenters" and "resisters."

Warehouse in GuantanamoWarehouse in Guantanamo

Under the expert guidance of the Tavistock Institute, the United States has become a lawless, inhuman nation whose pervasive psychological work has made possible these constitutional breaches.

It can be said that despite the "Boston Tea Party", Americans are still in the hands of the English, only very few people know it. Blinded by the propaganda machine, they have overlooked how their rights to freedom, equality and fraternity have been piecily lost.

They already live in a dictatorship (oligarchy) and do not know it.

Where are you going to America?

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