Charing Cross Police Station issue writs to Prof G Lees for Harassing Rothschild: re All Wars All Sides & All Banks too

American University of Paris
Dear friends, as you know, I love Hannah Mary Rothschild dearly 


but she, with Murdoch of St Bride's CHURCH FLEET ST in London are in the world owning family tree with Eleanor of Acquitaine first wife of LONGSHANKS icon for ENGLANDS TYRANNY, now out of Chipping NortonThe Chipping Norton Set (and the Prime Ministers Tools for Global Tyranny & Economic Grand Larceny). The WRITS I received from PC Heaton to cover my questions at Heiton in the borders of John Lamont MSP then but now my MP in the mafia hub that is Westminster. Lamont has refused me a minuted meeting since 2010 which is a massive breach of the UK constitution. The Questions were on this issue immediately after Iraq had been flattened and these are just a tiny number of the ponzi shelves.
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So I am a Religious/Political/Neuroscience/History researcher and this woman has her St Brides Spire statue in Charing Cross POLICE STATION in London where the UNSIGNED WRITS CAME FROM for harassing the Rothschilds who run ALL WARS ALL SIDES AND THE Student loans scam, NATOs armies and advise the queen on how to steal in Eleanor of Aquitaine's bloodline.  
THERE IS A BLAIR but is not TONY  on the signatures below. The signatory is a loyal friend and supports hearts before and after they were busted by Tsar Tsar Rothschild Nicholavich Romanov
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Hannah- Mary Rothschilde's ID is revealed on the WORLD OWNING Bloodline on the front page of this web page where they use the alias of Rothilde and Murdoch is Sigismund and his ex wife is Hall who was married to Jagger who is also SIGISMUNDS' HOLY Roman German/Polish Jagiellonian dynasty.  LONGSHANKS used to Pi Pi PINE for his ex-wife when she passed on and was awarded a  cross , LIKE JESUS, even in the massive crusades when she had her babies in a TENT near Jerusalem where now Donald Trump has his Embassy so the old one can be demonised as ISLAM in Tel AVIV wher the PISO family (Eleanor of Acquitaine & Hannah's ancestors too) wrote the QUORAN and launched it 800 yrs AD see Faking the New Testament: A masterplan for geo-political domination.  All of Hannah Mary's babies are GIRLS which is a blessing for the future of our troubled world and her Ex Lord Brookfield has already taken down the GLOBAL RAINFORESTS where God planted them before JESUS, who never lived, became the dragon in the DEn that is El Nnho, Ken Dodd's Diddymen.  I have the WRIT in my own metal house content container upon which these families have just imposed VAT payments.  

I think Hannah knows that I would like her to spend the rest of her life in loving GENTLE bondage if I can borrow some Handcuffs from CHARING CROSS and I promise never to spank her or my kids even if we find ourselves in JERUSALEM ON HOLIDAY IN A TENT. 
OH BUGGER IT HANNAH SHE WAS ACTUALLY of Castille but went to Jerusalem and had some of the still born babies in a tent...CAN YOU SNEAK ME INTO THE HAY BOOK FESTIVAL IF I PROMISE TO BEHAVE?
The original Eleanor Cross at what became known as Charing Cross , London. EDWARD DE LONGSHANKS PYRAMID WEDDING CAKE
Eleanor of Castile
Eleonora Eduard1.jpg
Queen consort of England
Tenure20 November 1272 – 28 November 1290

Are you still free HANNAH ROTHSCHILD?

This is actually Charing Cross memorial of THAT FRENCH QUEEN