Student Loans Company "non profit organisation"

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Student loans Company Debt Pool run by Rothschild Bank EXPOSED BY PROFESSOR GEORGE LEES.jpg

It is really disturbing to see that Michael Moore MP (from the Liberal party who strongly opposed the concept of student fees and raising them to £9000 a year) is, as secretary of State for Scotland, on the governance team for the student loans company.  The Michael Moore connection I discovered in one of the company's annual reportsExecutive summary: student tragedy. From its inception in 1989, the Company has been wholly owned by the sec of state for Business, Innovation and Skills: Currently Vince Cable LIB Dems but created by Lord Mandelson New Labour.  The Sec of State for Scotland (Currently Michael Moore (Lib DEM) then John (now Baron)Reid LAB play more enigmatic roles?.  The funds for this scheme (crafted by the Westminster government and the Rothschild Bank) are only just being exposed...although already one executive on the SLC board Ed Lester has been displaced (Jan 2013) for attempting to evade income tax on his executive salary and drawing down his remuneration from a private company...this is published in wikipedia and strangely in the Irish PressIrish press INTEREST in English student fee SCANDAL. .   Wikipedia also reveals that the student loans are NOT interest free as has been implied: the retail price index which tells us inflation is running at less than 3% when fuel bills are being hiked by 20% year on year is running closer to 5-6% when index-linked to poor student's borrowing rates).  The bank rate is rock bottom at 0.05% as the central bankers just issue money (and electronic easing funds) to their friends in government and in virtual commerce (on the stock market).  
So next you need to grasp how big the student fees industry has become (bankrupt in US with a deficit of $900 billion) in this time span and how the remuneration packages tick along nicely but only at the top of the executive/academic money treesStudent Fees: the frightening truth.  Professor Breakwell (a psychologist University of Bath) is on the remuneration committee and a former executive with HEFCE(the HIGHER EDUCATION FUNDING COUNCIL that used to fund Universities directly).  Mr Ed Smith is non executive chairman (and  pro Chancellor on the Univ of Birmingham board).  Smith is high up on the WWF governance boardinhumane priorities....the subordination of genocide for the great apes and on the Board at Birmingham University as "ProChancellor.   The CEO is a developer also from Birmingham....his salary is circa 13 x that of the average employee at the SLC.  Student protests have been ignored but this will worsen when they become homeless because only VC's children can have mortgages if the profiteering is allowed to continue.  In Debt till Death or Disability intervenes.  I will ask Michael Moore, politely, for an explanation.