SWASTIKA Icon for Global freemasons & all the great conflicts in "World History"

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SWASTIKA Windmills ROTARY Club Ilkley moor Freemasons WE movie Carlsberg Elephants Waggon Inn Wheel M Buble Cleese B ARRIAN Brian Jagger SPINNING Wheel Yarns Bible Jap Troops Sun God JUNGLE Jumanji.JPG

Spinning War Crimes Gold and an ARRIAN YARN for the Global press headlines

This video illustrates the MASSIVE GLOBAL cover ups of the links of NAZIS, PISOS/Roman world owning bloodlines to THE GLOBAL FREEMASONIC MOVEMENT that leads to profiteering strife through all human history.  It enslaves the working man to be killed by the Monarchs Aristos who are the MASTER MASONS.  So I read out the words & dates but the images speak for themselves ALPHA, Gammy Swastika Legs, to OMEGA.  The Swastika was the GLOBAL freemasonic icon right up to 1939 when Hitler Rothschild ,Son of Alois Hitler , Grandson of Lionel Nathan Rothschild & the MAID that was Matild Schueckelgruber took the world to war.  A war with his ALLIED Axis mates all trained in Tavistock, Sidney Street, by English speaking tutors.  TOTAL profiteering.  So we start with Michael Bublee whose three your old son has cancer REVEALED in todays papers cos he laughs at the SWASTIKA, the tumblers in the circus and the bizarre right angled wings that are the 4 limbs joke for the WINDMILL (giants in Don Quixote myths) and the QUATRE BRAS battle preceding ROTHSCHILD takeover of the BofE post Waterloo with the false news by pigeon post busting the stock market in England.  Since then all central banks have been stolen and only the poor fund "Democracy" by taxation and rates.  Ukraine launched both the Bayer/Rothschild lineage and the SWASTIKA too from Mezine. Kylie loses a breast for dancing like an EGYPTIAN.  So the swastika is the ROTARY Club Waggon Wheel and windmill all in perpetual motion like the aircraft props ranging from 3 to eight legs limbs blades or dozens of spokes /hundreds of rays for the sun god icons that host the christian wafer of bread that is Jesus' sacrifice all written from the PISO pen and swallowed after confessing your sin. The historians that fake it up are the Time Team & Blackadder jokers and have been preceded by PISO himself, alias JOSEPHUS,  PLINY and Tony Robinson BLACKADDERS batman was Blairs fundraiser which got him Knighted for IRAQ & Afgahnistan.  All the INDY camp flags are the same jokes shared by the worlds fascists FOR WHOM I have all the director numbers for Rothschild Osborne Murdoch et al.  So it is a HOOKED Cross so men can be fished for. Crampons are the ALPINE master race climbing prop and the three legged icon is on WW2 uniforms both sides like the ACORN and Victoria Iron Cross.  so it is a TETRAGAMMADON technically.  Right facing & Left facing  swastikas are explained.  The Windmill blades are all over the ceiling in the Hollyrood building & the MANJI Jumanji links to the board game design are unmissable  that is JAPs in jungle warfare not knowing its over.  The Fonseca Fonse pi Pi Pilgrimages along the Py Py Pyrenees become the shining from COMPOSTELLA the Cathedral that hosts all the pagan jewels gold and pearls. El Ninho is the baby jesus that was traded with the pagans for their treasure NOW in the Pyrenees Cathedral and the ICON for global warming in the cover up.  Next the Fertility SWASTIKA that is the STORK with wings and legs and babies in swaddling clothes.  The fertility myths are totally in the hands of the heavenly GodS.  Next the ancient ARRIAN Indian myths and the massive Wealth Divide there. Next up the swastikas the MASONS have engraved onrocks on  ILKLEY MOOR YORKSHIRE explained out of the LODGE JOKES by wikipedia..  Next the unmissable use of the swastika by the masons with all their other logos & icons PAGES of it on google images.  My mobile phone with the swastika parts is a T mobile T being Jesus' cross. Kipling takes false religion into the jungle menagerie again and the BABAR the worshipfull elephants in JUNGLE BOOK by Zionists Walt Disney.  So the SWASTIKA sweeps across the entire globe like WW2 for the masons & profiteers. We go to CUSH the Nile and the Pi Pi Pishon next to the Garden of EDEN AKA ADEN,  George VI was the leading mason on the globe and GERMAN too like the opponents in WW1 &2.  Our history & other peoples treasures are in the V& Albert BASTARD children joke.  The MAZE on every estate is the Swastika JUNGLE too NO ESCAPE for the poor troops. NEXT Piso Josephus, PLINY the Elder the ASASSIN called Maximus, the false news and the faking of everything we are taught to believe including "JESUS".  Next Buddha and the GUPTA Empire then the launch of the NEPAL Dhali LAMA the NAPLES replay out of TIBET.  Suwadi Krup is the legendary munitions link to German tanks & weaponry. Kipling and the elephants appear as a stick figure of a human SWASTIKA in Bengali faith.   Next the painted face joke for JEW Gibson braveheart and the hindus. In Tibet the staircase to heaven is runduRUNG. The German company Bilfinger Bergen built the Scot Parliament under a contract to LEND LEASE Bovis & that is why the swastika WINDMILL is all over the treasonous building.  The TARANTELA in Naples is the same arm & leg waving PISO dance of death in NAPLES & Chris Tarrant has had his heart attack too. Janists REQUIRE the swastika in Yorkshire too!  The rest is just the same from STORKS the Magii on their three ships the Tim Rice Odessa XMAS dream lyrics & Nazi laundering. The Mangy Jews, a fish called Wanda, Brian B Arrian Dying on the Bright side, the Carlsberg Finish Scandinavian replacement of the father GOD NAMED Abba with Eurovision and stricly dancing to the Tarantella.  Don Quixote , King Arthur like character, FIGHTS the Windmill Giants to free the world when in fact the GODS have been written out of false religion by PISO and the FDR pilgrims WHO then falsify the history using Tony Blairs knights from the time team.  Andy Murrays prize this week was a jungle of Windmill blades.  The Japs are still the Emperors that launched Pearl Harbour and sadly the replaying history of Hiroshima may be the cause of human extinction. PERPETUAL Motion leading the world ROUND in CROOKED Circles with a hook on every angle and on ILKLEY Moor for the Yorkshire masons like Boycott & Parkinson with ELIZIER Jacobs as the sun GOD has to content with his role in New Orleans and inhousing the HOST for Jesus as the Natives are culled all over Latin America and in Vietnam China then the GREAT wars.....all the history of GOOD LUCK for the profiteers FORT KNOX to Holyrood/Holywood