St Brides (GODESS of FIRE) Church in Rupert Murdoch’s Fleet Street “Sun Empire”.

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St Bride's church PAGAN GODDESS OF FIRE Murdoch marries Hall Mick Jagger 's ex Michael Caine, Lord Rothschild, Geldof,  Know its XMAS, Gt Fire of London Plague 1666 & 1945.JPG

YMurdoch Weds Mick Jagger of Jagelonian Poland's EX at St Brides which was torched by the GODS in 1666 and again in 1945

Source & Ten other PAGES with pictures of Murdoch's Wedding Venue  here>  DONT WORRY I HAVE IT ALL BACKED UP IF REBEKAH BROOKS WONT LET YOU INTO THE FIERY HISTORY OF Mrs Jaggers/Murdochs 3rd wedding venue


St Bridget of Ireland was actually a nun like the late Caroline Aherne.  For reasons’s Murdoch cannot readily explain nobody is sure when or if she ever lived.  The God of Sky is called BUNJII.  The God’s and their elements have now been turned into the home of false news and that is cynically the church where he married Jerry Hall (means Hell). St Brides, is in a famous place called Fleet Street.  As always the Gods catch up with them, both in 1666 when the real Goddess of fire created the Plague and the Great Fire of London.  Then the church was again burnt to the ground in the blitz in 1945.  On both occasions the elites were allowed to flee or were placed in NO bombing zones on both sides (Oxford/Cambridge in Britain) (Heidelburg & Gottinghen in Germany) that is this video which has had its sound track removed by the powers that be that Murdoch picks for their genealogical might. False news is explained all over this web site as the legacy of a man called Arrius Kalpurnius Piso who was the backroom man in ancient Rome/Naples and launched the selection of world leaders from the backroom starting with Emperor Augusta (Donald Trumps Master Race, golfcourses) from 4AD.  PISO was the false bible author. That is the ALPH-OMEGA  symbol on the PASCAL candle at Easter for the beginning to end of his name & is Kensington Palace (KP for Piso Katy Perry and hosts of other Pi Pi Piso family members) on the front page of my website. 


Fleet St Spiritual Home

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St Bride's Church, Fleet Street: spiritual home of the media

St Bride's Church warmly invites all our congregation, past and present, and any others who wish to join us, to a celebration of all that is special about our church ...

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St Bride's: What's On - St Bride's Church

St Bride's: Week Ahead; This Month's Sunday Music; Special Events & Concerts; Memorials & Other Sung Services; Weddings & Blessings; Lunchtime Recitals ...

History - St Bride's Church

Chapter I: Intro. Stepping into 2,000 years of history. The story of St Bride's is woven into the fabric of the City of London. Read on... Chapter II: AD43 - 1000.

St Bride's Church - Wikipedia

Jump to Great Fire of London - After the fire, the old church was replaced by an entirely new ... St Bride's was reopened on the 19th December 1675.

Background · ‎Modern era · ‎Music · ‎Gallery

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St Bride's Fleet Street, History & Photos | Historic London Guide › England › London › Historic Churches

Recently restored to Christopher Wren's design, this is the "church of the press", so named for its use by newspaper reporters from Fleet Street. This is the eighth ...

St Bride's Church, Fleet Street – where the tiered wedding cake began ...

9 Jul 2012 - The name St Bride's for a church off Fleet Street could not be more apt, ... as the City ofLondon was rebuilt following the Great Fire Of London.

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Just down the road from majestic St Paul's Cathedral is another of Sir Christopher Wren's creations, the little known church of St Bride's, also called "The ...

St Bride Foundation

In 1891, St Bride Foundation was established to provide a social, cultural and recreational centre forLondon's Fleet Street and its burgeoning print and ...

How The Tiered Wedding Cake Was Inspired By St Bride's | Londonist

12 Apr 2017 - Rumours abound that the unusual spire of St Bride's Church was the ... But was this City of London church really the inspiration behind the ...

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5 Mar 2016 - The inside of St Bride's Church (Getty Images) ... guests seen arriving at StBride's, the traditional "journalists' church" in London's Fleet Street.

Church Finder - St Brides, Fleet Street - The Friends of the City Churches

Church Finder guide to the churches of the City of London produced by The ... Description: St Brides with its Roman pavement dated as 180AD, is one of the ...

St Bride's Church | London Historians' Blog

Posts about St Bride's Church written by Mike Paterson.


Like many sites across LondonSt Brides was destroyed in the Great Fire. The old church was replaced by an entirely new building designed by Sir Christopher ...

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25 Jan 2012 - St Bride's church on Fleet Street is in danger of closure. Severe damage from three centuries of weather and pollution, added to some ...

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Discover St Bride's Church & Charnel House in London, England: This landmark church concealed a crypt packed with bones that was discovered thanks to the ...

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1 Mar 2012 - JUST off London's famous Fleet Street is St Bride's Church, built by Sir Christopher Wren after the previous church burned down in the Great ...

St Bride's, Fleet Street - Love's Guide to the Church Bells of London

This is one of the most important bell towers in the history of campanology. In this tower, the first ever 10-bell peal was rung in 1717 and the first ever 12-bell peal ...

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