SPRINGWOOD: FDR Teddy Roosevelt & Missy Elliots Scott Douglas WW2 Pi PISSoTAKE Blair HANSON Heidelberg Cement TULIPS to/from Amsterdam & the PI Mayflower genocides

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Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, text
FDR SPRINGWOOD Hyde Park & Kelso Douglas Elliot Scott-Douglas Pearl Harbour Oyster Bay Cross Keys Cluny icon SNP Scot Flag Mayflower 2008 Banks Quake Mkt Raisin Blair iraq Brexit Farrell Pharrel 9/11 Hanson.JPG

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Hello my name is GAYORG.  This is the only joke in this video it is really sad that all of the Wars and massacres become jokes for the World LEADERS who relentlessly demonise the false religions that they launched for profit & Division.  Tony Blair and cherie are in the story through a school in MARKET RAISEN on the Roman Rd to Caterick the CATTERACTS waterfalls ocur where human evil and that is LINCOLNSHIReE where the Pi Pi Pilgrims of Middlesborough cam from.  The Hub of this story is that the Scott Douglas Baron Elliot Black Douglas dynasty links to the ROOSEVELTS of Holland & the Scottish Borders.  In Kelso and in Rossevelt USA the elite estates are called SPRINGWOOD. So I live above the SPRINGWOOD ESTATE On the PINNACLEHILL Estate which was owned by the Babenburg, Scott-Watson, Miss Elliot & Robert Maxwell.  The old photos are from a book on borders history by my friend Mr robson & his co author Mr Campbell.  I profile the Lodges and deciduous woodlands where the snowdrops and flowers grew and were traded with the DUTCH to celebrate the familial linkages with Roosevelt FDR's family out of Lieden on the MAYFLOWER as the DELANOYS....DELANEYs' Donkey for the Masons in IRELAND who know the Donkey is Jesus in the PISO Bible.  So we show you Queen Mary, the stammering King, The Abdicated King meeting the local aristos who are relations of the American presidential elite bloodlines. See Mount Rushmore Presidents all linking to the windsor Queen to the Roman Emperors King Herod and the BERTY bloodlines all through to the stammering speeches in 1939.  Robert Maxwell owned chunks of the town too....& INTEL teach their operatives all the sickest jokes so my wife accused me of behaving like Maxwell of Oxford Uni press who printed the wee James Bible and in the Holy War 30yrs long Maxwell was a murderous protestant, I think, warlord.  The roosevelts Delanoys fuck off west just in time to avoid the sectarrian menace & to kill the 500 nations in the USA.  I profile the Babington Miss elliot ownership of the Pinnaclehill Park mansion, demolished in 1970.  The Springwood House was demolished immediately post war for rather obvious christian pilgrim presidential reputational reasons when it was now of the hands of Mr Dougie Elliots dad stripped of knighthoods and Baronetcy and converted into a humble caravan park.  The Hanson/Blair Heidelberg Cement Blair covers are not as big as the CRASHING THE GLOBAL BANKS for wealth divide in 2008 when Blair's school in Mkt raisen had its QUAKE.  Those banking crimes were comitted by less than 5000 elite families that have run the wold since Alexander the Gt.  So Heidelberg Cement is the joke that these elite genocidal bastards  get the cash for rebuiling all the cities that were NOT IMMUNE from bombing like Oxford Cambridge Gottinghen & Heidelburg.  Reuters are one of the first ROTHSCHILD owned media Empires like the Thurn & Taxis Yellow Cabs courier companies.  That is the F1 joke I showed earlier and Elisabeth Thurn & Taxis writes on false religion and gets POPE BENDEICTS elder Bro GEORG to write the intro/frontspiece. Next the cross Keys Keddy Hotel which is the Cross Keys Saltire flag for SCOTLAND but is actually the icon for CLUNY abbey in France & all the George Cluny .  So we see St Johns' Santiago LAGOS the RABBIT in the bloodlines and the Monty Python/Hitlers rabbits....so it is now KELSO North Steeple. The PISO horse Steeple chase joke at all the corrupted race course venue where my ex wife lives under the THOMSONS Rule Britannia Steeple monument.  Even the soap suds that run into the Maxwheel Tweed is Azure Blue.  The Poor House story is sickening but we can now read & write. Next the Balfour Ice Rink where william B is on the Board of the new Auto ICE RINK board with Dougie Elliot, Shaunessy my lawyer who is in the wells FARGO boards with CARNEGIE.  Julian Callum Lamont is also on the boards , maybe John Lamont MSP and the DELAMONTS  DELANOYS of the Dutch Pi Pi Pilgrims.   Hanson are the MMMBop band. I reveal the poaching of a salmon  by me Roger Elliot and Pud Murray of the Alnwick fascists fishing hut which is a minor crime when we were just kids & it became Ghillie Pud's workplace between biblical floods.  2million people were killed in Iraq as proclaimed on Brian Haws ' teeshirt played by actor JIM DALE who got his cancer last year and went downstairs & did not meet his maker. Glen Close is the NWO actress who shags Michael DOUGLAS on the kitchen sink with the RABBIT in it is Hitler Rothschilds?Churchill's  friends in Hollywood.   The actors keep changing their vicious roles and the JIM Royal actor playing Islamic leader Morsi in PISO-ARSENOE PTOLEMY Mark Anthony 's Egypt is quite sad for actress Aherne who died this week SPOUTING out false religious & sectarian jokes to the very end & in support of the ROYAL FAMILY Piso take.  All the farrell Rugby,  Pharell  pop, Hanson Pop, PC Farrell, Chilcot Diversions from the real genocidal BANKING crashes news is revealed. Pi interest takes us into the Beverley Hills HOLLYWOOD escape homes for the Warner Bros and all the double agents who went to America as propagandists, Rocket or Nuclear scientists.  John Lamont MSP trained at Brookhouse Freshfields & Derringer  BIG FIVE Law Firms.  He has refused to meet me in any minuted meeting for over 5 yrs.  we mention the 7/7 bombings & Cressida Dick's COVERS killings of the suicide bombers by the MET Police.  The FAKE christian churches on the MERTOUN & Teviotdale estates have neck braces for women who get prgnant by the aristos in the household.  PI Interest is a massive obfuscation tool but the BUSH parents are the PIERCES. My mates are Pearsons my PE teacher, A NICE GUY STILL, and my "loyal" student Hugh Pearson who got massive lightning storms & his kids get psychiatric illness after Hugh desserted me.  So the Elliots loose the Baronetcy TITLES PRONTO after the war and run CARAVAN Parks which offend Guy INNES Ker in ROXBURGH CASTLE/Floors another piso joke.  The Elliot Springwood Estate was owned by the Black Douglas lineage that became the Dukes of Buccleugh all over the EMPIRE.  They were wolves in sheeps clothing to conquer the ANCFIENT ROXBURGH CASTLE which was Scotlands' capital.  I show FDR's Springwood and Teddy's mansion was in OYSTER BAY, PEARL HARBOUR BELLY Laugh and Delaney's donkey is Jesus & the CHRISTIAN war dead all over the world.  Duggy Elliot has a security barrier for reasons you now UNDERSTAND.  Missy Elliot is the Media covers and Pharrell is the Dancer with Madonna TONY FARRELL reveals the terror on the twin towers were brought down by the Royals and Anglo American GOVTS to justify IRAQ.  The 4 jews dancing opposite the tower rubble is the joke that the jews were sent home under Larry X's funding with input from Al Fayed who runs the PUNCH publication and the hotels where Princess Di was murdered from.  So the HANSON Market Raisen Earthquake  is profiled and it is LINCOLN where the Middlesborough Pilgrims were brought down the Roman Roads to Pi PI Plymouth.  The HUMBER BRIDGE over the atlantic joke for the now dead cast of Auf Wiedersen pet....German TURKISH rebuilding with Heidelburg Cement jokes.  In the Holy city of LA the heidelburg cement does not save you from the 100 earthquakes all over CA ( that is a hundred quakes circa 4 on the richter scale cos CA is calvary Hill run by Arnie (PISO Bloodline) Scwarzeneger from INNSBRUCK like Hitler Rothschild & Pope Benedict.  Barclays are on Theresa May's husbands BOARDS and are the fields of GOLD joke for STING & the LATE EVA CASSIDY who laughs at the MAYFLOWER American tune but god gets her in her 40s like Aherne went at 52.  God likes human and Cassidy sang you take my breath away.  So HEIDELBURG Cement for the Hansons from Market Raisen Blair family school is the JOKE that that city was immune from bombing all through WW2 like Oxford, Cambridge & Gottinghen which means no God like the French revolution TAX EXILE Depardieu do you get it....GOD is no longer worthy of worshipping because the non existent JESUS and his VIRGIN mum has become the LORD and the mother of the GODs that inspire me so much.  BLAIR is one of the biggest killers in recent times but the inquest chair INTERLOCKS on the board of ABRAXA with Malcolm Rifkind (the G4S & better of together MP for Kensington Palace KP Kalpurnius Piso & the Royal terrorists).  FDR is related to the BARNEVILLS and the Barnes lineages. Sandra Bullock too and the Thurn & Taxi empire becomes the POSTMASTER Generals and the YELLOW SNITCHING TAXIS all across the ROTHSCHILD OWNED WORLD where all central banks belong to them. Thank you to the accounting firm employees in my town for confirming that no balance sheet other than the GLOBAL MAFIA run by Cameron OBAMA (from Honolulu at PEARL HARBOUR for the FDR religious team & PEACE PRIZE WINNER  like Henry Kissinger of the FUTURE of RUSSIA FOUNDATION & MOSSAD).  Pharrel the pop dancer was on my undergrad program in Dunedin and he has a job in VIETNAM now that is FDR, NIXON, JOHNSON's greates laugh cos the ROLLING STONES & THE DEVILS ADVOCATE use paint it black for their theme tune as the non-existent Jesus rolls his stone away.  Thank you to my local hairdressing team for listening to those stories and not throwing me out when I explained the second CUMMING in an elite bedroom for over 2000 blood red years of the PISO Pi American  PIE vagina means PISO joke & rivers of menstrual blood.  Both my hairdressers are happily married.