State Sponsored DEATH THREAT by NHS Scotland (Dr Ian Fingland KELSO SURGERY) GOV UK & the ILLEGITIMATE CROWN


Sectioned for you attempts to expose crimes against the patients and worlds people/war dead


State sponsored Death Threat Dr Fingland Oostven 007 Kelso Medical Practice Iraq War Rothschild Trust NHS Sectioning Gov UK World Owners HRH QE2 and Corrupted World Owners Piso-Windsor Bloodlines.JPG

As you may be aware I have been sectioned in a locked door hearing ENTIRELY FOR MY POLITICAL & HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISM. All of it precipitated by my insight into massive  financial services Banking frauds, the Corrupted Judiciary/LEGAL SECTOR/G20 and PROFITEERING/Land Grabbing war crimes & Genocides all over the PEACE loving world into the NOUGHTIES & through both World wars.  John Paterson and I have restarted our POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS revelations which is why Tony Blair has apologised (2 days ago I revealed that he and Michael Moore have NOTHING on HANSARD) for his genocidal profiteering. Look at the THUMBNAIL CAREFULLY:  my new FORCED PSYCHIATRIC Dr is an OOSTVEN & that becomes 00seven for the MEDIA treason team, who scammed me out of my jobs at BOOTS).  BUT first the FRAUDS against the PROFESSOR OF DRUG SAFETY and the MASSIVE POLYPHARMACY Wolfson Foundation POLYPILL scandals which are financial & hypocratic crimes (FOR up to £40K of a doctors salary) & lead to the selling off of family homes SO GRANNY can afford the £600/month old folks home BUT CANNOT STAND UP FROM THE COUCH ....this is called POSTURAL HYPOTENSION .  I profile the massive breaches of the GP hypocratic oath IMPOSED on THEM BY THE CORRUPTED POLITICOS Westminster to Hollyrood.  All run out of St andrews’ House by Bill Scott THE CHIEF PHARMACISTS who has sat in judgement of me (at Pharmacy school Professorial interviews: I am a fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society and was on the ASCEPT drug safety Council for 2 yrs in AUSTRALASIA)  and runs the NEW DRUG commissioning scams that means the SAFE GENERICS get rejected in favour of the PHARMA profits from NEW CLINICAL entities.  Finglands’ first sectioning threat he has now confirmed IN WRITING was commissioned by my disloyal wife in 2011. 

The CAREHOMES, owned  now by retired-young DOCTORS, Council LAWYERS or the spouses of the most INFAMOUS BOSSES at NHS Borders (Dierdre HUTTON Queen of the QUANGOS).  That is the HEALTH BOARD for the SCOTTISH BORDERS COUNCIL (and its elected leader now divorced from Dierde, Councillor Alistair Hutton Director at Las Vegas military Tatoo, boss at the BRITISH Legion, Christian Preacher and for profit DIRECTOR at the SRU (Rabbie Burns) & Walter Scott Abbotsford Trust profiteer. The Borders Chamber of Commerce is run with Hutton on the bhoard out of Glasgow for reputational reasons.  So I reveal Dr Ian Finglands LIES, after his NHS PRACTICE colleague had confessed that the PRESCRIBING by volume is shameful BUT the reluctance of the decent doctor in the practice to WORK WITH ME UNTIL THE ELECTION IS OVER....When it was, and SALMOND swept into power, THEY FIRST TRIED to have me sectioned WITH THE FULL SUPPORT of my WIFE (from Hemel, Trained in Baker St by Marks & Sparks and funded by her corrupted brother OBE). First psychiatric action in 2011 immediately after I paid of my mortgage on the house I owned before we met. 2011was when I became a fraud researcher & when john Paterson and I got together it effected MAJOR POLICY change.  My biggest mistake was asking for HRH QE2's support in returning her country's funds to the TREASURY and exposing all of the profiteering laundering and war crimes that I showed to ADRIAN CAMERON  NHS KELSO on my SIGNED posters/petitions that mean all KELSO citizens understand the GENOCIDE in IRAQ already & BLAIR's apology.   Since I disclosed the ZADOCK THE PRIEST VIDEO the massive riches of the Royal Family and its PAGAN crowning in Westminster Abbey then I have been under DEATH threat from the world owners.  That is the CIA (Dame Julius) on the Court of the Bank of England with leading Union leaders like David Prentice.  The Bof E now run by Carney the Canadian.  I show John just a tiny number of the posters I wear and get witnesses to sign/initial as I report the crimes to the justice ministers law courts and POLICE stations all over the BORDERS and into Edinburgh (St Leonards).  JP and I have published the great OPIUM COUP data on Vietnam, Narcotics Globally and the fascist genocides related to NAZI diasporas & the ownership of EVERY CENTRAL BANK on our globe. John and I discuss the INTEL explosion and the war graves sectors near no BOMBING Zones in the great conflicts.  That is Professor Eliz Manningham Buller the boss at Imperial Uni (following on from Pharma fraudsters Lord Ker of Kinlochard, Sir Richard Sykes my old boss at WELLCOME like Prof Trevor Jones WHO IS NOW on the FORBES RICH list as I live on a budget of £30/week. BECAUSE they have Closed my energy down & METERED it/busted my gas boiler, all witnessed by my neighbours,  I cannot now take a hot bath). The WARRANT was released by Jed Sheriff court who refuse to IDENTIFY the Procurator Fiscal BUT they have frozen my assets ALL in my wifes divorce solicitor who has been uncontacable for the last few weeks since I was  sectioned.  Back to politics & I show in the video the receipts for the TRIDENT 3 &4 Nuclear Boardroom Exposures (from shaun McMahon, Paul Wheelhouse & Scottish Justice Sec Michael Matheson MSp for Falkirk which gets Eric joyce into the news)    John Paterson & I understand that every country across the globe has now been PRIVATISED by the G8 leaders and all councils and Govts are in SOVEREIGN DEBT. JP and I scotch that myth and reveal that all democracy's funds are STOLEN since WATERLOO (200yrs this yr) in private hands.   It is easy to fix and to see through AS DESCRIBED by the murdered GREG HALLETT.  Murdered  to cover the truth about THE ILLEGITIMATE CROWN OFFICE running law enforcement Scotland through the Met police trainees like Stephen House.....I am now revealing the worlds biggest secrets (illegitimate monarchy for 163yrs and John Paterson has had the courage to listen to all the religious, policing, war crimes jokes & has a deep understanding of Chatham House, WWF, Tavistock, brookings, St Petersburg  and all the corrupted training hubs for world ownership that have led to the pathetic world governance we now have).  All the sheriffs brought into Jed Sheriff court have been covers for Greg Hallett, & JP.  Peter Paterson worked at Todd Mortons and one other law firm that together runs a £26 million debt burden and interlocks with BETTER OFF TOGETHER leaders. He bangs up the homeless and when I get advice on how to defend myself in DIVORCE proceedings  I am refered by Ms Patricia Thom’s (DIR) at the CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAU I get referred to HOMELESSNESS BORDERS COUNCIL Domestic violence sector.  That is the same people that trained me for elected office in 2011-12 and issued my SECTIONINGN THREAT.  We briefly discuss the acts of god eruptions and TORNADOS across Mexico where the PISO/PESO currency is still used LIKE THE PHILIPINES.  This month it is HURRICANE Patricia.  Tracy Logan is the boss (unelected) CEO and she runs the council debt POOL through COSLA in Aberdeen.  I profile THE CORRUPTED Law firms too that is MELROSE & PORTEOUS who interlock with Douglas-Home, JP Morgan & George Soros, Michael Moore MP (nothing on Hansard since 2005) and the Parliamentary Foundation for Democracy with Moore as a director & 3000 ponzis.  JOHN PATERSON understands all the religious legal and political frauds. He and Crof in Edinburgh are confronting the suppression of the people (they have tried to attend my hearings & been threatened by the police). Crof and I tried to get my case in front of a jury but were told that that cannot happen since they changed the grounds for sectioning/SUCCESSION in the monarchy in 2012.   We explain the Royals & Govts now impose the terror on the twin towers that is FERGIE the little red doll and the bringing down of the twin towers in 2001 when I was still a sane PROF working on saving lives in Uni of Sunderland.    The Rothschild Trust Lothian Road/Parnell Hannah Rothschild poster takes us into NZ and Peter Williams QC who was the chief fundraiser for the IRA and tried to have Greg Hallett assassinated 10x before he was before HE approached the PM and the monarchy through videos made in Downing street, GREG WAS DISAPPEARED FOR GOOD and they now sell his books (and proclaim as a KIWI that he was educated at Kelso High school)  Hallett sold millions of books on the morchy frauds and the Rothschild bloodlines which we touch on for Ali G and the high priests of ISRAEL  (the BARENT COHENS married into the ROTHSCHILDS).  The Rothschilds run all wars all sides.   My disloyal wife is a BAKER STREET irregular as is her Brother….they asset strip dental students and the BAKER STREET irregulars are NOW a pop band but NOTHING TO DO WITH THE Special Ops Executive that is the WW1 & WW2 profiteering.  That is the PISO POLIS law enforcement Homes & Watson Baker St & GLOBAL Law enforcement JOKEs. 

The Queen has been stung by these exposures. Queen Vics only legit husband was BLIND PRINCE George of Cumbria and Teviotdale lives up the TEVIOT River just 30 miles from here. Albert was bigamous and that is the Queen Vic WHITE virginal wedding dress joke that every marriage now has to pay for. All 9 of the kids sired by the ROTHSCHILDS were bastards and ALBERT was used as the motive for the reputational NAME CHANGE to W W W Windsor.  She has panicked and published counter stories on NAZI salutes, visited councilors Mitchell at the SBC and all the global governance is a MUPPET SHOW this week featuring the Chinese SOCIALIST MILLIONAIRES.  I explain the selling of NZ and Japan by the TRANS PACIFIC TRADE DELEGATION & the QUAKES/TSUNAMIS in CHRISTCHURCH (the English city in NZ and concurrently the MASSIVE RELIGIOUS Fraud that is “CHRIST & CHURCH”!    The religious jokes are vicious and when I reveal the MINT in Rome is owned by the PISO-FRUGIs in 120BC. That is 200 yrs before VESUVIUS erupted on the PISO home the VILLA PAPYRII when the major parts of the BIBLE were launched.  In Scotland that is the DUNBLANE-OBAN fault line.  The PISO Pi (life of PI the tiger & Liz Taylor on the Pi horse), but they really want me medicated when I explained Pistorius the PISHON, Alpha –Omega on the Catholic Pascal Candle at EASTER when the ROLLING STONE (Jesus Tomb) joke is the PAINT IT BLACK album cover for the VIETNAMESE JOKE.  The SANTIAGO (St/king James Bible) IAGO is LAGO the bunny rabbit in the PYTHONS team and the PUKA Winnie the Pooh jokes that are the rabbit V sign for Winston Churchill.  So freedom of speech in religion is an imperative for the Vicar of dibley & Father TED but I get forced medication for my scholarly exposures of CHRISTIANITY as the worlds biggest fraud to control the MASSES and the POOR souls!   PIEsley abbey & sectarian IAN PAISLEY jokes are explained with all the Mc Guiness IRA, Airey Neve, Spanish Training, Canary Island diasporas and the CLUNY ABBEY jokes…. The icon for the Cluny abbey in France is the CROSS KEYS and that becomes the fictitious St Andrews Saltire flag for CORRUPTED GOVT & NHS SCOTLAND.

IT IS A MAFIA and the queen in dodgy cases like this one uses the NHS as her assassination gagging bureau.  If the doctors have the courage to continue with THIS massive genocidal and grand larceny cover then I will not be at all surprised.  If you challenge world ownership MILLIONS DIE and the sectarian division in false religion typifies its easy to find the MOTIVES for my persecution (my wife trained in INTEL and the Govt & Chipping Norton run the country by SURVEILLANCE & COERCION).  I find it ever so fulfilling to work for my country and all the worlds children who are being stripped of everything Tony Blair & Drs Fingland , Basil Switzer and OOSTVEN the new shrink got for free.  Everything I do is up front and openly published on my website which they will take down as soon as they impose the FORCED MEDICATION.   Arms to Iraq, WW2 profiteering , Pension salaries, Coercion in Govt, Constitutional treason.  We are the people that have driven the MPs to remove their HANSARD records, even their expenses and CONFLICTs of interest have disappeared.  Ms Thoms' net worth has risen in the Towerdike registration from £50K to £800K and I live like a pauper because I confront the corruption and my £50K savings are now in her accounts as my treasonous wife's divorce solicitor.  The story that gets interrupted at the end is the CHIPPING NORTON Barker and Corbett jokes about the murdered Moira Anderson.  When you look for the folksinger of that name and THESE ARE MY MOUNTAINS you get Moira McKeller and Kenneth Anderson taking the PISO.  That is the religious joke that leads to all religious wars and martyrdom. Paterson has the courage to get that out ALL its vicious connotations that lead to El Niinho, Saint Iago and the ELITE BLOODLINES that own the world since Alexander the Great, they own the banks too and all of it together is the WORLDS BIGGEST SECRET. Sheriff Peter Paterson Interlocks with BETTER OF TOGETHER profiteers McCletchey, Peter Watson at Levy & Macrae THE FATAL Accident enquiries  and LAND GRABS by Anne Gloag.  We reveal the corruption into Future of Syria, Russia, Ukraine and the BANKING scandals that have ever local and National Government in DEBT.  The images of NATOs armies and the BLUNT double agent treasonous spying issues with the FLEMINGS, Branstons et al take you also to chipping Norton Egypt  and TAX HAVENS all over the brutalised WEALTH DIVIDED WORLD.  RIGHT AT THETOP we have Future of Russia, Ukraine, Syria, the Flemings,Prince Charles, BSky B, the Rothschilds, Rupert & James Murdoch are all interlocked on BOARDS DEPICTED on the front page of my website. So MOTIVE, METHOD and MASSIVE COSTS to what could be a global civilisation in less than one year.....but HRH and her courtiers, provincial medics still favour state sponsored ASSINATION with an occasional FAMILICIDE to keep everybody in fear NOW THAT THEY CAN NO LONGER PUT HEADS ON THE BLOCK.   The Commanders in Chief are depicted below with their world ownership director IDs